P.M.H. Atwater and
the Near-Death Experience

Near-death authority P.M.H. Atwater has written and spoken prolifically about what it's like to die and come back from the "other side." In this feature article, Judith Pennington reports on Atwater's 4,000 interviews with experiencers, her fascinating correlation of NDEs and spiritual transformations, and her own revelatory near-death experiences. Explore Atwater's superordinary brainwave patterns in a research paper just uploaded to IAM's Mind Mirror Studies page.
P.M.H. Atwater and the Near-Death Experience
An overview about PMH Atwater, the near-death-experience, and how it relates to spiritual transformations—which is how all of this relates to us.

Internationally known near-death authority P.M.H. Atwater, who died and came back to life three times in three months in 1977, transmits a message as electrifying as her personality and superconscious brainwaves: No matter who you are or what you believe, you are immortal. Death is nothing more than a vibrational shift to unlimited realms of existence. Your destiny is the bliss of enlightenment, boundless creativity, and oneness with all that is.

And best of all, you don't have to die to get there.
"NDE's are similar to spiritual transformations (the process of awakening to higher consciousness and developing a personal relationship with God). The effects are the same",
writes Atwater in two of her ground-breaking books, Beyond the Light and The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences.
Over the past 40 years, she has interviewed nearly 4,000 NDE survivors, many of them children, and is the author of 15 books on near-death phenomenon.

A scientist and metaphysician, Atwater is a bold and courageous emissary for the NDErs who shared their extraordinary and deeply personal stories with her. But she's also on a mission of her own: to wake people up to the "brilliant and unimaginably powerful light on the other side"—and to who we are and can be, right here and right now.

In Beyond the Light and The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, as in her books, she cites the fundamental—and universal—language of energy as the key to this plane and other dimensions.
"I believe that what we are really talking about is the force of energy itself, differing by degree and type of voltage, and how this energy force can be accessed and utilized."

"I invite you to consider the possibility that spiritual development is a physical, tangible process, and that true enlightenment is a vibrational shift in the frequencies of our mental processes. The proof of this I believe lies in the aftereffects, which clearly demonstrate the degree to which an individual has been able to stabilize and maintain the shift that has occurred."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
Surfing the Brainwaves of Multiple Realities
In May of 2016, Atwater demonstrated the exceptionally stable aftereffects of her NDEs and decades of meditation—both before and after she died—during a stunning vibrational shift into the consciousness of what she calls Presence.
It was the morning after her lecture on "Glimpses of Beyond" at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. By prior arrangement, I hooked up both P.M.H. and her husband Terry to my Mind Mirror EEG in their beachside hotel room. They meditated silently as I watched their brainwave patterns on my computer monitor. I was mesmerized by the higher states of awareness they were surfing and wondered vaguely why the roar of ocean waves was suddenly growing louder.
Then I realized: it wasn't the roar of the ocean outside, but the inner music of kundalini that I was hearing. The Atwaters had raised the vibration of the room—and, in the process, raised mine.

I was amazed by the coherence and stability of their brainwave patterns. Terry's were excellent. But I had never seen anything like P.M.H.'s, not in more than a thousand studies I've conducted on the Mind Mirror over the past 12 years.

Diving into the quiet depths of her unconscious mind's low-frequency delta waves, P.M.H. rested in that still-point for a while then allowed what she calls Presence to flow in, whereupon her vibration shifted all the way up to the super-high gamma frequencies of spiritual ecstasy and mystical transcendence.

Within five minutes, her gamma waves amplified to an astonishing 20 microvolts then 30 microvolts and at the 12-minute point surged to a previously unseen 50 microvolts.

I was amazed by these amplitudes (the power of the signal), as most people produce very little gamma. High-amplitude gamma is most often seen in healers, psychics and spiritual adepts, but even in these people, who have learned to integrate such high frequencies, more than five to 10 microvolts typically speeds up the heartbeat and/or over-arouses the nervous system.

P.M.H. smiled blissfully throughout the 16-minute study. She was accustomed to plugging in, and she knew how to process the energy and information which spontaneously flow into gamma: in response, she orchestrated the Awakened Mind pattern of whole-brain synchrony. People use this ideal brainwave pattern for creative problem-solving and personal transformation. It is most often seen in advanced meditators, healers, spiritual adepts, and high-performers of any stripe who are operating at their top of their game.

