The Brainwaves of Australian Mediums
by Oxana Bondarchuk
This January, I was contacted by the head of Wallacia Development Center, Inge Crosson, with a request to help her organize The Mind Mirror training for mediums. And as soon as the COVID restrictions in June 2020 were eased, I headed Sydney to conduct my very first medium's group training.
What Can Mind Miror Do for Mediums?
"Whether we talk about communication, relationship, intuition, psychic or extrasensory abilities, it is all about tuning in and listening, receiving. We all can do it, but often it is hard for us to switch into receiver's mode and to differentiate whether it is the real voice of our intuition or the artificial produce of our busy mind. Mind Mirror can help and tell the difference. With the Mind Mirror you can much faster find your way and build confidence and trust in your inbuilt reality navigator. Brainwave training not only makes you extra sensitive, it makes you more self-aware, it helps you to stay fully present or in your power,
helps you to become more creative and expressive, self-actualize in life."
Despite of better understanding trance (or depth of the trance) that mediums reach during their work, they were very interested in exploring the brainwaves and utilizing the knowledge of adapted awakened mind training for:
- Calming the mind to be able to go beyond thoughts,
- Discovering (or testing) individual relaxation triggers,
- Open the flow and sustain the flow,
- Going deeper into trance state but not fall asleep,
- Working with inner blocks (expectations, distractions, insecurity, etc.),
- Connecting with individual power,
- Allowing the flow and sustain the flow (or allow take over),
- Remembering the content,
- Developing awareness and mastery or how to achieve desired pattern and state at will.
Based on 40 years studies of on psychic readers, healers, channelers, spiritual teachers and even successful businessmen, scientists, dancers, composers, creative people, The Mind Mirror has a lot to offer! For the first time mediums can see, measure and find the proof that they in their mediumship work (like many enlightened, creative and successful people mentioned above) show similar high performance or deep meditative mind patterns, different from ordinary mind (or thinking) state of the most people.

Adapted Mind Mirror Brainwave Training for Mediums uses the knowledge and techniques accumulated through the years to further explore the brainwaves of extrasensory perception (ESP) related to mediumship work. The training allows to experiment and study the brainwaves related to different types of mediumship, where mediums natural in a particular type of mediumship work could help us to better understand the mechanisms behind their work and through brainwaves observation with the Mind Mirror create a kind of brainwave-GSP-navigation for others who would like to develop in what other mediums are good at. The Mind Mirror acts as a tuner or navigator, providing you continuous live feedback on how far you are from your destination and what steps you need to take to get there.
Preliminary Observations
There are many varieties of mediumship work and a lot to explore. But training and experiment with the first 8-members-group revealed the following:
  • Patterns Dynamics
    Though all mediums are unique and different in what and how they do, there are still common principles to how they open the channel, keep the channel open and remain in a stable and secure state while doing the work. Most typical patterns for mediums are Awakened Mind (Flow), Channelling (Trance) and Evolved Mind (Oneness) and much rarely we may see what we call Out-of-Body Pattern (Nobody home). The main difference will be how much the person stays in this or that pattern, as well as how stable the flow is, and if there is any Gamma activity.
Interestingly, the natural mediums tend to spend more time in what we call Evolved Mind pattern, to the extent that it shows up as a summary (dominant) pattern for the session!

One of the mediums also very well described how she feels this pattern subjectively. See the picture to the right and notice that it is 40th second of a session! This is what she wrote:

