Meet Our New Awakened Mind Coaches
Suzanne Tempel and Stefanie Hoesch, both trained by Andrea Groh of Bamberg, Germany, are the first to be certified as Awakened Mind Coaches, both in 2016. They bring enormous talents and skills to our community.

New Awakened Mind Coaches
Congratulations, Suzanne and Stefanie!
We hope to learn more about your work and meet you soon on our monthly webinar programs.
  • Suzanne Tempel
    Rotterdam, The NETHERLANDS

    Suzanne Tempel brings to IAM an impressive array of credentials and her lifelong commitment to consciousness development.

    She holds a master's degree in Coaching, is a Licensed NLP Practitioner, and has worked for many international companies as an operations manager. In 2008, she became an independent Coach and interim change manager.
    She was a professional dancer on the theater stage and on television at age eighteen and studied for five years at the Art Academy in Rotterdam in her thirties.

    Suzanne has been an intuitive healer and reader since birth and is intensely interested in mapping higher states of consciousness.

    Her specialties as an Awakened Mind Coach include private sessions for personal transformation, creativity, intuition and flow; business performance; spiritual awakening; and evolving consciousness for healers, mediums and long-term meditators.

    Contact details:
    Tel: +31 628 12 4117

Interview with Suzanne Tempel
Here is a terrific interveiw with Suzanne

In what way or ways did your intuitive abilities manifest in your childhood?

— In more than one way. I was always able to feel other people's feelings. I thought that was the norm. Whenever there were other people around, I always had a need to look for solitude, because I knew and felt their feelings and emotions.

For example, when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I had a friend who moved away. In the second year of high school we met again. I went up to her in the hallway and told her she would be friends with another girl in our classroom for a long time. Twenty years later we met up again and she reminded me of that. When I said that, she had not yet met the girl. But what I told her turned out to be true.

All my life, I just blasted things out. There was no critical mind between what I received from the higher self, the Field, spiritual guides and what I would say. When I was young, I didn't question the truth of what I felt and knew. I thought everybody was like that.

It was only when I started working about 26 years ago and I had a life partner that this changed. I would tell him things that were going to happen, and he would get furious with me and say that things I said weren't true. He made me question myself. But what I predicted did turn out to be true.

Did you also have healing abilities?

— I had healing abilities but wasn't aware of them, although my father had them. When he put his hands on people who were in pain, the pain would go away. He was always a good predictor. My father's mother had that, and my mother's mother had telepathy—strong sensing. It was just our normal stuff.

Are your intuitive abilities useful in your Mind Mirror work?

— Oh yes. I've used my intuition pretty much all of my life to help people. This morning I had a client and there was a big gap between what I was sensing and what he was saying. I said, "Can you tell me about your mother?" He talked and talked. He had come to me to develop his intuition. Clearing that issue in theta helped him develop his intuition.

Has it been helpful to you and your clients to be able to speak in the language of brainwaves?

— I did not have it before, and it is extremely helpful for my clients. What they see on the screen gives them a lot of insight, especially from thought to thought because they think all thoughts are from beta and they are not.

How do you use your intuition during sessions with clients?

— My intuitive side makes meditation guidance quite easy. I just link with their energy and know whether they are in a place they want to be or not. I might not see that in the Mind Mirror. Sometimes they don't know what to do with where they are. We want them to make the change, but not get caught up in a paralyzed emotional state. I say if you want to change something, you can. I know when to prompt them. Sometimes things don't show up in beta or with the GSR.

I don't tell clients, especially business clients, about my abilities before the session. But at the end of the session, they usually say that my guidance was very good, that I handled the session just as they needed for it to be handled. Last week I had a client who wanted to leave theta. I encouraged her to not block it. I could see that in her energy.

Does this work increase your intuitive abilities?

— The ability is there. As you learn how it works, you can work with it better. The more you do it, the better you can differentiate between the causes of blockages or symptoms. And you get better refinement in your abilities – in all of the senses. You can get more detail.

Do you use the Mind Mirror in your workshops for mediums?

— Since I am a medium and a lot of mediums are interested in altered states, I started to incorporate Mind Mirror work with my mediumship. I get invitations from other mediums to teach about the Mind Mirror and brainwave categories. I travel to other countries four or five times a year, and that is increasing more and more.

I'm very enthusiastic about the Mind Mirror, and I'm doing a lot of research with it. I do believe it will change the way psychics and mediums teach. Because I myself am a psychic and medium, a lot of them are willing to let me measure their brainwaves.

What have you learned from these Mind Mirror measurements so far?

— In general, it is too soon to tell. I need to measure more of them in order to get the statistics. It will take a year or so before I can say anything.

How did you encounter the Mind Mirror?

— In 2010, after I burned out in the corporate world, I was taking classes in intuition and could not feel the difference between three different states of consciousness—sitting in the power, meditation, and trance states. If they were different, I needed to understand the differences. So I asked the Spirit for help and within two months someone handed me one of Anna Wise's books. I read that one and the second book and ultimately ended up in Germany studying with Andrea Groh.

