This is more than just a course.
This is transformative entertainment and education.
This is a joyful and playful environment to grow your perspective.
This is time to heal and manifest, to awaken to who your truely are.
This is a psychotherapy to yourself for the rest of your life.

Introduction by Oxana Bondarchuk
I wish someone brought it to me on one plate all at once, as I am serving it to you!
Being energy-literate is absolutely essential these days, since we need to differentiate truth and see a bigger perspective now more than ever. With energy being the common denominator, you will no longer need complex theories to know where the problem is.

This course is a summary of my life-time research on the nature of creation, ESP, psychic or intuitive reading, channelling, manifestation, and Mind Mirror work. With years of Mind Mirror work, meditation, studying sacred geometry, and experimenting with energy practices, I developed a skill that I call 'energy reading.' Nothing remains a dry theoretical concept to me anymore. I see energy process or flow behind everything, and this gives me insights into how life and creation operate.

The last webinar (see below) inspired me to go deeper and offer a training with more metaphors, more examples, and practice. Each lesson is aimed to explain the key theory (words and processes from energy perspective) to help your mind get used to the new perspective and be more aware of your operation in the subtle level, we will do challenging mini-exercises and meditations along the way and revisit the key of the key pillars of energy work like ATTENTION, TRUTH, LOVE, and others. 'My Favourite Meditations Course' will follow this one to enhance your practice.
Energy Reading and The Mind Mirror:
It's All About Perspective

When you embark on the Mind Mirror journey, whether you train as an Awakened Mind practitioner or train yourself, it will inevitably expand your consciousness and shift your perspective, taking you to a grander, wiser self. The Mind Mirror reflects this shift in perspective in brainwave patterns we relate to different states of consciousness. Brainwave theory as we see it with the Mind Mirror is also a great metaphor for understanding the energetic blueprint of creation.

This webinar is for anyone who is interested in shifting perspective and developing your own energy reading approach (which I use as a synonym for psychic reading). I will touch on how I 'see the energy' behind the words like miracle, spirituality, creativity, life, sin, love, joy, fear, life, creativity, mood, manifestation, crises, depression.

I hope to stretch and move the angles of your perception by inviting you to look at life from the energy point of view. You may not hear anything dramatically new. But if I manage to open up the curtains of my intuitive kitchen as well as shift or broaden the edges and angels of your perspective, my mission is fulfilled.

Program duration: 1 hr 44 min
Course Outline
    Key task: understand and realign with the higher perspective
    (attention, intention, goal, character, wisdom, evil, gratitude, habit, etc.) We will revisit the notion of TRUTH and how to learn to sense what is true to yourself.
    Key task: see interconnectedness and dynamics behind any relationships, be it personal or business (oneself, family, marriage, parenthood, leadership, etc.) and of course, heal the core - your relationship with yourself.
    Key task: explore the phenomenon of our relationship with time, shifting the perspective, nonlinearity between past-future-now, time and trauma, time and manifestation.
    Key task: help you manage your energy levels, new models for the old habits (stress, disease, success, motivation, emotion, etc..). I will share my very non-traditional insights on motivation (nothing to do with classical theories). Though it matters too, we are not going to talk about sleep and physical exercising here...
    Key task: learn and practice the essentials of energy receiving, tuning, directing, which is all about personal tranformation, psychic reading, healing and manifestation.
  • 6. HOW-TO, Q&A
    Key task: I will elaborate more on what may help you, giving more examples of 'how-to', as well as finish the unfinished, share the experience, answer questions, fill in the gaps and practice more.
What People Said
About the introductory webinar
"Energy Reading and The Mind Mirror:
It's All About Perspective"
  • Stephanie
    "Thank you for defining paths to expanding perspectives. Nice foundation. Your definition of energy guided by higher order symbolized by the Flower of Life is a beautifully perfect metaphor for familiar horizontal flow. Your presentation of the Golden Mean, fractals, holograms vs photographs all broadened my understanding of how to experience sacred geometry, The Map of Consciousness is a perfect "hint"; Now I will aim for the brilliance orange of joy an even higher peace... I can now "see" the energy, of truth, love, lie, sin, fear depression, crises, creation. Beautifully and artistically balanced your visual aids enhanced my learning. I appreciate your energy frequency perspective relative to Mind Mirror pattern identification with emphasis on Evolved Mind Pattern characteristics like alpha-theta and age dynamics. I'm eager to improve my energy reading skills. You are brave to reveal your creative process at a psychospiritual level; thanks for all your tips and exemplary presentation on how to be."
  • Roger
    "Huge thanks for presenting us Oxana's webinar! It blew me away! Absolutely a masterpiece! Truly incredible! Thank you!"
  • Grace
    "Really appreciated your well thought out/connection to the quantum field presentation. Logical, easy to follow and filled with insight! <> Looking forward to your meditation course when it is ready. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and delightful laugh with us today, it was truly a pleasure."
  • Peter
    "A BIG THANK YOU for your captivating presentation. You're always bubbling with enthusiasm and it's a joy to be able to share it with you and all the other participants. The seeds are sown … what will burst forth in the garden?"
  • Judith
    "An absolutely brilliant webinar! I loved the visuals and am extremely impressed with the scope and relevance of every slide. A tour de force! Everyone loved it, and so did I."
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