TBA 2023 (5 zoom meetings)
10 Doors to ReSOURCEful State
Spiritual Psychology to Connect with the Source Energy
Find your keys to connect with the flow, your power,
learn how to boost and sustain your energy levels

Introduction by Oxana Bondarchuk
Never before I had such a close look
at my energy management habits and
at what being consicous really means...
Just like in the material physical world, Energy is the main resource you need to feel your power, potency for action in life. Be it healing, tranformation or manifestation, to be successful you need to learn to sustain your energy levels high. Being conscious also implies having this ability to find and sustain your pace in this fast-paced world, being present, staying true to yourself, sustain high perspective, and avoid unnecessary energy waste, being able to tune in into the flow and ride with it.

This unique Spiritual Psychology course is about it all. It has theory and practice to help stretch your perspective, raise your consciosness and find keys to connect and sustain your energy, your power, become the better bigger self-actualized version of who you are. This is the central practical exercise from my book on "Energy Reading-Management-Work".

To better understand my languages, views and what I mean by energy perspective, life and meditation, please watch my introductory webinar on 'Energy Reading'.
Energy Reading and The Mind Mirror:
It's All About Perspective

When you embark on the Mind Mirror journey, whether you train as an Awakened Mind practitioner or train yourself, it will inevitably expand your consciousness and shift your perspective, taking you to a grander, wiser self. The Mind Mirror reflects this shift in perspective in brainwave patterns we relate to different states of consciousness. Brainwave theory as we see it with the Mind Mirror is also a great metaphor for understanding the energetic blueprint of creation.

This webinar is for anyone who is interested in shifting perspective and developing your own energy reading approach (which I use as a synonym for psychic reading). I will touch on how I 'see the energy' behind the words like miracle, spirituality, creativity, life, sin, love, joy, fear, life, creativity, mood, manifestation, crises, depression.

I hope to stretch and move the angles of your perception by inviting you to look at life from the energy point of view. You may not hear anything dramatically new. But if I manage to open up the curtains of my intuitive kitchen as well as shift or broaden the edges and angels of your perspective, my mission is fulfilled.

Program duration: 1 hr 44 min
Course Description

We will have 5 times online, Saturday (or Sunday) depending on your time zone.
During each meeting we will explore 2 doors to the Source or to your ReSOURCEful state.
I will give the background theory and we'll do some practical exercises together.
You will be given a hometask to do during the week to come till next meeting.

By the end of the course you will know ...
- what it feels like to be in reSOURCEful state...
- keys to sustain your power, be mindful and present in the moment of you day...
- your favourite door(s) to re-enter the state in case you drop out...

*This course is not related the Mind Mirror
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5-online group meditation sessions
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