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These events are sponsored by the Institute for the Awakened Mind and aim to connect Consciousness Explorers, fellow Mind Mirror Users, Self-Trainers, and Practitioners, from all over the world.

Our monthly webinars network beginners and longtime Mind Mirror users in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and our numbers are growing!
People are eager to learn and explore this exciting realm of consciousness with all modern technologies have to give!

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Meet the people who make it possible
Judith Pennington
Bath, PA, USA
Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, co-designer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, assistant to Anna Wise, experienced MM Practitioner & Trainer (over 12 years), journalist and author

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
Webinars Moderator, Certified Awakend Mind Practitioner, Dipl. Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology, former Corporate Marketing Executive & Business Trainer

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Self-Trainers and Practitioners Open Forum:
This is a get together Zoom meeting with experiment

The global stay-at-home order has been a joy for some people and a curse for others. Now that it's almost time to open our doors and rejoin the human race, let's talk about it. How have you been coping? What's been the hardest aspect of the lock-down? Has it been a growth opportunity in any way? Have you been meditating more? (Failing that, can you recommend any great books, movies, or food recipes?) Here you might also wish to learn about our progress with The Mind Mirror Portal and a Meditation Center that will become available as a part of the portal.

In the second part of this program, as suggested by Mind Mirror owner Tony Bolan, we will do an experiment. One or more people will hook up to the Mind Mirror, and the rest of us will beam love and light to him, her or them. Who wants to volunteer? Will the recipients' brainwaves change in any way? At the end of this webinar, we will all send healing energy to the world. The Mind Mirror Portal is positioning itself as a Global Consciousness Network. Join us to open it now, as one mind, one community, sitting in healing meditation together.

Please RSVP and submit your proposals.
Self-Trainers and Practitioners Webinar:
This is a follow-up Q&A session with our special guest -Vladimir Maykov

Introduction word by Oxana Bondarchuk:
Like quantum physics changed our lookout on the functioning of the physical world, transpersonal psychology changes our understanding of our own psyche and offers the most integral and advanced tools of psychotherapy, embracing ecstatic experiences and spiritual dimension.

Following our interview with my teacher of transpersonal psychology, Vladimir Maykov, aired as YouTube Premier on April 30th (please watch it here or check Bonus section below), we decided to organise a live session, so that you could ask more questions and learn more about meditation, spirituality, and human evolutionary tools, heroes journey and transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.

During this program we plan to tell you more about:
- various maps of spirituality,
- 12 ancient psychotherapeutic practices that actually work,
- how we can develop each dimension of human evolution,
- most interesting real life cases showing transpersonal psychotherapy at work,
- journey of the hero and why there is more than 1-dimension as well as man's and woman's versions of it.
If you have more to ask, please feel free to RSVP and submit your question.

Vladimir Maykov, Ph.D. is a pioneer of transpersonal studies in Russia. His interest in seeking truth and exploring consciousness started very early, in times when esoterics was prohibited in USSR (Read). Biophysicist and phylosopher, later her became a psychotherapist, teacher, trainer, author, publisher and promoter of transpersonal knowledge in Russia and internationally (Read). Also scroll down this page to read his 'Coronavirus Manifest' and watch the trailers to his inspiring documentaries.
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Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Human Evolution

This is an interview about "Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Human Evolution" with transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy teacher, trainer, author, publisher and film maker, scientist, Vladimir Maykov Ph.D., conducted in April 2020. In this interview we are looking for the answers to the central questions of all spiritual seekers: spirituality, meditation, trauma, healing, transpersonal psychology, human evolution. We are exploring these questions with Vladimir and with the quite famous characters of his documentary "The Dance of Infinity", the fragments of which you will find incorporated in this video.

Please activate English subtitles to better understand the main speaker.

Program duration: 1 hr 1 min

Learn more about this program
Read the interview with Vladimir Maykov

Global Quarantine
Is a Hard Way to Heal the World
Coronavirus Manifest from Vladimir Maykov
Global Quarantine
Is a Hard Way to Heal the World
Coronavirus Manifest from Vladimir Maykov
Sometimes we get sick in order to feel better, to look carefully at the life that we live, to solve our problems, and the disease comes in order for us to meet with ourselves.
It is possible that the global pandemic - the disease that has swept humanity, has come so that we can finally be healed of those diseases that have become chronicle. We need to solve global problems, and therefore global quarantine has come. We are all involved in this general painful process, we are its cause, and only we can fix it.
Now is the time when everyone should think about their personal contribution to our common healing: how can everyone help common salvation?

