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May 2024 Online Events
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The Idea
Mission: Connecting Conscious Explorers Worldwide

Welcome to the sponsored events by the Institute for the Awakened Mind bringing together Consciousness Explorers, Mind Mirror Users, Self-Trainers, and Practitioners from across the globe.

Join our monthly webinars that seamlessly network beginners and seasoned Mind Mirror users. Our community spans the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, and New Zealand, with our numbers continually on the rise!

Embark on a journey of learning and exploration in this fascinating realm of consciousness, leveraging the full potential of modern technologies. Discover the latest and most captivating moments in our webinars as we collectively delve into the limitless possibilities of the mind.

Revisit the Best Moments with us! ????✨
Meet the people who make it possible
Judith Pennington
Bath, PA, USA
Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, co-designer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, assistant to Anna Wise, experienced MM Practitioner & Trainer (over 12 years), journalist and author

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
Webinars Moderator, Certified Awakend Mind Practitioner, BCIA Certification Student, Dipl. Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology, former Corporate Marketing Executive & Business Trainer

What's on next?

All Consciousness Explorers Welcome to Webinar (LIVE ZOOM):

Judith and Oxana warmly invite you to this Open Forum, which is designed to help Mind Mirror owners "up their game." Bring your questions about Mind Mirror usage and brainwave training, from the hookup to data analysis.
Do you need guidance in finding which self-training pattern and level are best for you?
Do you wonder why the Mind Mirror Portal is so useful and important?
Would you like to know more about gamma or any other brainwave category?
Do you have a sensor that you want to troubleshoot?
Tell us what you need. All questions are important. We will be happy to be of help. Non-Mind Mirror owners are also welcome to tune in.

If you have questions about working on self-development, inner critic, negative thoughts, dealing with negative emotions, improving attentional focus, getting into a flow state, grounding, healing, or anything else, please voice your interests and concerns. This will help us plan future webinar programs and courses to meet your current needs.

Please register below (there will be a window for you to type your questions in) receive 24 and 1 hour reminders. Even if you are unable to attend the meeting, we will send you a recording.

Please register by donation or RSVP for free event(s) that you are interested in.
You will receive a reminder with a link 1 day and 1 hr before the beginning of the event.
You will also see activated Emergency Access Link below this note just before the event.

Mind Mirror Meditation Club is BACK!
You may or may NOT have the Mind Mirror. The desire to meditate more and try new meditations is the ONLY pre-requisite!

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Watch previous open forum programs!
Open Forum-1

'Open Forum' is the first webinar of a series where we invite anyone to ask any questions about the Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind Training. During these program, you will get the answers to the following questions:
00:01:09 How to save and print the Mind Mirror reports?
00:05:02 How to save (export) sessions to the Jump Drive? Problems when saving to Dropbox or Cloud.
00:17:00 How to set the Mind Mirror for the self-training neurofeedback mode, e.g. audio feedback while self-training? What options do we have there?
00:31:10 How do you get from one training level to the next (esp. training level 5 to 4)? How do you interpret percentages for the training levels, what do they mean?
00:34:12 How to remove artifacts and get segmented Mind Mirror statistics?
00:35:01 Gamma meditation, how it works for people?
00:36:15 How to read Mind Mirror Summary windows after the session?
00:46:40 How to check/enforce your symmetry (incl. symmetry report from the features pack).
00:49:47 How to select a music to train a brainwave pattern?
00:50:12 Is there a visual feedback available for self-training?
00:53:50 Possible reasons for flickering stop lights problem (incl. electrodes connection spots)?
00:58:43 Can you re-use the electrodes?
1:00:20 How you can reorder new electrodes? Experiments with saline (salt water) solution silver electrodes. Anna's electrodes and headband.
1:05:36 What are subjective experiences associated with Awakened and Evolved Mind Patterns?

Program duration: 1 hr 24 min
Open Forum-2

'Open Forum-2' is the second webinar of a series where we invite anyone to ask any questions about the Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind Training. During these program, we raised the following questions:
00:00:56:24 More about alternative to paste - saline electrodes
00:08:17:21 Judith's ideas on a new headset; Anna's old headset demonstration
00:12:13:12 Mind Mirror benefits and investment justification compared to other devices
00:20:45:06 More about the temperature meter, ES meter
00:31:20:02 Mind Mirror VS other equipment (Muse)
00:36:02:24 Why these particular electrode connection spots were selected for the Mind Mirror?
00:39:58:03 Schumann resonance and Awakened Mind pattern
00:45:28:18 How electronic impulses from the brain are transformed into the pattern that we see on the screen?
01:06:02:10 Hints on finding the points for a Mind Mirror hook-up
01:09:01:00 How long does it take to train Awakened Mind? Can I do it myself?

Program duration: 1 hr 19 min
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