Viva la France! That was my thought from the time my plane landed at Orly Airport on May 25 until wheels up from Charles DeGaulle on June 13.
Energy Psychology Conference in Paris
The fun started on that May 26-27 weekend at the 2nd Energy Psychology Conference in Paris, with an international slate of speakers presenting brilliant and riveting talks on energy, healing, and the latest mind-blowing science on both. Some 800 people gathered at a high-tech conference center in a Paris suburb to hear speakers like Joe Dispenza and Dawson Church, Bill Bengston, Joanna Callahan, Rollin McCraty, Lissa Rankin and many others.

(Right) Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach, longtime research collaborators with Dawson Church, Ph.D., took the Awakened Mind to the stage on Sunday, wowed the audience, then presented a two-day post-conference workshop for more than 30 people.

Dawson Church with Jean-Michel Gurret
The conference was sponsored by American EFT guru Dawson Church and Quantum Way, the latter founded by partners Liz Libbrecht and Jean-Michel Gurret to bring to France the world's leading teachers and healers. I'd already met Liz and Jean-Michel, who had traveled to my home in Eastern Pennsylvania in 2017 for Awakened Mind training and to negotiate Quantum Way's translation and publication of the meditations of Anna Wise in French. The project was launched online just after the conference, and meditation sales are rapidly spreading awareness of Awakened Mind meditation to French-speaking people.
At the conference, Jean-Michel, France's EFT guru, handled the stage while Liz, a translator, EFT therapist, mindfulness teacher, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, managed operations. The conference was beautifully planned and administered.

Liz Libbrecht and Dawson Church

Joe Dispenza at a vineyard chalet in Bordeaux
Everyone eagerly awaited the Sunday afternoon arrival of Dr. Joe Dispenza, whose keynote talk was superb. Even better was his all-day post-conference workshop on Monday and its closing meditation, which carried participants, including myself, into super-expanded levels of consciousness.

I was actually there to see and meet Joe, whom I'd admired since the documentary "What the Bleep Do We Know." With the 2007 publication of his book Evolve Your Brain, which provided me with contextual information on gamma waves, he became one of my heroes—an enlightened scientist with a keen, lucid mind and a heart of gold.

The publication of Joe's latest book, Becoming Supernatural, swelled my admiration. Like Max Cade and Anna Wise, Dispenza is a scientist and mystic who has dedicated his life to the expansion of human potential. Becoming Supernatural is a practical and science-based guide from mind-body mastery to attunement with the spiritual energies which heal and enlighten us.
Originally a chiropractor, Joe used his own mental and spiritual powers to heal devastating spinal injuries he sustained during a biking accident. Doctors believed that even a millimeter of movement would result in his death, but after a year of internal clearing and directing mental-spiritual energies into his body, he was completely healed and knew that anyone could do it. He turned his full attention to neuroscience and teaching people the how and why of self-healing.

The author of several other best-selling books, including You Are the Placebo, he writes about his own profound spiritual experiences, their scientific underpinnings, and what he has measured in people who have experienced dramatic healings related to his methods. During seminars he monitors changes in brainwave frequencies and coherence, physiology, the energy system, and even vibrational shifts within the environment of the room. Dispenza has provided clear proof that virtually anyone with an open, grateful heart, clear, coherent mind, and sustained conscious intentionality can collaborate with the quantum field to accomplish anything—from super-ordinary healing and transformation of the body, mind, and spirit, to harmonic flow with the quantum field to manifest our hopes and dreams.

"Bravo!" I cheered while reading his book. Joe took it all the way into the world of the spirit, in order to direct people to the quantum field of love and light that is the force of evolution and source of all healing.

Dawson Church, a compadre of Dispenza's and founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, first published The Genie in Your Genes, an award-winning book which was hailed as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. His follow-up book, Mind to Matter, synchronistically published by Hay House during the Energy Psychology Conference, was a best-seller on Amazon before it was available for sale. Dawson, too, teaches his readers and worldwide audiences to clear energetic blockages in consciousness in order to rewire neural circuitry to inner unity, peace, and expanded awareness. The world authority on EFT via EFT Universe, he is a dedicated researcher who passionately shares the science of transformation and teaches how to tap meridian points on the head and upper body while uttering positive affirmations. Both the science and practical techniques lead to profound healing and the redirection of people's lives toward health and happiness.

In a 15-page spread on the Mind Mirror, Dawson's book cites brainwave and physiology studies on seminar participants at the Esalen Institute, assisted by Gary and Donna, and in other venues and controlled environments. I monitored four people on the Mind Mirror at Dawson's workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, in August of 2017 (read the study on Agapi Ermides, M.D.). In October of 2017, Awakened Mind Coach Laura Eichman and I monitored eight people at the Open Center in New York City. Both of these Mind Mirror studies and a paper published with Gary and Donna on a patient with traumatic brain injury show the same results: clearing issues with EFT tapping advances brainwave patterns while energetically healing the body, mind and spirit.

