Laura Eichman Certifies as AM Coach
by Judith Pennington
IAM is pleased and proud to announce the July 2017 certification of biofeedback technician and Health and Wellness Coach Laura Eichman as an Awakened Mind Coach.
The co-owner of Be Well Biofeedback, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Laura is a powerhouse in the truest sense of the word. Even before the completion of her studies with Judith Pennington, she assisted in a ground-breaking brainwave study in June on 14 people attending the "Journey to Happiness" program at the famed Monroe Institute. The work was intense and challenging, even for seasoned professionals. With her loving heart, sharp intelligence, and courageous spirit, Laura soared. We knew she would.

This multi-talented Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer, whose skills range from art and sports to the world of business, graduated summa cum laude from the University of Delaware in 2005 with a major in Finance and a double minor in Economics and Management Information Systems. She worked for Bank of America for 10 years in a variety of positions that led to her job as a Profitability Manager handling a $100 million budget dedicated to building financial marketing models and making investment decisions.

A New Business, a New Life
In 2015, having accomplished all that she'd set out to do, Laura left the corporate world to deepen her longtime pursuit of spirituality and mindfulness meditation. Soon she found herself certifying in health and wellness coaching and studying the HeartMath biofeedback system. While exploring with her mother, Julie Eichman, her idea of opening a biofeedback practice dedicated to stress management and mind-body healing, Laura searched online for an EEG biofeedback component and found the work of Anna Wise, the Mind Mirror, and IAM.

"There wasn't really anyone looking at neurofeedback from the meditation viewpoint," she said.
"Other systems are a black box. The Mind Mirror is such a great visual display and language that really appealed to me. I needed to understand what I'm doing. Being hooked up to the Mind Mirror validated my own meditation states, especially in conjunction with skin conductance and heart rate.

"The fact that there was a protocol in the training program was very interesting to me – also that it's creative and allowed me to be creative in working with people. I love being able to meditate for problem-solving. My mind gets clear, and I get all kinds of ideas. That's unique to the Awakened Mind—to use meditation to problem-solve for creativity."
Meditation and Spirituality
Laura is no stranger to self-awareness and creative thinking. The daughter of a financial manager and psychologist/neurofeedback therapist, she grew up learning spiritual concepts from her parents in a hybrid atmosphere of Catholicism and The Fourth Way School of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Her parents taught Fourth Way precepts while living communally in San Francisco for three years and Washington, D.C. for four years.

As a child, Laura learned that she was more than her body and that her spirit is eternal. She was taught "to live in the present moment and to watch my ego and my thoughts," she remembered. "It was all about how you live your daily life." She did not resonate with Catholicism, but her parents encouraged her to read books about spirituality, which she has done for most of her life. Laura began to practice meditation after college, and immersed herself in it with Awakened Mind training and, in January of this year, 17 weeks of participation in Jeffery Martin's Finders Course.
"I loved going through the 'greatest hits of meditation' and was able to commit two or three hours a day to it," she said. "I enjoyed the techniques and the support group of like-minded people. We still have standing weekly meetings to share our ideas, aha's, and experiences. I like immersing myself in the techniques.

"The intensive does burn off some conditioning, and its gets you less attached to 'the story.' I had some fundamental shifts from the intensity of the practice and now have a larger tool kit of techniques," she said.

The Business of Wellness
Be Well Biofeedback works mostly with business people and professionals, using biofeedback tools such as breathing, heart rate, temperature, skin conductance, and muscle tension, along with mindfulness meditation and Awakened Mind training to restore clients to body-mind balance.
"We want people to have a daily meditation practice, coupled with diaphragmatic breath training," she said. As for her clients' response to the Mind Mirror she said, "People really like it. They are very interested in it."
Laura keeps herself in balance through meditation, spiritual study, and by playing tennis. Her local tennis team recently came close to competing on the national level.

She meditates to attain the bliss of silence and the creativity of the Awakened Mind. One of her creative projects is a marketing presentation for the business world. Her knowledge of the corporate arena and her fluency in its language will ensure her success in helping CEOs turn stress and burnout into creative thinking and higher productivity.

Laura at The Monroe Institute
Laura keeps her own productivity high. Besides her busy work with clients, she sometimes advises Judith on IAM's best financial interests, does consulting work with her brothers, who own a financial management company, and will assist in monitoring the brainwaves of people attending Dawson Church's EFT training at the New York Open Center in late October.

In early December, she will return to The Monroe to help conduct a second Mind Mirror study on people engaged in out-of-body journeys, remote viewing, and lucid dreaming while listening to Hemi-Sync and SAM binaural beats.
"All of this is right up my alley," she said happily. "What I'm doing now is putting my business skills to work for my spiritual life. It's a good mix. I now belong to communities like Finders, IAM, and a local spiritual study group. I feel like I'm embracing both sides of my life and becoming more integrated.
This feels more authentic – and satisfying."
Congratulations, Laura! Your warmth, intelligence, creativity, and blithe spirit are tremendous assets to IAM and to the many people you will serve in the years ahead.
The Awakened Mind Coach has completed Seminars 1-3 of the Practitioner Training Program, plus the independent study work, and is certified by IAM to conduct Awakened Mind workshops and private brainwave sessions.

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