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These events are sponsored by the Institute for the Awakened Mind and aim to connect Consciousness Explorers, fellow Mind Mirror Users, Self-Trainers, and Practitioners, from all over the world.

Our monthly webinars network beginners and longtime Mind Mirror users in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and our numbers are growing!
People are eager to learn and explore this exciting realm of consciousness with all modern technologies have to give!

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Meet the people who make it possible
Judith Pennington
Bath, PA, USA
Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, co-designer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, assistant to Anna Wise, experienced MM Practitioner & Trainer (over 12 years), journalist and author

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
Webinars Moderator, Certified Awakend Mind Practitioner, BCIA Certification Student, Dipl. Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology, former Corporate Marketing Executive & Business Trainer

What's on this month?

All Consciousness Explorers Welcome to Webinar (LIVE ZOOM):
Speaker: Arne Heissel

With his keen interest in health and a doctoral degree in economics, Arne Heissel made waves in the health care field while working for 16 years with globally leading biotechnology and medical device corporations. Today, this German Awakened Mind Practitioner and newly certified Practitioner Trainer is occupied with waves of a different kind: healing the biofields of hurting people. Whether on Zoom or in person, he enters a state of pure, non-judgmental love and conducts those frequencies into the room. Entraining to his resonant energy field, his clients become aware of hidden trauma and from there can transcend, transform, and heal in lasting ways. Tune in to this webinar to learn about a fascinating phenomenon Arne encountered during his independent study work, hear about his kundalini-stimulated journey to subtle energy healing, and discuss the quantum healing power of the heart. A scientist and a mystic, Arne has a full-spectrum grasp of health and healing. Expect to hear inspiring, startling, and amusing stories and, if you like, share some of your own.

Graduating with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Bayreuth in 2000, Arne spent a 16-year career working with global corporations to introduce breakthrough technologies like surgical robotics and cancer medication. A kundalini arousal during a private yoga class sensitized him to subtle energy fields and radically shifted his ego identification and world view. Convinced that he was more than his physical body, he studied and certified as an instructor in Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, HeartMath Resilience, and as a past life regression hypnotist. A nine-month apprenticeship in an energy healing program with Cyndi Dale helped him understand his unique noetic signature and trust his subtle energy healing abilities. The late Bonnie Greenwell taught him to identify and deal with spiritual emergencies. But it was during Awakened Mind Practitioner Training that Arne found brainwave validation of his abilities as an energy healer and while listening to an Anna Wise meditation healed himself of two life-threatening medical conditions. Warm, funny, humble, and incredibly loving, Arne emanates a radiance that is a living testament to the beauty and power of the Superconscious Mind.

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Arne spoke during one of our programs that we invite you to watch again
Self-Trainers Speak!

During this program we invited IAM community members to get together and ask the questions as well as share their practices and experiences with or without the Mind Mirror. In this program we were answering questions asked by our self-trainers (see below) as well as talked about the brainwave patterns of creativity, insight... about healing and how meditation may help you heal or prepare to traditional surgery... tips on how to open and sustain open-eyes Alpha... Gamma sensitivity issue and training Gamma...
Has anyone recorded their brain waves during a creative activity (e.g. painting) and seen the effects? Has anyone created a process or practice for solving problems and divining intuitive answers?
If anyone had a problem that they wanted to be resolved and get feedback from the field (higher consciousness), is there a process to be used to help the answers arise?
Is there a specific pattern that you will go into with a Healing Circle meditation
How often do you train?
Having attended the August Discovery week at The Monroe Institute. There at least one subject had an out-of-body experience and apparently saw a hidden object that even the experimenters didn't know was there. How often does this happen?
How can you maximize the efficiency or get most our of your hook-up self-training session? Any strategies used?
Is it OK to train different patterns during one session? For example, Gamma Synchrony and Evolved Mind? Any contraindicative to each other patterns, or supportive?
Healer Judith worked with had dominant left brain Gamma, would you recommend training this left brain Gamma rather than Gamma Synchrony?
What would be an advice for someone interested in learning more about how to induce, train and integrate Gamma?
What protocol of self-training programs and meditations would you recommend for someone with anxiety?

Program duration: 1 hr 58 min

Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback in the 21st Century: A Handbook for Clinicians and Researchers (Expanded 2nd Ed.)
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You may or may NOT have the Mind Mirror. The desire to meditate more and try new meditations is the ONLY pre-requisite!

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