'A Golden Dozen'

Best 13 videos collection for Practitioners:
the best from the past and the present
5 programs from Memories series about how it was in the past!
*Max's and Anna's early days from Anna's family and friends
*Early days of biofeedback and the Mind Mirror from Peter Staples
*Technology behind digital Mind Mirror from developer, Neil Hancock
*Creative workshop from Anna's early student, George Pierson
1. The Chi/Qi of Higher States of Awareness

This is a webinar named "The Chi/Qi of Higher States of Awareness" with a guest speaker Jim MacRitchie. Liverpool native and Taoist Jim MacRitchie, married for 13 years to Anna Wise, is a world class qi gong expert, acupuncturist and founder of the National Qi Association in America. He will share his recollections of Anna and their work together, the qi of higher awareness, and how to use qi gong to heal the body and soul. You will love this live program with the funny and warm-hearted oracle of Anna and the power of qi, whose personal mission in life is to relieve human suffering.

Jim's Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong meditation uses principles of the Awakened Mind. Visit the link below to learn about his Personal Energy Centre in Liverpool and to download free books and audio.

Program duration: 1 hr 26 min

Website: http://www.GlobalQiProject.com

2. Peter Staples: Max Cade, Old Mind Mirrors, Biodots

This superb webinar "The Awakened Mind as a Dynamic Whole-Body State" was presented by Peter Staples. In addition to his stories of Max Cade's training programs, a show-and-tell on early Mind Mirror and physiology monitors, and an insightful demonstration of the interaction of EEG, GSR, BVP and Temperature, Peter discussed the interaction of the central and peripheral nervous systems, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and other substructures involved in Awakened Mind training. This webinar will convince you of the importance of monitoring peripheral temperature as an adjunct to EEG.

Program duration: 1 hr 55 min

Watch 25 min GSR, BVP and Temperature Demo with Data Analysis
3. Creative Mind

This is a webinar presented by George Pierson, a gifted visual artist and former art director for the Discovery Channel (and other major networks) who uses the Mind Mirror to teach clients and corporations to be more creative, productive and awake. You will love George's narrated visuals and his "Creative Star" meditation.

Program duration: 1 hr 34 min

Additional materials:
"Creative Star Meditation"
Creative Mindflow link

14. Memories of Max and Anna

Watch to meet John Wise (son of Anna Wise), Jim MacRitchie (former partner of Anna Wise and John's father), Neil Hancock (nephew of Mind Mirror co-inventor Geoff Blundell, creator of the Mind Mirror III and mindmirroreeg.com), Elizabeth St. John (healer who worked closely with Max Cade and Anna Wise, also Anna's friend and sister-in-law), Peter Staples (student of Max and Isabel Cade, became Isabel's life-partner after Max died). This program will take you back in time, to 70s, 80s, 90s last century, the atmosphere of London and mechanistical views on the body, the pioneer history of the biofeedback when Max and Anna started their work. What experiments Max did during his classes to develop awareness in any conscious or trans states; how Max and Jeff calibrated their early equipment on Tibetans; how Elizabeth and Anna did their classes afterwords, reseach done with dowsers, healers, etc.. Watch this program to reconnect with those big people and understand where they were coming from. Connecting to the roots of this work is truely inspiring - don't miss it!

Program duration: 1 hr 50 min

Visit www.GlobalQiProject.com to learn about Jim's Personal Energy Centre, download free books and audio, and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong meditation, which uses principles of the Awakened Mind.
5. Neil Hancock on the Mind Mirror

This program is highly recommended to those interested in technology, physiology, ancient traditions, consciousness, and the applications of the Mind Mirror, covering, among other things, where it started and how it was calibrated on Tibetans, the importance of seeing instant changes compared to clinical equipment, the physiology (why we have these electrode positions and measurements), and research with future possibilities of the Mind Mirror. The program is brilliantly presented by Neil Hancock, an electronics engineer, the nephew of Mind Mirror co-inventor Geoff Blundell, the creator of the first digital model of the Mind Mirror (III), who consulted with Vilistus software engineer Steve Clark on the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6. Being a truly technical person, he does his best to make the technicalities accessible for beginners, and he will share his memories of the early days of the Mind Mirror, Max Cade and Geoff Blundell.

Program duration: 2 hrs 38 min

Case Studies & Research
8 programs from Case Studies & Research series :
*Higher states analysis and working tips from Andrea Groh
*Group meditation practice with Robin Bernhard
*Balancing the brain and a whole client's case by Oxana Bondarchuk
*Mind Mirror and healing help with brain injuries by Suzanne Temple
*Summary of healers & readers lifetime research by Judith Pennington
* EFT in the Mind Mirror work by Gary Groesbeck and Donn Bach
* Neurofeedback and Mind Mirror by 3 Neurofeedback Practitioners
* Brain networks 25-years research results by Leonardo Mascaro
1. Case Studies - Folio 1

With this webinar we start another Practitioner webinar series on case studies: "Case Studies - Folio 1". Join Judith Pennington and Andrea Groh in this exploration of the higher-state brainwave patterns of several of their clients. They share each client's very interesting experiences and recorded screenshots and sessions that will help you sharpen your data analysis skills. This webinar, equally appropriate for self-trainers, focuses on gamma waves and superconscious awareness.

Program duration: 1 hr 57 min

2. Case Studies - Folio 2
with Robin Bernhard

This webinar is a continuation of the webinar series on Case Studies by Mind Mirror Practritioners. This time, A trauma psychotherapist, neurofeedback practitioner, and certified Awakened Mind trainer, Robin Bernhard discusses in this program how she uses the Mind Mirror EEG to train her trauma clients. She shares some of their inner experiences, brainwave patterns, and her methods of analyzing the data and maintaining in-depth records. In addition, Robin has had great success in training a group of four clients on a weekly basis. She discusses this innovative therapeutic approach to group brainwave trainings.

