Heading to Omega
by Judith Pennington
Thanks to Awakened Mind Practitioners Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach and their international research relationship with EFT teacher Dawson Church, and to Dawson's high regard for the Mind Mirror, I was recently invited to fill in for a keynote speaker at the Energy Psychology Conference at the Omega Institute in upstate New York.
Dawson Church
I'd given a presentation on the Mind Mirror several years before and was familiar with the campus of this leading human potential center, one of the best-known in the world. So it was with great pleasure that I met and attended keynote addresses and break-out sessions presented by Dawson, who organized the conference and was its main presenter, two medical doctors—Lissa Rankin and Ron Ruden—and a chiropractor, Craig Weiner.

Some 50 people were in attendance, including quite a few physicians, counselors, and other healers, most of whom were practitioners and teachers of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The weather was beautiful, flowers were in full bloom, and the Omega staff was helpful, efficient, and welcoming.

The Holographic Mind Mirror
I arrived late Friday afternoon, August 25, and was the first keynote speaker at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. Participants had lots of good questions during my Power Point presentation, "The Brainwaves of Creativity, Insight and Healing: How to Transform Your Mind and Life." During the following break-out session, "An Inner Journey to Self-Discovery, Healing and Transformation," I hooked up to the Mind Mirror a volunteer who turned out to be a long-term meditator: Carol Penn, a family medicine physician who sat onstage and wowed the audience with her eyes open, eyes closed, stress, and meditation brainwaves.
Judith Pennington
and the impressive brainwaves of
Dr. Carol Penn.

I keep talking about the Mind Mirror as a hologram of consciousness, often without being sufficiently able to explain what I mean, so was delighted when Carol demonstrated this elusive concept. While the audience was meditating to the Animal Sensualization, I was watching her brainwave patterns and noticed a dramatic change taking place as she was "living" the experience of herself as an animal. After the meditation, she explained that this was the point at which she sank her white heron qualities of love, light, curiosity, courage, and gentleness down into her bone marrow.

See the brainwave patterns displayed below. They show Carol's Awakened Mind and Evolved Mind patterns, as well as her plunge into theta and delta, where she integrated her heron qualities into her subconscious and the very marrow of her bones. Delta, the bandwidth of our instinctual radar, is also the realm of the body and its autonomic nervous system—meaning that Carol's plunge into lower frequencies literally took her into the matrix of her physical body, which the reflective Mind Mirror so clearly showed.

Someone in the audience wondered what the brainwaves of aromatherapy would look like. I plucked a flower from a bouquet on a table. Carol's sniffed it and immediately flared into this Awakened Mind pattern with high-amplitude alpha and an upturned delta.

Carol's experience of herself as a white heron showed up as the unity consciousness of the Evolved Mind pattern.
Each of Carol's dives into the theta of her essential being and the delta of her body evoked the upward flow of energy and information from the unconscious to the conscious mind, which creates the inner and spiritual unity of the Evolved Mind pattern. See each plunge below and the Evolved Mind pattern which followed.

It's also interesting to note how Carol's dive into theta-delta and the ensuing Evolved Mind pattern powered up her brain and body. The attenuation setting on the Mind Mirror was 12 to 15uV to begin with (the white numbers across the bottom of the display). While she was "living the experience" of being a white heron and sinking into her bone marrow in theta-delta, and by extension uniting with the Collective Unconscious, I had to increase the attenuation setting to 17uV and at times 20uV.

In this powering up of her theta-delta brainwaves, we also see a holographic display of her interaction with the quantum field.

Dream to Freedom:
EFT Clears Blocks and Raises Consciousness
That evening, I hooked up two groups of four people during Dawson's breakout session, "Dream to Freedom: Using Symbols and Dreams to Process Emotional Trauma," and monitored their brainwaves before, during, and after several rounds of EFT tapping. In some people, the movements involved in tapping on the head and face distorted the brainwave patterns, but not in everyone.

In one woman, anesthesiologist Agapi Ermides, there was minimal sEMG artifact, so later on I did an in-depth analysis on her brainwave patterns. (See this report on the Mind Mirror Studies page of the IAM website.)

During the four rounds of tapping, Agapi produced distinctly sustained surges of gamma in the range of 35-65 hertz, which frequencies are associated with brain coherence and the rewiring of neural circuitry.

According to Mind Mirror Summary statistics, the primary result of these gamma increases was in her Awakened Mind patterns. Her eyes closed Awakened Mind pattern, from the Opening to Closing baselines, increased from 66 to 88 percent on Training Level 5—in other words, from a low score to a high statistical value equivalent to that of long-term meditators. Yet Agapi is a non-meditator.

Just as Gary and Donna found in their studies with Dawson – see the Mind Mirror Studies page – EFT clears blocks, relaxes the brain and body, and shifts people into higher states of consciousness.
Upcoming Events:
The Open Center and Omega Institute
If you are going to be in New York City the weekend of October 28-29, you might consider signing up for Dawson Church's program at the New York Open Center. He is a prolific author and presenter who teaches the science of consciousness and EFT at Esalen Institute, Omega, and IONS in the U.S. and other growth centers worldwide.

