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By Judith Pennington,
Founder, Institute for the Awakened Mind
Judith wrote this article for the glossy French magazine "Sapiens."
If you're interested in gamma frequencies, catch this wave.

Mainstream science is mystified about many things related to the study of consciousness, beginning with what the word means and the actual seat of the mind's awareness: is it in the brain, the electromagnetic field of energy produced by and interpenetrating the body-mind, or does consciousness reside in both?

Practitioners monitoring the activities of consciousness in real time on the Mind Mirror EEG invented by British biophysicist C. Maxwell Cade in 1976 can answer that question. Based on more than 40 years of research and some 100,000 meditation sessions with people all over the world, we know that consciousness is the flow of energy between the brain, the human energy field, and the quantum sea of light out of which all energy and information arises

This mind, body and spirit interaction is visible on the Mind Mirror. Essentially, it is a hologram—not in the sense of a three-dimensional image, but a photographic projection of the content of consciousness onto the Mind Mirror brainwave display. Even the slightest shift in awareness is precisely mirrored in the interrelationships of the frequency bands and five brainwave categories: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

For example, when awareness turns inward to meditation, the beta waves of the conscious mind's active, externalized intellect flatten (at right) or greatly reduce. The concentration of awareness in lower frequencies amplifies the sensory alpha bridge and the theta waves of the subconscious mind. Searching the quantum field for information causes the delta waves of the unconscious mind to splay outward. When energy or information is received, splayed delta lifts it up into the higher frequencies of conscious awareness.

Watching the interactions of consciousness is exciting and revelatory. Practitioners and coaches monitoring people on the Mind Mirror guide them into the beta-alpha-theta-delta frequencies of the Awakened Mind pattern (at left) for creativity, insight, self-healing, and peak performance. People who access the Awakened Mind eventually amplify their frequencies into the Evolved Mind of unity, non-locality, transcendence, bliss, and illumination

The Evolved Mind was the most advanced brainwave pattern known to Max Cade and Anna Wise, but thanks to advancements in technology, today we see more. In 2011, after Anna Wise passed away, I co-created a new version of the Mind Mirror with sophisticated data analysis tools and frequency monitoring up to 64 then 100 hertz. These higher frequencies reveal a quantum leap in consciousness that is underway on our planet today. It is related to super-low delta and super-high gamma frequencies.

Gamma, Energetics, and Mystical Union
In 2005, while studying with Anna Wise, I conducted a series of brainwave studies on intuitives, energy healers, and a few people who reported encounters with deceased loved ones. All of them were producing high amplitudes of 30- and 38-hertz beta. Wise identified this as "energetics," which was true, but it was actually much more: these top two frequency bands in the original Mind Mirror were low gamma.

In 2005, neuroscientists Richard Davidson and Wolf Singer were just beginning to discuss their EEG and brain imaging research on gamma. They identified gamma, ranging from 25 or 30 to 100 hertz (Hz), as an organizing current that generates whole-brain synchrony across all frequencies and the four lobes of the brain. Most importantly, they associated gamma with attentional awareness, compassion, and mystical union. Biophysicist Beverly Rubik linked 40-hertz gamma with brain coherence and mystical/spiritual experience. Joe Dispenza, D.C., reported in his book Evolve Your Brain that gamma forms new brain cells in the frontal lobes and hippocampus, thereby increasing intellectual capacity and memory storage and retrieval.
My keen interest in gamma attracted some excellent subjects. Professional mediums and other spiritually awakened people who came for sessions consistently produced high-amplitude gamma ranging up to 64 hertz. I created a template out of their patterns and called it superconscious Gamma Synchrony (at right). Some of them produced high-amplitude gamma which was "untrained" (not integrated with the rest of the pattern); invariably, these people were hypersensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields.

Data analysis and close study of their patterns confirmed that gamma is often linked to high-amplitude delta waves, but not always. Sometimes, gamma waves arise out of the blue. Sometimes they are a progression of the circular Evolved Mind pattern of unity consciousness.

After I realized that the top half of the Evolved Mind pattern involves low-gamma amplitudes, it became completely clear that, when people enter mystical transcendence, gamma waves are or will be involved.
Gamma, SAM and The Monroe Institute
Gamma waves continued to flow. In early 2017, I was invited to organize a Mind Mirror study on 14 people attending a "Journey to Happiness" program in June at The Monroe Institute in Virginia. TMI is a non-profit organization dedicated to consciousness research and exploration. It was founded by out-of-body traveler and author Robert Monroe, who developed Hemi-Sync binaural beats as a means to altered states of awareness. (Hemi-Sync audio guidance technology feeds different beat frequencies into each ear through headphones, and the brain entrains itself to the difference between them. For example, if one ear hears 444Hz beats, and the other hears 440Hz, the brain entrains to 4Hz, the deep theta-delta realm of the subconscious/unconscious mind and psi awareness.)

