Curtain Up!
A Meditation for Your Inner Screen
Here's a self-guided alpha-theta meditation that invites you to define your dreams of life and detect any fears which might stand in your way. To do this exercise, simply quiet your mind and drift down, deeper and deeper inside, to the silver screen of your essential being, or soul, for ideas and insights.
First, place paper and pen at hand so you can record your ideas and insights during or after this meditation. Then take a few deep, slow breaths and relax into your deeper self, allowing your creative mind to respond with insights and ideas.

In addition to the list below, what would you include in your description of an ideal world? Jot down whatever is important to you. And then, when you are ready, meditate on each item. Make it real, in your mind, and it will become real in your life, and perhaps on our planet.

What would each of these things look like and be like?
Sensualize them for as long as you like.

  • Global peace and international cooperation
  • A planet with enough resources for everyone, including me
  • Loving and being loved for who I am
  • The joyful, fulfilling, and prospering work of my dreams
  • Ample time to renew myself with rest, travel and hobbies.

After this exercise, if you feel that your dream of life seems unattainable, you may wish to return to meditation to ask why you feel that way. How could you make your dreams come true? Other people do, why not you? In the creative mind of the deeper self, anything is possible.

It's always a good idea to write down your thoughts, visions and insights – and then to come back to them, later on, to see what manifested and, if nothing did, why not.

Judith Pennington
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