First Coach Trainer Certified
Suzanne Tempel is the first (and only) Awakened Mind Coach Trainer in the world. Here's your chance to get acquainted.
It is with great pleasure that we announce Suzanne's August 2018 certification as Awakened Mind Coach Trainer. Over the past year, she met the criteria for becoming a trainer by assisting Judith Pennington with teaching Practitioner Training Seminars 1, 2, and 3. Judith said that Suzanne was a delightful student and highly qualified teacher.

Suzanne completed Seminars 1, 2 and 3 with Practitioner Trainer Andrea Groh in Bamberg, Germany. She completed Seminar 4 with Judith and qualified as an Awakened Mind Practitioner in September 2017.

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, this professional teacher of mediums has been engaged in international teaching and research with the Mind Mirror over the past two years and has mapped the brainwaves of more than 100 mediums.

As a Coach Trainer, she will certify mediums and others who wish to use the Mind Mirror as Awakened Mind Coaches working with individuals.

An intuitive healer and reader since birth, she was a professional dancer and artist before entering the corporate world in marketing and management. She holds a master's degree in Coaching, is a Licensed NLP Practitioner, and in 2008, became an independent Coach and interim change manager.

Congratulations, Suzanne! We appreciate your pure, loving heart, keen intellect, curious mind, and fascination with research – and most of all your impulse to awaken and heal others.

Her specialties as an Awakened Mind Coach include private sessions for personal transformation, creativity, intuition and flow; business performance; spiritual awakening; and evolving consciousness for healers, mediums and long-term meditators.
To contact her, visit the Practitioner Directory.

Read the April 2017 issue of "Eureka Times" to learn about her fascinating work in mediumship.

Enjoy an excellent video interview of her presented during IAM's webinar on "Psi and Psychic Awareness."

Suzanne's enlightening IAM webinar, "Case Studies - Folio 4: Healing Brain Injury,"
shows trail-blazing methods she used with the Mind Mirror to help heal brain injury clients.

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