The June program employed TMI's Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) technology, a milestone in audio technology which comfortably delivers gamma frequencies of 40, 80 and 120 hertz. The study itself was historic, as four Mind Mirror practitioners were monitoring 14 program participants simultaneously; as far as we could tell, nothing of this kind had been done before. TMI understood that the Mind Mirror system is based on pattern recognition and expected our brainwave patterns to show the effects of the gamma entrainment. They rightly perceived the Mind Mirror's Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony patterns as "portals" to higher states of consciousness.

The study involved a great deal of logistical planning. It was held in a meeting room large enough for the 14 people to lie back in anti-gravity chairs while listening to the SAM meditations through Bluetooth headphones. Each person was hooked up to a dual-hemisphere EEG sensor for nine 40-minute Hemi-Sync and SAM exercises conducted over the course of five days. We opened and closed the study with a separate baseline consisting of eyes open and eyes closed segments followed by a guided sensualization (visualization involving all the senses). The four Mind Mirror monitors sketched the subjects' brainwave patterns and after the program spent months analyzing the data.

All of the participants responded to the SAM audio frequencies by producing consistent surges of gamma in the 35-45Hz range (and some in much higher frequencies), and everyone reported an expansion of consciousness during the week. The Mind Mirror software had been extended up to 100Hz only a few months before. To our astonishment, we saw in several people our Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony patterns extending all the way up to 100Hz—inexplicably, in the same shapes as these patterns appear in lower frequencies. These 100Hz patterns seem to be holographic overlays of the lower-frequency patterns.

Other important discoveries came out of the study. For one thing, we found that gamma surges sustained by several people produced pattern attainment statistics higher than we had imagined possible, and at the same time, stimulated and refined Evolved Mind and Awakened Mind patterns. In a few people, the gamma training significantly increased alpha amplitudes as well. Since most people show little to no gamma, including long-term meditators, the biggest surprise was seeing higher-state patterns extend up to 100Hz.

Our conclusion was that the SAM beats stimulated the life-changing insights, psychic awareness, and mystical union associated with all three of the Mind Mirror's ideal brainwave patterns. Everyone evolved their brainwave patterns and states of consciousness—toward happiness—during the week-long training.
Gamma, Remote Viewing, and Out-of-Body Travel
Even more fascinating was the December 2017 program using SAM beats and music to support remote viewing and out-of-body travel. This time 16 people were hooked up to the Mind Mirror simultaneously. Strict controls were devised, beginning with the need for participants to identify "target" objects placed on top of a rafter in the meditation hall. A panel of judges scored the targets described by participants. Additional controls and protocols were devised by professional remote viewers, expert out-of-body travelers, and TMI's research coordinator.

As of this writing, we are still analyzing the data, but so far, it has yielded some fascinating information. The first eight of 16 subjects analyzed accurately identified the target through remote viewing (psychic perception) and by rising into the energy body and floating up to the ceiling to view the target. Most of them perceived the target in Gamma Synchrony and/or Evolved Mind patterns, but one person, who hit the target 7 out of 8 times, did so within the intuitive Awakened Mind pattern, with only minor surges of gamma.

People were consistently successful when the gamma beats were supported by their strong intentionality, deep relaxation, nonattachment to outcomes, love, compassion and/or a felt connection to a force greater than themselves.

Completion of the data analysis on the December program and two others scheduled for 2018 will likely uphold these preliminary findings. They are consistent with scientific research on gamma (which is linked by some investigators to out-of-body travel and super-intuitive states), with Mind Mirror theory, remote viewing science, and with the subjective reports of people who have felt the same sensations of expanded consciousness.
The Oneness of Infinite Mind
Some thirty years ago I had a peak experience on a Florida beach after a tropical storm. As the sun began to set, the red and orange sky illuminated the peaks and troughs of tall waves in the roaring ocean. This beautiful kaleidoscope of color and sound touched my heart, and as my spirit soared, I saw beyond the illusion: the ocean waves were not separate and distinct from one another, but were part of the oneness: undulations of the Greater Whole. And so it is with brain waves: microcosms of the macrocosm.

Our minds and all things flow together in a light-filled ocean of energy, information, and love. When we intentionally open up to and resonate with this light, it hastens to meet us—in whatever frequencies and patterns of consciousness we are generating at the moment.

Forever after, our brains remember that luminous feeling of unconditional love and seek it again and again, rising to meet it and being uplifted as if upon a wave into the quantum sea of bliss and light.

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