Circles of Wholeness
These Circle of Wholeness exercises will help you see how you spend your personal time and energy, and whether you want or need to make adjustments in order to bring greater balance to your life.

In a quiet room, place pen and paper at hand and plan to spend 20 minutes or more taking this objective look at your life. It may well provide you with some Eureka! moments, whether or not you hook up to the Mind Mirror while doing it.
Part 1
For most people, the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of life deserve equal attention. Is your life balanced between these, or do you neglect parts of yourself? If so, which ones?

It's interesting to consider that how we spend our life is influenced by:
1) the expectations of self and others; and
2) the choices we make, given these expectations.

Circle of Wholeness 1

Begin by drawing a large circle on a blank sheet of paper. Label it Circle of Wholeness.

Split up the circle into Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual (PIES) portions so that it describes your life. Draw a general picture that ignores day-to-day changes.

For example, if you usually place a high priority on good looks, exercise and health, the letter "P," for Physical, might dominate the circle.

If you focus mostly on intellectual endeavors, perhaps believing that "the more you know, the higher you go," then label that portion with an "I." And so on.

You may wish to close your eyes to determine the proportions inwardly.
Consider whether there are any imbalances you might want to correct.

Judith Pennington
IAM Founder

Goal Circle 1

Next, draw another large circle and label it Goal Circle. Your Goal Circle shows where you'd like your PIES to be within a year.

Make this circle as realistic as possible, as it will embody the power of your intentions toward your personal growth and development.
Part 2

Circle of Wholeness 2

For the second part of this exercise, use a separate piece of paper to draw a second Circle of Wholeness.

This time, divide it into the following four sections, according to the time and energy you spend on each: Self, Friends, Family and Work.

Next, create a goal circle.
What does the difference between them tell you? Does the stress in your life in any way relate to how you spend your time, talent and treasure?

What could you change to better serve yourself?
How might you do that? If you gave more time to yourself, would that change your other Circle of Wholeness? How?

Goal Circle 2
You may wish to meditate on how to make changes that support your evolution. If you do this while hooked up to the Mind Mirror, press your Manual Trigger Button or the Enter key on your keyboard when an insight surfaces.

This is how to cultivate the Awakened Mind pattern of personal and life mastery.

Judith Pennington
IAM Founder
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