P.M.H. repeated this cycle throughout the study: plunging into low-frequency delta and rising up into high-frequency gamma and then forming the Awakened Mind pattern. She surfed these waves with extraordinary symmetry, stability, and coherence.

Terry Atwater, a former radio broadcaster now involved in setting up blood drives and community service projects, maintained a high-amplitude Awakened Mind pattern until the 3-minute point, at which time his gamma waves suddenly amplified into the Evolved Mind pattern of bliss, non-duality, and transcendence.

It was quite a light-show. But for P.M.H.—and probably most of the people who meet her—this display of higher consciousness was not exactly unexpected.

Check the accompanying study for the data analysis below, it is also uploaded to IAM's Mind Mirror Studies page.
A Different Electrical Field Array
Synchronicity flows around Atwater like an invisible river. A few years ago, I was magnetically drawn to her most recent book, Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story, while taking a shortcut through a Barnes & Noble store. On page 148, I discovered why the surge of resonance. She wrote in this book about her observations of Mind Mirror research on dowsers that was conducted during the early 1980s in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Atwater, a trained observer, reported that the dowsing mode consists of a synchronization of the highest and lowest electrical outputs in the brain—high beta/gamma combined with delta.

"Each (dowser) was fully conscious while in this mode, yet behaved as if he or she were downloading information or plugging into other levels of existence…Their brain waves linked to everyone everywhere, as though there is only one mind. They produced and operated within the realm of a new or at least different electrical field array."
When she interviewed thousands of NDErs, she observed behavior patterns that were similar to those of dowsers. She also sensed that same unconscious-superconscious brainwave pattern operating in about 42 percent of adult NDE experiencers and 65 percent of the children. Synchronistically, Atwater herself displayed this brainwave pattern on my Mind Mirror nearly 40 years later in Virginia Beach.

At one point during her meditation, I asked what she was doing, and she said, "I'm being me! Me!" I was mystified by what she meant until two months later, when I interviewed her in Charlottesville, where she lives.

"I am disappearing and moving more and more into Presence," she explained thoughtfully.
"I do it in my work and when I walk out the door. I don't know how to describe Presence.
It's not a being or a vibration. It's nothing but that sheer Allness-Oneness presence.
And when you move into that state, there's no way you can describe it."

She tried, anyway. "It's non-energetic, like a still-point. It's past voltage, beyond energy and non-energy.
It's a stage of becoming. It's just the way I function now, since I died. I'm here and there at the same time."

Meditators and spiritual explorers understand what she means about being here and there at the same time. Gamma waves "just feel good, almost better than an orgasm," Atwater laughed. She spreads out her consciousness and joins with everything, "every blade of grass. I become all of it and go into total ecstasy."
That's how meditators who develop gamma waves describe this felt state, which develops quite naturally over time. NDErs skip the months and sometimes years of practice by streaming up into gamma instantaneously.
The Superconscious Aftereffects of NDEs
and Spiritual Transformation
What makes the effort—and the NDE—worthwhile is not just the ecstasy, but the revelations and aftereffects of the experience.
"In death," Atwater told her rapt audience at the A.R.E., "people learn why they incarnated, the purpose of life, why they were handicapped, why they had specific genes. They come back more psychic, intuitive, and creative, and most return with a sense of mission. Their brainwaves and brain structures are different. There's an electrical sensitivity, and some are geniuses."
The aftereffects of NDEs and spiritual transformations are many and varied. Atwater exhibits most of them, including youthful radiance, a childlike enthusiasm for life, and psychic powers strong enough to perturb electromagnetic devices.
What causes these aftereffects? Same answer:
"We're talking voltage here—voltage!" she said, tilting her head back as if tuning in to ecstatic light.
Indeed, Atwater is all about voltage. She crackles with it. There's a buzz in the air around her. People light up. Conversations get more interesting—and exciting. Sensitive people feel the vitality she radiates.

The effects occur as the soul shifts from one stage of vibratory awareness to another and one state of embodiment to another, she explains in her books. When people return, whether from death or deep meditation, they are remarkably different.

