My Favorite Meditations
My first encounter with meditation was during Transpersonal Workshop in Moscow in 2003. It was a series of Anna Wises meditations. I was surprised to learn how easy it is to transform consciousness and be able to discover and explore the inner world. Since then, I tried a lot different schools and techniques in Psychology (Holothropic breath, NLP, Hypnosis, etc.), including alternative, like Clairvoyant Academy in Moscow in late 2009, which started a whole new page of my spiritual search and exploration. I felt irresistible surge to meditate more.

This is when my guides led me to all these beautiful meditation jewels that I have experienced again and again, the magic and healing effect of which I am still discovering up to these days.

I wish these meditations become not only the start (or continuation or diversification) of your regular meditation practice but also a beginning of an exciting journey of healing, self-exploration and soul remembrance, like they did for me.
Previous Programs
Watch these videos to learn more about meditation, brainwaves and spirituality.
What is Meditation?

During this working group, we explore the teachings of Max Cade and Anna Wise on meditation and then share our experiences and understanding of what meditation means to each of us. Enjoy this open, free-flowing discussion and the deep insights offered by like-minded people. As one of the participants said, "Each of the speakers gave him a handle" on meditation.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

Energy Reading and The Mind Mirror:
It's All About Perspective

When you embark on the Mind Mirror journey, whether you train as an Awakened Mind practitioner or train yourself, it will inevitably expand your consciousness and shift your perspective, taking you to a grander, wiser self. The Mind Mirror reflects this shift in perspective in brainwave patterns we relate to different states of consciousness. Brainwave theory as we see it with the Mind Mirror is also a great metaphor for understanding the energetic blueprint of creation.

This webinar is for anyone who is interested in shifting perspective and developing your own energy reading approach (which I use as a synonym for psychic reading). I will touch on how I 'see the energy' behind the words like miracle, spirituality, evil, creativity, life, sin, love, joy, fear, life, creativity, mood, manifestation, crises, depression.

I hope to stretch and move the angles of your perception by inviting you to look at life from the energy point of view. Being energy-literate is absolutely essential these days, since we need to differentiate truth and see a bigger perspective now more than ever. Energy being the common denominator, you will no longer need complex theories to know where the problem is. You may not hear anything dramatically new. But if I manage to open up the curtains of my intuitive kitchen as well as shift or broaden the edges and angels of your perspective, my mission will be fulfilled.

Program duration: 1 hr 44 min
See the presentation
Is it you we are looking for?
This course will suit anyone who is seeking more peace and health especially in these turbulent times.
I hope that it will also help to facilitate regular meditation practice, energy work and brainwaves understanding
as well as using the Mind Mirror (though it is not the prerequisite).
Anyone who loves meditation is welcome!
  • Have you always dreamt of healing but did not know where to start?
    - I will give you simple techniques that you can start using and benefiting straight away. You will build your confidence quickly and feel healing happening.
  • Can you feel your chakra's and auric field or are they still more like a mental concept to you?
    - I will provide you with exercises that sooner or later you will be surprised to see how actually you are very well aware of your chakra's and the present energy state.
  • Would you like to master your manifestation skills?
    - We all are used to put a lot of effort and push and need more than ever to learn to simply open the flow, build trust and allow for things to come. No doubt, you will enjoy the gentleness of these meditations and magic that they bring into your life.
  • Would you like to stay more balanced, focused, feel more confident and connected with the higher, wiser self?
    - We will practice building trust, setting connection, raising frequencies to feel the presence and receive the wisdom, healing and support from higher dimensions. You will encounter bigger, wiser, grander self.
  • Would you like to travel to etheric realm and feel these loving, lightening vibrations of the higher dimensions?
    - I will take you to the places you may never heard of, though you can get there at no time and no tickets needed, the sensations are wordless and you can always find your way back there.
The answers to the questions you might have that will help you to better understand what you need and what to expect, and how it will all look like.
Is this online course LIVE or recorded?
Will I have a chance to ask my questions and share my experiences?
- This meditation intensive originally consisted of 6 LIVE online meetings and your home practice. Now, it is offered as a recording but may be redone at some future time again. There is a second course planned just with Etheric Travel.
Do I need to be the Mind Mirror owner?
- You do not need to have the Mind Mirror to practice. You simply need to be eager to meditate. This is the key. You may learn about the brainwave's effects during these meditations from the experience of others.
Are there any benefits for the Mind Mirror users?
- If you do have a Mind Mirror, I invite you to start using it more often and check yourself what these meditations do, using the services of the Mind Mirror portal (which currently offers 10 sessions free upload). As a part of the VIP training package there is a 1-hour consultation by the practitioner, you may use it for asking to comment on your brainwaves performance or test your favourite meditation or any other questions related to the usage of the Mind Mirror.
Is there anything I need to do before to prepare?
- This is not necessary, but I highly recommend you to watch these three webinars below as a preparation for this intensive:

1) What is Meditation?
An short version of an open forum where we share experiences and understanding of meditation

2) The Signs of Spiritual Awakening
Learn my story of awakening and brainwave patterns as seen by the Mind Mirror as you shift your perspective

3) Energy Reading and The Mind Mirror: It's All About Perspective
Learn about how I see the world
Can I join just one meeting?
- Yes, this is not a problem. Though you will not be able to share your experiences after, since we will be doing it in the beginning of the consecutive meeting. You will find detailed descriptions of each meeting below to help you choose which one you are interested most.
Watch 1 or all 6
online meetings recordings
3-to-30-minutes-long meditations
for self-exploration, healing, and transformation
* for VIP's
1 hour individual consultation on Mind Mirror usage, brainwaves analysis
OR energy reading
Meditation Intensive Program
Self-Paced Via Replay/Recordings
and PRIVATE online session for VIP package
Topic 1
Topic 1
Introduction to the course. Stress from the energy perspective. Neurophysiology of stress.
Brainwaves of stress (a micromodel for life). Three 30-15-3 minutes long meditations to reduce stress and block negative responses. Recommendations about hometask meditation practice.
Topic 2
Topic 2
The Power of Love and Present Moment.
Chakra's Activation.
The energy body basics reminder. Love from the energy perspective. Time and energy work – the power of the present moment. Tuning into chakras. Connecting with the present moment. Self-healing and reconnection with your power. Manifestation.
Topic 3
Topic 3
Everyday Energy Exercises and
Connecting with Your Higher Self - 1.
A version of mini-energy course (3 meditations in 1). Breathing exercise to help relax your body and mind fast. Daily energy practices to help you cleanse, heal, reclaim your power and protect your energy field. Connect with your higher self to heal, expand your perspective and fill your life with higher wisdom and vibration.
Topic 4
Topic 4
Everyday Energy Exercises and
Connecting with Your Higher Self - 2.
This is the best of the best, my truly favourite meditation set (2 meditations in 1).
The compilation of exercises in this meditation set practically is the equivalent of the basics of the energy work course. Daily energy practices to help you cleanse, heal, reclaim your power and protect your energy field. Connect with your higher self to heal, expand your perspective and fill your life with higher wisdom and vibration.
Topic 5
Topic 5
Etheric Travel and Healing.
Great practice of subtle tuning, cleansing, and healing of your bodies as well as all aspects of your life, especially if you are sensitive to at times very harsh earthly experiences.
Topic 6
Topic 6
Resetting the Foundations of Your Energy System with Sacred Geometry.
Reset the foundations of your light body. Reconnection with the primary elements of water, air, earth, fire and ether. Forgive and heal your relationships with yourself and others. Grow the perspective, reconnect with eternal self.
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