In Moscow from today (Monday, March 30) everything is closed for 9 days, only pharmacies, shops and city life support services work. It does not matter if you want it or not, you need to learn how to live in this situation and understand it.
Throughout human history, free time has been the most important resource of mankind. Free time in the classical (including the Marxist definition) is time that we can use at our discretion. All discoveries, innovations, culture, science, creativity, spirituality are created thanks to this resource. This is the main national treasure of mankind. Let us take a look from this perspective on famous utopian projects. For example, under communism (from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs), everyone can do anything.

There is a popular early retirement movement in countries: if you make good money and save wisely (half of the income), then at 40 you can already become a well-to-do pensioner. And devote the rest of your life finally "living for yourself."

What does it mean to live for yourself? It depends on how we use our free time. There are many options, and it all depends on who we are, what we do, what our values are, where our energy is directed. For millions of people on Earth who research and develop themselves, this is an opportunity to finally fully engage in self-development for 100% at least in the near future, while the national (and planetary) quarantine continues.

We can wisely use the gift of free time, as humanity has always used it. Why were most of the works of culture, science, spirituality in past centuries mainly created by the privileged estate? Because the upper class by birth had much more free time than the peasants or commoners in Russia, who worked, in fact, for their daily bread, for survival. And if there is no such need and there is a lot of free time, then you can use it as you wish, follow your spirit, your destiny.

Another positive aspect of the current situation is that only we can solve the problems that we ourselves have created. We all live under the sword of Damocles global problems, the source of which is our general gloom, "anthropological disaster" associated with the fact that, first of all, we do not know ourselves, and our current life is arranged in such a way that there is always something more important than this knowledge. As a result, all our problems are aggravated every year.

Smart people have long believed that 10% of the resources that humanity spends on defense (the total military budgets of all countries, especially the US), would be enough to solve the problem of hunger, from which 50 million children a year still die in third world countries. If the 500 richest people in the world donated a third of their fortune to humanity and wisely disposed of these resources through the right organizations, directing these resources to the most important human problems, they would have long been resolved. Problems associated with health, the environment, terrorism, resources, poverty, conflict, etc. they are not solved mainly because the "golden billion" of the Western countries does not want to give up their privileges and build a new fair world for all the inhabitants of the earth.

Therefore, we all live in a situation of global insoluble crisis. We have come to the edge, and in this virtual world of an unrealistic economy and unreliable media it is impossible to live on, and therefore the current crisis is really special, and it is no coincidence that it is associated with a pandemic where life and death are sharply perceived by every person.

According to modern objective medical indications, death rate from coronovirus is no higher, than from other virus infections. Therefore, substantially it is media-created fear. But the breath of death, that has become audible to all mankind is very important because it generates new understanding of human life values. Horrors of World War II promoted blossoming of existential philosophy, and in a sense accelerated humanistic and then, transpersonal projects in psychology and psychotherapy, new powerful social movements – beatniks, hippie, a counterculture, movement of the guru revolution, movement for human possibilities. All this was partially initiated by awareness of the value of human life, which in turn was exacerbated by contact with death and the horrors of World War II. And therefore, ancient expression "memento mori" (remember death) is a very strong catalyst of awareness and infinity (spirituality). Because the more sharply we endure the extreme (and the death is a comprehensive, ultimate symbol and experience of the extreme), the more brightly we feel infinity because the extreme without infinity cannot be realized. And the more powerful our experiences of death, at the same time, the stronger is our contact with infinity and our aspiration to immortality.
Therefore, there is no need to despair, to panic, it's time to see the situation clearly and to use it for our self-development. Experience of death is the major catalyst of spiritual practices of humanity, of our aspiration to immortality. It is the main engine of the universal Homo Deus project, which is accelerated at these days by two major catalysts.

The first catalyst is a forced quarantine, global internal retreat, providing much bigger amount of spare time to everybody. We can wisely use this time, spending it not for watching serials (if you too much plunge into them, you will get a depression), not on other entertainments (because it doesn't matter how many alternate entertainments you have, you can't avoid facing the main stuff), but for intensive internal work, for development. Any external activity which hasn't been balanced by internal one, eventually, causes a depression, exhausting internal resources. And the main questions are connected, of course, to the main values, to the meaning of our life, and our aspiration to the highest, - and the search of answers to them is the second catalyst of our time.