She lists the traits and behaviors of NDErs and spiritually transformed people in Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story. Here is a partial list:
  • A glow of some kind, usually to the eyes, skin and face
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Electrical sensitivity, to some degree
  • Hear music when no sound is present – the music of existence
  • Expansive views, more universal in outlook
  • Highly intuitive, know things
  • Comfortable with things future: future knowing, future memory
  • More loving, while challenged to make and maintain loving relationships
  • Comfortable with silence, often prefer it
  • Walk and talk with Divine Beings, God/Allah/Deity
  • Waking up around 3 a.m. for no reason, and/or, having vivid dreams
  • Animals, birds, and children are attracted to them
  • Use language differently—new interests, new words, new ideas
  • Smarter, more curious, a hunger for learning
  • Acutely aware of injustice, of people hurting—want to pitch in and help
Down-shifting from higher realms of consciousness to temporal life doesn't always land people in a bed of roses. NDErs and spiritually transformed people can slip into depressive states, frustration, and anger, although they quickly recover. Most experience an increased sensitivity to smell, barometric pressure, and foods. Many people develop allergies and become so sensitive to pharmaceuticals that they turn to natural and alternative healing methods, just as they gain an affinity for nature, ecology, and the simple things in life.

Their open, trusting natures and lack of concern about privacy can present challenges with contracts, criteria, and rules. And they are not very good with money and telling time, as they prefer the "natural clock."
The Intensity of the Light
In Beyond the Light, Atwater theorizes "a correlation between the length of exposure to etheric light and the vivid spread of physical aftereffects—such as electrical sensitivity, enhanced faculty extensions, deviations in brain function, physical body changes (both external and internal), and increased intelligence. This suggests to me that it is the intensity of the light, not length of exposure that seems to determine the prevalence of many of the physiological aftereffects."
"And this indicates that the etheric light reported by near-death experiencers and others like them might indeed be real, thus subject to physical measurement studies and testing."
And indeed, Atwater's prediction in her 1994 book proved true in 2015 with the release of a study by neuroscientists showing that in rat's brains at the time of death there is a curious plunge into delta, where brainwaves flatline, then surge up into super-high gamma frequencies that continue for a brief while after death
The article about the study goes on to say, "Interestingly, the authors even suggest that the level of activity observed during the final active death stage (CAS3) not only resembles the waking state, but might even reflect a heightened state of conscious awareness similar to the 'highly lucid and realer-than-real mental experiences reported by near-death survivors.' This is a pretty bold claim that critically depends on their quantification of 'consciousness'. They argue that in the final stage of brain death there is actually more evidence for consciousness-related activity than during normal wakeful consciousness."
This delta-gamma plunge, of course, is just what I saw in Atwater's brainwaves and what she saw in dowsers on the Mind Mirror back in the early 1980s and then in NDErs with her observation of their behaviors and her psychic inner vision.

Many NDE researchers correlate NDEs and spiritual transformations with the rise of the life force, or Kundalini/Ku, through the chakra system (spinning wheels of energy) associated with endocrine glands. Studies carried out by other researchers over the past few decades correlate kundalini with high-frequency gamma waves.

"It could well be," says Atwater, "that the path to God revolves around the challenge of how one handles intense power, how one deals with the Force."
The Role of Self-Perception
Atwater's books have revealed many aspects of NDEs that were either glossed over or unknown before. One is that not every NDE leads to paradise; some people have hellish experiences, depending on their beliefs and self-perception.

It has long been known that people who have NDEs are very often predisposed to them by childhood trauma and/or high levels of attentional awareness (respectively, the dissociation and absorption factors in the "encounter-prone" personality).

What Atwater found—which is a startling revelation and a comfort to many people—is what carries us to different levels of light. It is not our thoughts, deeds and behaviors which determine our experiences on the other side—be that heaven or hell—but rather, the degree of our self-acceptance and self-love.
St. Peter at the pearly gate does not judge us. Rather, we judge ourselves.

What's more, we are the ones who determine whether we will have an NDE or spiritual transformation and the proper timing of it. Atwater's research shows that people shift to a higher vibration when change is most needed in their lives.

Don't Freak the Natives
The audience at the A.R.E. laughed loud and long when Atwater warned them,
"Don't freak the natives when you get back from an NDE. Cool down the power a bit."

