8 June 2024 @ 4pm EST
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From Oxana Bondarchuk

All Conscious Explorers (not just the Mind Mirror owners) are invited to master attention, learn and practice “energy reading” with the knowledge and techniques from Systemic Family Constellations. No special preparation needed, your interest in mindfulness, meditation and developing your intuition are the only prerequisites.

Systemic Family Constellations is not just a form of short-term psychotherapy, stating that the programs of your ancestors are still alive and running through your subconscious. During my own training, I noticed how understanding of brainwaves can actually help or complement the abilities required to sense the body, read the emotions, receive the messages and channel the energy.

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What To Learn and Experience
  • Laws of Energy Dynamics
    It brings light on the basic principles of energy dynamics and flow in any kind of relationships, including you and your goals or dreams (which actually correlates with the Mind Mirror study and teachings).
  • Mastering Attention
    It is a great attention and mindfulness training, since like never before you have to monitor and discern subtle changes of your state.
  • Field-Reading Techniques
    It is based on phenomenology and gives techniques to “read the field” in the moment to connect with the truth.
  • Practicing Tuning & Meta-Perspective
    For me it is also a great relief or break from my Beta monkey-mind through shifting my focus away from my-habitual-self and tuning into others. It is a process-work which is not possible without entering into trance and practicing meta-perspective.

The Program
3 hour workshop (2 short breaks)
  • 1
    Essential Theory
    Understanding the main mechanisms and set-up required for the work (i.e. opening up to miracles)
  • 2
    Warm-Up Exercises
    Simple exercises to stretch the mind, connect with the body and better know yourself as a starting point
  • 3
    4 Main Practices
    - Connect with your ancestor(s) with ESP abilities
    - Connect with your Earthly Life Companion (i.e. Spirit Guide)
    - Mini-constellation and a ritual to help you remove major road-blocks, be it ESP abilities development (or any other problem area of your life)
  • 4
    Replay or Request Catch-Up Session
    If you cannot make it LIVE at the time of the workshop, within 72 hours you will be provided with the recording. If you feel you need extra help, drop me an email with the best timing options for your time zone for Saturday or Sunday. I will arrange a session to catch up.

LIVE Zoom meeting
+ recording
collecting ancestral gifts
meeting a spirit guide
connecting with the goal
removing the blocks
replay/catch-up session
for those who can not attend LIVE
and need to catch up

About the Trainer

Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner and Trainer
Institute for the Awakened Mind Online Events Moderator

Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator
Numerological Psychoanalyst

Gr. Diploma in Psychology, Teacher of Psychology
Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology

BA in Finance and International Marketing
Ex Corporate Marketing Executive and Business Trainer

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