Program duration: 1 hr 54 min

Link to the forms presented by Robin
3. Case Studies - Folio 3.1 How to Balance The Brain

In this highly practical program for Mind Mirror self-trainers and practitioners, transpersonal psychologist and certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer Oxana Bondarchuk presents new and highly useful brainwave-training tips, tools, and techniques for the benefit of practitioners and self-trainers. Oxana explains and shows during this interactive webinar how she helped a client balance her brainwaves and dramatically improve her life. She began each session by "warming up" the client's brain with relaxation and brain-balancing exercises including Brain Gym, body-consciousness, kinesiology, and NLP exercises, all gathered together in a fun and fascinating Power Point show to be shared in this program.

Program duration: 1 hr 39 min

Additional materials (mentioned during the webinar):
1. Hemispheric Balancing Exercises Presentation
2. Client's Records (Word file)
Client's Statistics (Excel file)
4. Case Studies - Folio 3.2: Landmarks and Statistical Measurements

This webinar, a continuation of Oxana's "Case Studies: Folio 3," presented earlier in July, presents a new approach to the use of landmarks, and deep-state Awakened Mind meditations, particularly The Inner Child, to help the client resolve psycho-spiritual issues that led to important and lasting changes in her mind and life. Oxana also shows how to keep excellent statistical reports in Excel and Word. Tracking landmarks and statistical measurements—the twin powerhouses of Awakened Mind training—is of great benefit to meditators and consciousness trainers seeking the best cognitive paths to personal growth and brainwave mastery.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

Additional materials (mentioned during the webinar):
1. Hemispheric Balancing Exercises Presentation
2. Client's Records (Word file)
3. Client's Statistics (Excel file)
Landmarks Report and Tailor-Made Meditation
5. Case Studies - Folio 4: Healing Brain Injury

In this webinar Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner, Suzanne Tempel tells about how she uses the Mind Mirror to help people with brain injuries:
"All of my brain-damaged clients have reported improvements after working with the Mind Mirror, some of them quite remarkable improvements and sometimes without showing any pattern change in the Mind Mirror. The brain has this natural ability to adapt and find new neurological pathways if some of them are cut off. I have found that the Mind Mirror can play a role in the recovery of these clients. In this case study I will tell their stories"

Program duration: 1 hr 18 min

6. Energy Healing in Higher States of Consciousness

Mind Mirror studies have shown since Max Cade's time that healing occurs within our well-known Awakened Mind and Evolved Mind brainwave patterns. But nowadays, we also see the involvement of gamma frequencies. How does healing occur, and what do gamma waves have to do with it? Judith Pennington addresses these questions in a preview of a Power Point show she prepared for the Energy Psychology Conference being held in Paris May 26-27. These narrated visuals explain her theories on how healing works and trace 15 years of her Mind Mirror research with hands-on healers and self-healers. She shares their stories, methods, and Mind Mirror patterns. This journey into the heart of healing includes not only the brainwave patterns of hands-on energy healers and recipients, but also people who have healed themselves via HemiSync and SAM audio technology at The Monroe Institute. You will also see the brainwave patterns of self-healers attending Dr. Dawson Church's "tapping" seminars in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) at the Omega Institute and the Open Center in New York. Tune in to be inspired and encouraged about your brain's ability to access higher levels of awareness to heal self and others.

Program duration: 1 hr 57 min

6. EFT and the Mind Mirror

Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach, two of our most experienced and knowledgeable Awakened Mind practitioners, certified by Anna Wise in 2003,
talk about how EFT can help you with the Mind Mirror work. Whenever you feel desintegrated physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, tapping techniques can help you or other people to resolve the issue or at least provide the releif by reducing its intensity. This can be done directly or by surrogating and include little childaren, animals anjd even inanimate objects (like equipment, cars and computers). Watch the program to learn the simplest way to use this technique for Awakened Mind Training as well as general health issues.

Program duration: 1 hr 25 min

Recommended books and videos:
1. Alpha-Theta Training in the 21st Century: A Handbook for Clinicians and Researchers
2. Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation
3. Gary Craig books series
4. Video with Gary Graig
7. Neurofeedback and the Brilliance of the Brain

This webinar hosts 3 dynamic neurofeedback specialists who are also Mind Mirror practitioners. Cynde, a former NASA scientist, will describe her High Octane Brain, Resilient Mind, and Zen Mind Programs. Robin will discuss her work with developmental disorders including trauma, PTSD, and autism, and her therapeutic (horse) riding program. Andrea, who has integrated neurofeedback into her Awakened Mind practitioner trainings in Germany, will show us biofeedback charts on heart coherence and a 19-channel EEG of full Kundalini ecstasy captured by neuroscientist Joe Dispenza.

Program duration: 2 hrs 33 min

- Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain by Sebern F. Fisher
- The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.
- "How Enlightenment Changes the Brain: The New Science of Transformation," by Dr. Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman

8. The Dynamic Brain in Meditation

This highly relevant and thought-provoking webinar addresses the neurophysiology of meditation and the dynamics of the brain networks involved in meditation practice. Presenter Leonardo Mascaro, who holds a master's degree in neuroscience and is a psychologist with more than 25 years of experience, is an Awakened Mind Consciousness trainer certified by Anna Wise. In addition, he trained as a neurotherapist with another illustrious teacher, Dr. Margaret Ayers. Leonardo uses 19-channel neurofeedback to help clients heal issues ranging from autism and depression to dyslexia and panic disorder.

Program duration: 1 hrs 23 min

See presentation files here:
Presentation by Leonardo Mascaro: .ppt
Presentation by Leonardo Mascaro: .key

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