"The "Sweet Spot" as I call it. Also known as the "being in the Power", altering my state of mind to a conscious point of awareness, in that state is ability for knowledge and communication for spirit and the collective consciousness. As a Psychic Medium I can blend with my client, often emotionally at first, I become them so to speak, we become one, then link into my power. For me anything can be seen in this state, the memories of another, health, relationships and to be completely honest the chosen path to expect. Past- Present-Future. I believe, it's a vibration or frequency, I'm able to connect to, it hold words and images my brain makes sense of. At times, I see things I do not understand but can describe. I also use this power to move the table as you saw……eyes open…"
Natural Medium
  • She could not describe it better, since this is what we see in The Mind Mirror Manual for this pattern: "The awakened mind pattern, amplified by the release of self-separation and connection with its creative and spiritual source, into the circular evolved mind pattern of inner unity, ultimate presence, oneness and illumination", where using the words of Max Cade "it feels unified with something far vaster than itself. The person who produces this brainwave pattern is typically on some kind of spiritual path that unites him or her with what feels like the essence of life. This essence transmits fully developed pictures, words, complex patterns, and sensations that travel from universal awareness into the evolved mind pattern. Higher knowledge flows in as the psyche is held in the grip of a loving power that exists in this earth and beyond it". The evolved mind pattern, made possible by the conscious mind's surrender of its ego, appears when beta, alpha, theta and delta merge and resonate with the greater whole. Delta curves upward as what was not known or understood before—in oneself or universal awareness—becomes known and understood."
There is one more very rare stage that may come along with the three above-mentioned, that of out-of-body state (OBE), when the consciousness 'leaves' its home to wonder in the higher realms or give space for another consciousness to step in. 50% of my first group showed the tendency to go into OBE or near-OBE states (when Delta stretches out so far, above 90mv or more, so that all other brainwave categories with their 3-5mv look insignificantly small in the Delta scale).

And here is what one of the mediusm said about his near OBE or 'diving into the universal field' experience (see the pattern to the right, he showed it again and again through various sessions):

"At some point it is like my whole body is breathing internally (possibly the chakra, kundalini?) Breath becomes more focused at the base of my skull with pressure and is pushed like a wave from the ocean washing over my brain collapsing behind the eyes as if rolling underneath my brain. Reaching internally to reach out dimensionally. It is a rush of cold fresh energy and you feel sucked into it. I feel myself expanding further, going into nothingness yet present at the same time."
  • Isn't it a beautiful proof that our consciousness is not 'attached' to our brain?
  • Brainwaves Training Levels of Those of Long-Term Meditators
    Mediums show patterns of higher states and training levels similar to those of long-term meditators, i.e. the nature of work is similar to regular deep meditative practice that eventually leads the brain to more optimal states. This can explain why this work is a kind of 'addictive' in a healthy way: our brain simply likes to go back to the more optimal and balanced states!
  • Alpha with Eyes Open
    Almost all mediums will show Alpha bridge with eyes open. And, with eyes closed Alpha will be even bigger. I assume, this is the results of a regular training with eyes open that allows them to make sure they have the flow and access to the trance states.
  • Very Strong Delta
    Mediums have very active Delta, i.e. main psychic 'muscle' for mediums, healers, readers. The Mind Mirror Manual says that the average amplitude of the most of people would be in between 3 and 12 microvolts. For those with psychic abilities we may expect Delta to be 10 or even 20 times higher and go the whole way above 100 microvolts! (See below the patterns from 4 different mediums.) Due to the nature of their work (with eyes open), they will tend to show more Delta with eyes open!
  • Gamma Activity
    Some mediums demonstrate more Gamma activity, i.e. jolts/shifts in their energetics during mediumship sessions.
    1) With some, it looks like, it is their Beta activity and setting the intention that triggers Gamma open.
    2) With others, it could be Delta activity. Though purple Delta is in the bottom of the pattern and Gamma on the very top, we know that they have their own line of communication, as if it flows in a toroidal pattern, Delta surges may cause Gamma shoot out too!
3) And in a rare case, this could be something that looks like a call from 'the other side', when it is clearly not electrical artifact but some strong and repetitive Gamma calling, after which or along with it, we see Delta surges (doors opening to the universal field) and the loss of connection after some electrical event shock (or OBE, i.e. and there she goes out). See the animated gif to the right and the composite display below for the same session.