Each of us has its own path, but we all have something important in common. Therefore, now we can enter into this self-discovery with bigger energy, attention and bigger productivity.

Let's imagine if quarantine is extended for a week, for a month, for half a year? Fantastic! It's like never-ending Vipassana. Nobody prevents us to communicate, exchange experience with friends through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, social networks, from mutual intensive work and we as humanity will find the way out from anthropological catastrophe.
Films By Vladimir Maykov
Plant the seeds of knowledge and support Vladimir
by watching his great inspirational films!
The Dance of Infinity (2015)

is a film consisting of a series of interviews with luminaries from the religious, spiritual, therapeutic, artistic and scientific worlds - the film presents a kaleidoscopic view of what might be described as a contemporary inter-disciplinary culture of awakening.

The film itself is a visual manifesto of spiritually-oriented psychology and psychotherapy and transmits spiritual revelations, artistic insights and scientific discoveries about the Infinity of human psyche and the ways of realizing this Infinity.
Tts main aim is to connect watchers to the great discovery and life message of the great Masters: "We are not limited by material world, we have all infinite potential we can realize in our life, there are multiple perfect way to realize this potential".

The principal heroes of the film are pioneers of spiritually-oriented psychology (transpersonal, integral, process-oriented, etc.) such as Ken Wilber, Roger Walsh and Frances Vaughan, Stan and Christina Grof, Charles Tart, Arnold and Amy Mindell, Amit Goswami, Michael Harner, Silvia Nakkach, Bronislav Vinogrodsky. All they are in a good company of other great Masters of Art, Science and Spirituality.

Watch the movie:

"Dance of Infinity" Official English Trailer
Tools for Human Evolution (2019)

is a direct continuation of the previous film by Vladimir Maykov "The Dance of Infinity" (2015) and together with the first film provides the most important mankind's discoveries about the accelerated development and idealization of life's projects.

This film is a message to the world from masters and great experts about how to transform our life into evolutionary practice, bringing together all knowledge which has been find out by mankind.
What are the obstacles on the way of discovering our capacities and taking full advantage of the opportunities that life offers us? What is the cause behind the difficulties we face in our life, relations, business? What are the root causes of our problems, stress and tensions and how are these problems approached and resolved by the great psychologists, artists and spiritual masters?

What stands in the way of our development?
Why do we rarely reach our goals?
Why are we often unhappy?
Why have we not still reached enlightenment?

We are looking for the answers to our questions. The very fact of our asking indicates that what we need is KNOWLEDGE. There can be countless questions and they may encompass limitless number of subjects. But there is one thing in common - all of them point to our ways of becoming more REAL and free of IGNORANCE through KNOWLEDGE and DEVELOPMENT.

If our main objective is to become REAL through applying true knowledge than we need an overall perspective of how we can work with it in the six main dimensions of our existence as knowledge is primarily valuable as a TOOL for EVOLUTION.

Watch the movie:
"Tools for Evolution" Official English Trailer
The Secret of Carlos Castaneda (2019)

is an investigation of his life, views, creative endeavor and impact on humanity (A Documentary Detective). Castaneda tried not to leave any traces, practicing "erasing of personal history" and even now there is no traces of his videos and only a few authentic photos. Here for the first time we can feel real Castaneda in bright portraits of his close communicants.

The film is based on interview with people who personally knew Castaneda and, sometimes, played an important role in his life. Some of them are already died, others are in old age, the other (close apprentices) had never spoke about him so frankly and, probably, will never speak.

Castaneda has been able to manifest human quest for perfection and helped millions of people to find their Way. Castaneda's Don Juan has reminded humanity of what our consensus reality is and how it came to be. We are all limited in our perceptions, the world is given to us through the scope of human concepts and ideas. Castaneda has revealed us a great mystery of how Reality is cooked in the kitchen of Being...

Different art tools were used for recreated the atmosphere of Castaneda's books – Don Juang's world. It's Mexican composer Jorge Reyes who has transmitted the atmosphere of ancient Toltecs, Aztecs and the Maya whose music is played in the film. Cactuses, mountains, valleys, thickets of bushes and ancient ruins remind us about of atmosphere of Castaneda's books.

The movie is devoted to Michael Harner's (1929 – 2018) memory, – the American anthropologist who supported Castaneda in writing of the first books about Don Huan, – and Vasily Maksimov (1938 – 2014), – the translator of the first books Castaneda published with the Samizdat in 1980.

Watch the movie:
"The Secret of Carlos Castaneda" Official English Trailer
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