Now the Mind Mirror is strengthening my network with other mediums. It gives me such deep insights. I knew I wouldn't be the only one struggling to know the differences between trance and other altered states. The moment I began to use the Mind Mirror with other people, they had the same deep insights also.

How can we Mind Mirror explorers become more inwardly connected and intuitive in our lives and work?

— I believe that mediums are born, and psychic abilities can be developed and taught. I believe that all uses of intuition lead us to deal with self: personal development—in other words, theta. If you have not sufficiently developed theta, you can't differentiate between what's you and what's not you. Therefore, you can't be objective in what you perceived.

So, dive into theta. For me, theta is fun. I loved theta even as a child. But people who have had hard memories and relationships in their lives don't usually think of theta as fun, even though they know it's necessary. They have to have an incentive—an intrinsic trigger, within themselves, to resolve issues they're not happy about. But over time, as they resolve things, it's going to be less resistant and more fun for them.

For consciousness explorers, there is a curiosity and the subconscious no longer resists. Even the conscious mind cooperates. You know stuff will come up, but nothing keeps you from exploring.

  • Stefanie Hoesch
    Rohrbach, GERMANY
    Stefanie Hoesch, brings to Awakened Mind training her ability to develop the body and mind in a sensitive and integrated manner. She holds a master's degree from the University of Cologne in Information Management and continues to work as a senior consultant for IT technology and communication.

    She has been a certified body-oriented Coach since 2013, employing the craniosacral method for relaxation and development of the body. She is also a certified HeartMath Coach and uses this relaxation/meditation training with her clients to promote relaxation and heart coherence.

    Stefanie teaches people the way to the heart. She uses HeartMath to help people understand the language of the heart and Cranio or Brain Coaching to help people connect with their bodies. Her Mind Mirror work teaches her clients the workings of the brain/mind and how to heal the heart.

    Steffi enhances her own creativity with Zentangle (drawing beautiful, repetitive art forms) and through writing and cooking.

    Her Awakened Mind training specialties include body-oriented relaxation, Cranio or Brain Coaching, HeartMath Coaching, and Cell healing.

    Contact details:
    Tel: +49 160 90567173

Interview with Stefanie Hoesch
Here is an elucidating interview with Steffi.

Why did you expand from corporate work into body-mind healing?

— I felt that I could do something different—that is, something more meaningful, something new. The body method makes me more relaxed. I relate to people differently. It changed my sensitivity level, made me more caring and loving.

When I started that training (in cranio-sacral therapy), I told my teacher that I could not feel anything. Bio-training changed my awareness, step by step. You work from the head to the feet, over the whole body. People I work with learn about and heal things they did not know about before. It makes the body free.

Can you tell us something about your Mind Mirror work?

— I am more body-orientated (kinesthetic), so I don't have much imagery during meditation. What I wanted to find out is how far along I was with my meditation practice. The Mind Mirror confirmed my feelings that I am in higher states without pictures. Sometimes I have images, but I care more to work in the body.

Some of the Awakened Mind meditations are quite brilliant for helping people reach higher levels, such as the House of Doors. I can do a cranio treatment of 45 minutes, then a Mind Mirror session, or the other way around.

I had a client once who was unrelaxed and unhappy. She did not respond to meditation, but after I put her on the couch, I knew intuitively that it was best to combine the two approaches. And her Mind Mirror readings changed. She said she was relaxed, but was entirely in her mind and not her body. I had to put the two together—cranio and the Mind Mirror—to get results for her.

You say that you do drawing for relaxation. Can you tell us something about that?

— Zentangle is an American painting method that helps people relax by drawing. The founder created forms. It is like doodling.

But another idea came to me when I was training with Andrea—to draw my inner images and give them more life, more vividness.

I think it becomes more like a journal, so I can see the changes in the drawings and in myself and my ability to draw. I put my pictures on the wall and am reminded of that special moment in meditation. There is much more healing. I think these little insights are pretty important to growth.
From a client session focused on femininity

From her Inner Child meditation:
the Sunshine child

Can you explain what is Cell healing?

— You are using the kinesthetic testing of the body (kinesiology) and getting to the main problems in the organs. After that, normally I do a process. It's an easy method to reach the traumatized portions of the body.

I like to do body-talk with people. The client can feel that something is blocked—how big is it? what material is it made of?—and we change the colors and positions until the block is cleared.

It works perfectly. That is why I like the Mind Mirror meditations so much, because you can translate the mind healing techniques to the body.

You certainly bring important skills to this work, and we hope to learn more about you and your work in the future. In the meanwhile, how can the IAM Community support you?

— I like to get in contact with experts from different areas for new experiences and ideas and then to transfer them to my clients. There are so many interesting ways of working with people.

It's hard for me to understand English, but I will come back to the webinars.

The Awakened Mind Coach has completed Seminars 1-3 of the Practitioner Training Program, plus the independent study work, and is certified by IAM to conduct Awakened Mind workshops and private brainwave sessions.

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