The casual reader may find Atwater's three NDEs (see the sidebar) unbelievable. And yet, every NDE is superordinary by definition.

Take the case of George Rodonaia, a Russian neuropathologist, atheist, and dissident who was assassinated by the KGB in 2004 and placed in a morgue freezer vault for three days. He revived when an autopsy physician made a third incision in his abdomen, whereupon one of the attending physicians fell to the floor in a dead faint. Three days later, as soon as Rodonaia was able to speak—the tongue swells at death—the first thing he reported was having floated out of his body and over the hospital nursery, where an infant was screaming in pain. The child had been dropped by the head nurse in the birthing room, and both of its hips were broken. The head nurse, confronted during an investigation, admitted to having dropped the newborn.

Atwater also tells the story of the mother of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, who died from an illness, was given a proper funeral, and then was interred in the family vault. A relative who arrived late insisted on a viewing and saw her chest move, whereupon the indignant corpse opened her eyes and scolded her visitors for "jumping to conclusions." Three years later, the woman gave birth to the soldier who would rise to fame as general of the Confederate Army of Virginia during the American Civil War.

What makes these experiences amazing is not just that people came back to life, recounted their stories, and experienced superordinary aftereffects. It's also that these aftereffects changed their lives and their DNA.

Rodonaia, previously an atheist, took a second doctoral degree in the psychology of religion after his NDE and became an ordained minister. Robert E. Lee's mother might well have passed on gamma light to her son. Abraham Lincoln admired the high-minded military man enough to offer him the command of federal forces during the Civil War. Lee chose not to fight his neighbors and instead led the Army of Virginia, the most successful of the Confederate armies.

Abraham Lincoln himself drowned and had an NDE, as did a great many other geniuses in history. A surprising number of modern-day celebrities speak freely of how their NDEs transformed their lives, from pioneering chemist Marcel Vogel and singer Tony Bennett, to actress Sharon Stone, and filmmaker George Lucas.

Bathed in Infinite Light
More than anything else, what helps NDErs and the spiritually transformed reintegrate with earthly life is their vivid memories of what it felt like to be bathed in light. In returning to that light, they remember who they really are and recognize what they are meant to do in the earth. Not everyone—but most.
"Some 95 percent of all near-death survivors come back knowing God, or whatever you want to call that incredibly loving intelligence," Atwater told her audience at the A.R.E. "They say 'yes' to God, in the sense that there is this intelligence that created, loves, and guides the universe. They lose their fear of death and come back with a new gospel of forgiveness and compassion.
"Being bathed in The Light on the other side of death is more than life-changing," she said, raising her voice emphatically. "You know it's God. No one has to tell you. You know. You can no longer believe in God, for belief implies doubt. There is no more doubt. None. And you know that you know. And you're never the same again.
"And you know who you are: a child of God, a cell in The Greater Body, an extension of The One Force, an expression from The One Mind. No more can you forget your identity, or deny or ignore or pretend it away. There is One, and you are of The One."

Atwater smiled, her eyes bright with happiness. "It fills you with loveshine…and at last you remember God as nameless Presence, you as a soul."
How do we get there? "The quickest way to access your soul and that incredible cosmic intelligence is through meditation, prayer and silence," she reassures us. "The light you access is the very essence, the heart and soul, the all-consuming consummation of ecstatic ecstasy. It is indeed a million suns of compressed love, dissolving everything unto itself, annihilating thought and self, vaporizing humanness and history into the one great brilliance of all that ever is, ever was, or ever will be."

You just open up and let it in. The energy will do the rest. After all,
"We're talking voltage here! We're talking voltage!"
NDErs' Drawings
This is a slide show of 40 drawings by near-death experiencers
with comments from PMH Atwater
On the other side of life, people at first see what is comforting and familiar. Some are met by Jesus or Buddha, and others by angels, guides, or spirit people. These mental projections are visible for a while and then, when the NDEr is ready, they shift into pure light.

Following are some of the drawings made by near-death survivors in six countries. Atwater displayed them during her lecture at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. This remarkable slide show, lasting one hour, transmits to the discerning viewer a distinctly high vibration.

See below the notes from PMH Awater about this slide show.
"I was guided to do this book (story in the Foreword).
There is no other book in the world, never was, and still isn't, like
Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.