Laura Eichman and I will obtain Mind Mirror measurements on several class members before and after Dawson's Oct. 28-29 program at the Open Center.

You are also warmly invited to attend a Mind Mirror intensive at the Omega Institute! After the Energy Psychology Conference, I queried Program Coordinator Peter Criswell on a five-day seminar titled "The Awakening." He took me up on it, so the program is now scheduled for Sept. 16-21, 2018.

Over the five days, Awakened Mind training on the Mind Mirror will be interspersed with nature walks, chi kung, sacred singing and chanting, releasing exercises, dream interpretation, peaceful conflict resolution, and Dances of Universal Peace. The goal is to clear blocks and resolve issues in order to externalize and sustain lasting inner peace and joy. Hope you can make it!

Thanks again to Gary, Donna, Dawson and Christine Church, and to Peter Criswell for the opportunity to bring the Mind Mirror to Omega. Together with each of you, we are accomplishing wonderful things!

(Front row) Christine Church, Judith Pennington, Dawson Church, and Lissa Rankin.

(Back row) Ron Ruden and Craig Weiner.
  • Church Dawson
    Dawson Church, PhD, is a psychotherapist and integrative health-care specialist, and an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, has been hailed by reviewers as a "breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics."

    Author of many books on healing trauma, he is a pioneer in the field of epigentics and a national leader and professional trainer in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a modality endorsed by the Veterans Administration as an alternative method suitable for work with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    He has edited or authored more than 200 books in the fields of health, psychology, and spirituality. Books on which he has worked have won more than two dozen awards, including Best Health Book (Independent Press Awards) and Best Science Book (USA Book News Awards), and his research summaries of the biomedical evidence for consciousness-based treatments provide the scientific underpinnings for this emerging field.

    Founding director of the Veterans Stress Project, he also founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. His groundbreaking research has been published in prestigious scientific journals. He also shares how to apply these breakthroughs to health and athletic performance through EFT Universe, one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web.

    The editor of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, a peer-reviewed professional journal, Dawson Church has been quoted in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Parenting, and he has appeared on CNN and other national media.
  • Dr. Carol Penn
    The extraordinary Dr. Carol Penn is a family medicine physician and osteopath, yoga instructor, life coach, personal trainer, and Reiki master based in Fair Haven, New Jersey. She serves as health correspondent for a Philadelphia radio station and was a dancer before becoming a doctor, having received a B.S. in Dance Education at New York University and training further with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater as a performing artist, educator, and award-winning choreographer. Learn more on her website, Be sure to visit her blog to read interesting stories and watch her dance to a Dianne Reeves song, "I Am an Endangered Species."
  • Peter Criswell
    Peter Criswell is one of Omega's program curriculum developers. He has served as executive director of Hudson River Heritage, a nonprofit organization committed to preserving the unique character of the Mid-Hudson Valley's historic architecture, rural landscapes, and scenic views, and Historic Philadelphia Inc., an organization that strives to strengthen Philadelphia's tourism industry by enhancing the visitor experience at historical sites.

    Criswell has also created and led educational programs around the globe for Royal Caribbean International, Windsor Mountain International, and the International Partnership for Service-Learning.
  • Gary Groesbeck BA
    Gary Groesbeck BA is certified fellow by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, the most highly respected biofeedback certification organization in the United States. He has taught biofeedback and neurofeedback for stress management at Columbia College for over two decades. He is currently in private practice coaching Awakened Mind Neurofeedback, and biofeedback education for pain and stress management. Over the past forty years he has studied several forms of meditation including TM and Chinese nei gung. The Awakened Mind training deepens, accelerates, and expands creativity, optimal performance, and any contemplative practice.

    Both Gary and Donna are certified Awakened Mind Practitioners and worked extensively with Anna Wise as assistant trainers for the Awakened Mind at various workshops including Esalen, Palm Spring's Winter Brain Conference, Alive and Well, and numerous practitioner training workshops.

    They teach a regular class in Awakened Mind development at Columbia College, and Gary teaches Awakened Mind contemplative neurofeedback as a part of the Stress Management curriculum.

  • Donna Bach
    Donna Bach is a Traditional Naturopathic Practioner who comes from a family tradition of five generations of healers. She received her degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 1974 and brings over 30 years of experience to her practice of natural healing, body work, Neurofeedback-assisted meditation and other cutting-edge natural healing modalities. She is an international speaker and group facilitator who is passionate about being the inspiration to purposely create transformations in our lives. Donna is also a Sundoor certified firewalk instructor, dedicated to creating personal empowerment shifts and healing break-through's! Being an enthusiastic "7" on the Enneagram keeps her leadership fun and light!

    Donna enjoys supporting the Human Awareness Institute(HAI) in creating "rooms of love" as an intern for HAI and has been a teacher of the "Awakened Mind" seminars at Esalen Institute and other locations, assisting participants to achieve the higher states of conciousness using the modern electronic brainwave (EEG) monitoring equipment called the "Mind Mirror".
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