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The Idea
These events are sponsored by the Institute for the Awakened Mind and aim to connect Consciousness Explorers, fellow Mind Mirror Users, Self-Trainers, and Practitioners, from all over the world.

Our monthly webinars network beginners and longtime Mind Mirror users in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and our numbers are growing!
People are eager to learn and explore this exciting realm of consciousness with all modern technologies have to give!

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Meet the people who make it possible
Judith Pennington
Bath, PA, USA
Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, co-designer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, assistant to Anna Wise, experienced MM Practitioner & Trainer (over 15 years), journalist and author

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
Webinars Moderator, Certified Awakend Mind Practitioner, Dipl. Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology, former Corporate Marketing Executive & Business Trainer

Upcoming Events
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IAM's webinar program is on vacation in August 2019

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Free Webinars 2018-2019
Thanks to everyone who supports us via donations and memberships,
we are glad to share these FREE materials with you!
February 2018:
The Mind Mirror Pattern Editor
April 2018:
Explorations of Consciousness
with The Monroe Institute

June 2018:
Dreams, Embodied Imagination,
and the Creative Mind

July 2018:
The Languages of the Subconscious:
Interpreting Meditation and Dream Imagery

September 2018:
Advanced Data Analysis on the Mind Mirror 6
October 2018:
Imagine Yourself Well:
Intuition for Self-Healing

November 2018:
The Signs of Spiritual Awakening
January 2019:
Winning Mindset
February 2019:
Manifest Your Desires
January 2019:
Open Forum-1
June 2019:
Open Forum-2
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Medical doctors, neurofeedback therapists, psychologists, a sleep scientist, professional musicians, creativity trainers, hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, EFT teachers, coaches, and many other consciousness explorers who so generously share with us their wit, wisdom, and well-traveled pathways to higher awareness.
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'A Golden Dozen' Collection
13 videos collection for Practitioners:
the best from the past and the present!
At the sale price of $195 $69
5 programs from Memories series:
About how it was in the past!
*Max's and Anna's early days from Anna's family and friends
*Early days of biofeedback and the Mind Mirror from Peter Staples
*Technology behind digital Mind Mirror from developer, Neil Hancock
*Creative workshop from Anna's early student, George Pierson
8 programs from Case Studies & Research series :
About what and how you can do today!
*Higher states analysis and working tips from Andrea Groh
*Group meditation practice with Robin Bernhard
*Balancing the brain and a whole client's case by Oxana Bondarchuk
*Mind Mirror and healing help with brain injuries by Suzanne Temple
*Summary of healers & readers lifetime research by Judith Pennington
* EFT in the Mind Mirror work by Gary Groesbeck and Donn Bach
* Neurofeedback and Mind Mirror by 3 Neurofeedback Practitioners
* Brain networks 25-years research results by Leonardo Mascaro
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