I gathered this collection presentation to illustrate the wisdom of NDErs."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
Dying to Know You
"There are no words, here, just the drawings. The collection is timed for one hour, and contains 40 experiencer drawings from six countries. At the bottom of each slide is the experiencer's name, their age when the episode occurred, and the basic cause of the event. Clickers are not needed, as one drawing follows the other."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
"Most of the drawings are from near-death experiencers, three are from near-death-like experiencers, and the last one is from a shared-death experiencer (the woman "died" with her son and accompanied him as far as she could go, then was released by the Light.
She went on to exhibit all the aftereffects of an NDE afterward)."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
" The drawings by children were made after the NDE occurred (with the exception of one who had her memory of the event drawn for her). In the other cases (all the others), the drawings were done at the time, stored in boxes, files, drawers, and found later on. In other words, they are genuine. As with child experiencers, each drawing seems rather mature for the age of the child. That is typical. Child experiencers come back somehow more mature after their NDE. Adults come back more child-like; children come back more adult-like. This is one of many interesting "switches" that occur with NDEs."

P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
"You will see one drawing that is mostly white with black Us, Cs, and arrows in it. This is my favorite – done by an NDEr who is still today virtually crippled by what killed her. All she can do is peck away at a computer keyboard. Doing that, laboring for hours, she created on that white page how the angels positioned themselves in front of and around her during her episode (like a halo). I almost cry every time I see it."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
"Another of my favorite drawings is the bottom of a glass-tiled tray. The man was unable to come up with a drawing until he noticed the tray on his dining room table, held it up to the window, sun rays coming in, and recognized The Holy Mother who appeared to him during his NDE. He photographed what he saw. Interesting is the fact that he died because of a broken neck, and The Holy Mother at the bottom of that tray has a red line going across her neck."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
"The last drawing, the shared near-death experience, is one of freedom in which the mother, having shared her son's death, was set free. It is important to note here that the book Dying to Know You is the people's book. It mostly consists of the words of nearly 4,000 adult and child experiencers who share their wisdom, their story, in their own words. All I did was sum the voice of the man."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
Dying to Know You
NDEr's Drawings Slide Show
Heaven's Sledgehammer
This is an article on PMH's near-death experiences
Atwater laughingly refers to her three NDEs as "heaven's sledgehammer." The sledgehammer came down with a bang—and with severe psycho-physiological ramifications. But it woke her up, and she wasn't likely to ignore or forget it.

The first time Atwater died was during a miscarriage on January 2, 1977. She found herself floating next to the bathroom light bulb, an eyelash away from the ceiling. When she asked questions like, "Why am I up here, bobbing along the ceiling?" her questions took the form of "dark gray blobs," like buoyant ink blots, floating alongside her. She snapped back into her body, but continued to bleed profusely.

Two days later, on January 4, 1977, she floated painlessly out of her body up to the ceiling of her dining room and shouted gleefully, "I'm dead, thank God, I'm dead." When she wondered, "Isn't an angel supposed to come and take me somewhere?" her thought forms appeared as shimmering pastel bubbles. While she played with them, the dining room dropped away and revealed a space that was somehow light and dark at the same time. Contained within it were all shapes, forms, sound, color, mass and movement. It winked off and on. She understood that it was some kind of sparkling potential and named it "The Void."

Creating Her Own Reality
Within this Void, she used her thoughts to create a finely detailed house and tree. Then she went on a "creation binge" by forming living, breathing cities filled with people, houses, shrubbery, noise and life. As she rested, she wondered if she could see loved ones who had passed on, and they appeared immediately just as she had last seen them. A grandfather she had never met showed up, as did Jesus. She chatted happily with Jesus and thanked him for his part in history. When he and her loved ones disappeared, she dissolved her creations and looked down to see her shape or form. She was a tiny sparkle of pure consciousness, a miniscule spark of light.

Next came her life review, a reliving of every thought, word and deed she had ever expressed and the effect of each on others, including unknown passersby on the street, the weather, plants, animals, soil, trees, water and air. "No detail was left out," she writes in her book, I Died Three Times in 1977: The Complete Story. "No slip of the tongue or slur went unnoticed. No mistake or accident went unaccounted for." This was a kind of hell for her.