Mediums showing Gamma described it as building up energy and sometimes feel it as heat spots somewhere in their head. Gamma mediums might affect the sensitive EEG equipment and if I let them know about the connection problem, sometimes they could fix the connection back or keep 'fiddling' with the electrodes connection with their energy: there was no body movement, but the electrodes signal quality lights were flickering red and yellow from (conscious or unconscious) intention of the medium.

Below is the example of two mediums from a 3-sitters-table-tipping experiment.

Even if your eye is not trained to read the Mind Mirror analysis charts, you will notice that there is a clearly visible "Gamma Head" (pink and above bands on top) in their summary pattern for this experimental session (bottom) compared to their baseline with eyes open (top). You will also notice much more blue dots on the highest training level (level of compliance) for Gamma Synchrony patterns, if you compare their experimental session with their baseline (having more yellow and red dots, i.e. more compliance with Awakened and Evolved Mind patterns).

Table-tipping (or table-turning) is a form of psychic phenomena in which a table rotates, tilts, or rises completely off the ground by the mere contact of the fingertips of an individual or group of individuals. In exceptional cases tables have been known to move or even levitate without direct contact. The familiar form of séance in table-turning is that in which the sitters place their fingertips on the table; then the table moves without conscious exercise of muscular force.

  • Independently Flexible Theta
    Mediums have independently flexible Theta, it feels like it literally can go any side and stretch any corner with individual Theta bands sticking out from the rest of the pattern or forming unusual configurations. If it was just the lowest band pulled by strong Delta surges that could be explained but this can be any of the 3 Theta bands (see the pictures below). One medium pointed out that potentially it may look like 'holding the connection'. Read more of my insight about this in the next section below.

    This observation, also made me make an assumption that those who are not natural and who were guided or train themselves to do this work, will inevitably face some materials from their own subconscious mind (Theta) and will have to work through it to make mediumship work possible. Comparing it with those meditating, we can say that mediumship work will be equally a call for inner healing and clearing the suppressed 'stuff' from the subconscious. Many mediums will confirm that even if they do not feel they have cleared all their stuff, they had hard times in life that led them to opening their hearts more. As the above psychic medium said describing the Evolved Mind pattern, you need to become one with another person to be able to access the information stored in one's energy field and, no doubt, you need to accept others non-judgmentally and keep your heart open to make this happen.

  • Connection with the Group
    Mediums have a very strong and loving connection with their group. When doing the Bubble meditation, all members showed beautiful Evolved Mind pattern approximations or unusual activity in their Theta bands when sitting in a group consciousness bubble. When they commented on inviting others in the group into their energy bubble, they tend to let those in first with whom they normally do sittings or their mediumship work with. When they did so, they all claimed to feel more of their own power, as if others were amplifiers for their power (the similar effect was observed when they were asked to invite loved ones into their bubble). What a great metaphor for the Evolved Mind as the power of unity and oneness!

    The above mentioned comment on unusual independent sticking Theta bands behaviour is relevant here too, since mediums said they invited all member of the group in, including their spiritual group. Thus, the assumption about 'holding the link' showing up as one of Theta bands sticking out could be true. Another argument for this is that from my own experience and those of people I know, even if you are not a medium, many have mystical experiences of seeing the deseased family members and dear friends in their dreams (REM sleep), which as we know, also is related to Theta activity.

    When asked to leave the group bubble, some even showed signs of resistance and stress.
We received a great feedback, requests for more trainings and experiments, and more interesting and unusual people to study!
"From the moment I was contacted by Inge, I felt a very strong support from the other side: as if it all meant to happen and someone's powerful hand was leading me through every step of the way. Like never before, I felt like I am the right piece of the puzzle fitting into the right space and time! It was very empowering for me as a trainer to be there! I am looking forward to more exciting experiments and inspired to create meditations adapted to adventitious mediums!"
Oxana Bondarchuk
Certified AM Practitioner
There are more trainings coming in Sydney, Canberra and Perth in 2020 (COVID-19 restictions permitted)...
so, to be continued!
Special thanks to Andrew Tang and the Mind Mirror portal which made the analysis of this group training so easy!

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