Atwater recognized that she was her own judge during this life review and that her current life was a projection or extension of herself, a role she had acted out. She had engaged in a particular opportunity for development, and it had not proceeded quite as planned. Still, she saw that traits from her greater self had been expressed: for example, she was by nature relentlessly determined to learn everything possible, to reach out and stretch.
Self As Judge
With this realization, she pronounced her personality good and the life she had lived worth living. At that, the Void floated away and she looked down with great love at her body lying on the floor.
"I was so filled with love and forgiveness that I floated ever so gently back into that body, moving along on a layer of large bright sparklers, like those used at Fourth of July displays."
She had to shrink and squeeze into the top of her physical head in order to fit back into her body.

But this time, she felt lost between two worlds and recognized virtually nothing in her environment, including her two daughters. Remembering that she needed to earn money for her family, she shook herself back to ordinary awareness and returned to her job in a bank. Nothing was the same in her life, including compromised health from the hematoma and phlebitis which had killed her.
Inside the Torus
Atwater's third death, on March 29, 1977, was a kind of willed suicide, in that she was ill and miserable with herself and her life. She wanted to die, and soon her vital signs stopped and she fell onto a living room chair.

This time, her consciousness moved rapidly up and out through the top of her head beyond the Earth into the starry sky, where she spied a slit of brilliant light which opened slightly and absorbed her. The light inside the opening was intense, probing, radiant, powerful, and omnipresent.

Then she saw two impossibly huge masses spinning at great speed in the shape of two cyclones inverted in an hourglass shape. Between the two spouts spewed out rays of radiant power—not light, but power. She saw herself inside the top cyclone, but superimposed by all her past and future lives. People she knew—and, in fact, all life forms—were inside the cyclone, which expanded and contracted as if all life and the environment were breathing.

She watched as life forms altered their choices and affected others through a web made of bright threads of light.

What occurred in the top cyclone replicated in the bottom cyclone, as these were mirror images of each other. Spinning out of each side of the cyclones were two byproducts of the cyclonic spin force, one dark and the other light.
She sensed that she was witnessing "Creation at its Centerpoint, the gateway to unknown forevers," and felt drawn to the centerpoint core between the cyclones. She felt the intensity of the rays and their piercing power, but just as she began to enter, her son Kelly began to speak of his love for her. He had rushed home from an evening with friends after an intuitive impulse told him that his mother was in great danger.

Mesmerized by her son's unconditional love, P.M.H. turned away from the cyclones, rushed through the night sky, and re-entered her body through her head. She worked long and hard to restart her body, and it was years before she regained control and fully reintegrated her soul with her mind and body. She barely knew Phyllis—a common NDE aftereffect—and who she was made no sense to her children, another common aftereffect. Everything seemed radiantly connected and alive—which explains why she gave her threadbare coat a burial in the back yard, much to the amusement of her family.

Also like other NDE survivors, Atwater feared for her sanity. By one of those synchronous events that weave their way through the lives of near-death survivors, she met death-and-dying authority Elisabeth Kubler-Ross at Chicago's O'Hare Airport not long afterward. In an hour-long conversation, Kubler-Ross told her that she was a near-death survivor. Atwater had known nothing about the phenomenon and was greatly reassured.

But what were the cyclones?

In the fall of 1977, she found out during a Church of Religious Science symposium in Seattle. The first speaker, Dr. William Tiller, a physicist then with Stanford University, showed drawings on a projector screen during his talk on "The Eternal Now." Tiller concluded his talk by stating his belief that everything happens at the same time in the same space. Then he showed a drawing of what the physical dynamics of that phenomenon might look like.

To Atwater's astonishment—and deep recognition—the drawing showed two spinning cyclones inverted over each other in an hourglass shape. Where the spouts should have touched but did not was a powerful force shooting rays out in all directions.

Today, many scientists speak of the torus as the only self-sustaining, self-organizing waveform—the foundation and expression of creation and possibly the source of the zero-point energy that will someday power life on earth.

According to Atwater, it is already powering life on earth and exists beyond the earth as a kind of template for all that is.

"Everything that's alive flows in a torus,"
she states.
I first read about the torus in her seminal book, Future Memory, and have encountered research on it many times since. To my astonishment, the Mind Mirror showed that Atwater's average brainwave pattern is in the form of a torus. "As above, so below," she says simply.

I shouldn't have been surprised to see Atwater display a torus-shaped brainwave pattern, since the Mind Mirror displays how we see and interact with surrounding bioenergetic fields. Still, the idea of a template for multiple realities extending through the quantum sea of light into Atwater's psyche and the Mind Mirror's pulsating frequency bands was a little eerie—and mind-expanding.

Orders from Headquarters
"What you seek is seeking you,"
P.M.H. quoted with visible excitement during our Charlottesville interview.

"That thought form came while I was working on my book, A Manual for Developing Humans." So did 28 images for the book that downloaded spontaneously into her awareness.

This occurred in the early 1980s, but she put the book away when reviewers told her, "The world is not ready for this. Put it in a box."

Then last year, Atwater was sitting in the front seat of her car when a friend who had just passed away appeared in the front seat beside her. He told her, "I knew you would come." Back inside the funeral home, he materialized again, this time out of a stand-up photograph, and said, "It is time."
Atwater knew what he meant: it was time to get back to the third book shown to her by The Voice Like None Other during her third NDE. The Voice (which was more than a voice) said, "Test revelation. You are to do the research. One book for each death."

Atwater is happy to follow orders—if they come from the higher consciousness which serves her and others.

Born with dyslexia and synesthesia, she was forced to sit on a tall stool in front of her first grade class—sometimes wearing a conical hat that said "Dunce" on it—as an example of a bad child who told lies. It was the Norwegian couple she stayed with after first grade who showed her what unconditional love was. She remained a "quiet fighter" who loved to imagine and create new ways of doing things.

She rode in her adoptive father's police car, listened to interrogations, and through the years heard countless victims report that they had had intuitive warnings but did not listen to them. In her twenties, she joined an Edgar Cayce study group in Boise, Idaho, and took up meditation, then founded a metaphysical society, Inner Forum, "to distinguish truth from puffery." She studied hypnotherapy, conducted past life regressions with children, and beginning in 1966 intensely explored Eastern religions, psychism, mysticism, and altered states of consciousness. Her work as a metaphysician, award-winning writer, data analyst, and cop's daughter prepared her to investigate and transform consciousness.

Each of Atwater's books was inspired. She was shown the content of each, but not how to write them.
"Not one of these books was written by choice," she said. "They came to me like showers of sparkles that landed on my desk and spelled out things. This was almost magical—the way all of these books came to me. After each, I would go immediately into prayer to check to see if I got it right, what did it mean, what was it, was I to do it? If I received a yes to each of those questions in meditation, and it felt right, then and only then would I get busy."
P.M.H. Atwater
Near-death Authority
Here's a link to information about P.M.H.'s newest book, A Manual for Developing Humans.
Published by Rainbow Ridge Books, it will be available for purchase in April.

Watch for A Manual for Developing Humans and other books which are already alive in Atwater's multi-dimensional consciousness. There's no telling what riches—and worlds of hope—humanity will find in them.

Books By P.M.H. Atwater
I Died Three Times in 1977, 1980, a compilation of three articles written for "Many Smokes Magazine," published by the Bear Tribe.

Life Sounds, 1982, book of poetry.

Coming Back to Life, 1988, Dodd, Mead & Co. Re-published in 1989 in paperback by Ballantine Books. Available on

Beyond the Light: The Mysteries and Revelations of Near-Death Experiences (also dubbed The Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences as a secondary title), 1994. Available on

Goddess Runes, 1996

Future Memory, 1999

Children of the New Millennium, 1999

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences, 1999

Coming Back to Life
, reissue, 2001

The New Children and Near-Death Experiences
, 2003

We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death
, 2004

Beyond the Indigo-Children
, 2005

The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, 2007 (ownership transferred to International Association for Near-Death Studies-IANDS)

I Died Three Times in 1977 – The Complete Story
, 2010

Runes of the Goddess, 2011

Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story, 2011

Children of the Fifth World: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness, 2012

Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, 2014

A Manual for Developing Humans, 2017
Visit to explore free articles on consciousness and a fascinating article on astrological "Patterns of Change" influencing the global politics in our era. You will also find on her website a list of her books, CDs, DVDs, a newsletter, and access to her YouTube channel.
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