The most startling results we've measured so far with the Mind Mirror occurred during Dawson's Ecomeditation, a 15-minute non-tapping guided meditation focused on love, compassion, and the transmission of healing energy to self and others. His Ecomeditation almost immediately stabilized alpha in the eight subjects, who then began to produce Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony patterns. In turn, the increased amplitudes of delta-gamma frequencies which often arise during the transmission of energy stimulated and stabilized the lower-frequency Awakened and Evolved Mind patterns, as we've seen at The Monroe Institute during trainings with HemiSync binaural and SAM gamma beat frequencies. (See this issue's "Gamma Waves in the Cosmic Ocean.") But Dawson wasn't using beat frequencies—only the healing power of love and light to advance people into these higher-state, ideal brainwave patterns.
Extraordinary People, Sweet Vibrations
What made the Mind Mirror Tour de France so wonderful was being with such an extraordinary group of teachers and healers using music, meditation, EFT, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and other modalities to help people clarify their brains and energy systems to awaken the healing powers of non-local consciousness. For example, TFT, co-founded by Joanne Callahan, is using thought field therapy, the progenitor of EFT, to heal large populations of traumatized people. Equally powerful is the work of social scientist and university professor Bill Bengston, who is publishing books and respected scientific papers on a technique he developed and uses to heal mice of induced cancers through rapid mental imaging and focused intention.

From many different disciplines, all of the presenters agreed on one foundational premise: change the vibration, change the reality.

What they taught was in perfect agreement with Awakened Mind theory and practices: that as we clear blockages and marshal our natural abilities to heal what needs healing, we receive a vibrational "upgrade," as Joe Dispenza describes it. On the Mind Mirror, we see this progression quite visibly: from the coherent, spiritually connected Awakened Mind, to the unity consciousness of the Evolved Mind, to the Gamma Synchrony pattern of the Superconscious Mind—each and all a vibrational upgrade.

Most exciting to me, and perhaps to you, too, is the fact that the Mind Mirror has been mapping these vibrational upgrades for more than 40 years. We and the conference presenters were all speaking the same language—that is, convincing scientific evidence of our evolutionary dance with vibrational light.
Lissa Rankin, M.D.—New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Matter and The Fear Cure and founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute—awakened the audience to the evolutionary music of the spirit-filled heart when she took the stage to pinch-hit for her friend Joe Dispenza while Liz and Jean-Michel picked him up from the airport. Joe had been teaching in Germany, where planes had been grounded due to weather. Quantum Way hired a private plane to fly him to Paris in time for his keynote presentation.

Lissa, with little time for thought or preparation, fluidly moved the science-sated audience to the healing power of sound by singing two Karen Drucker songs that people knew and sang along with, then got everyone on their feet to chant with Deva Premal while moving their hands and arms in a synchronized series of sacred movements. When Joe walked in, the audience was dancing in unfettered joy to high-energy world music. Everyone was weaving in concerted flow toward the back of the room to place in a basket their handwritten notes on what they wanted to relinquish. Lissa burned those papers a few days later in a field behind a beautiful French chateau surrounded by vineyards about an hour from the city of Bordeaux.

Lissa primed the audience for Joe, who took us even higher with his crystalline intellect, charismatic personality, persuasive science, and open, loving spirit. It was a stellar conference.

Suzanne Tempel
Awakened Mind Practitioner and newly certified Coach Trainer Suzanne Tempel (at left) traveled from Rotterdam to attend the conference and Joe Dispenza's one-day workshop on Monday. She was just as impressed with him as I was—and with the research and practical teachings of all the conference speakers. We had much to talk about, and of course, exciting ideas of our own.

Suzanne and I shared a hotel room and spent our lunch hours and evenings dining in a nearby pedestrian mall with shops and open-air restaurants across from the conference center. On Monday night, after Joe's workshop, we rode the subway to the Pont Neuf (Nine Bridges) neighborhood to dine, walk around, and talk about the conference, then we parted on Tuesday morning when she took the train back home. I took the subway back to Pont Neuf and embarked on my usual tour of the Notre Dame Cathedral and surrounding boutiques and restaurants.
Here are a few of my favorite photos, which I think show Paris as a city of brilliant color, design, and verve!
The Astonishing Klimt Exhibit
My most exciting experience in Paris on my day off was two hours spent at the extraordinary Gustav Klimt exhibit at the Ateliers des Lumieres museum. The exhibit was held in a former foundry with immense spaces onto which paintings by the Viennese artist Gustav Klimt were projected and made to move—like movies—with musical accompaniment. The foundry came alive in a choreographed dance of surrealist images of people, cities, and nature flowing like water from walls to ceilings to floors. Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the artist's death, this event is still being held over in Paris. Should you visit the French capital, do see this magnificent marvel of art and technology.

Here are a few of my dozens of photographs, just to give you an idea of this truly phenomenon multi-sensory experience. I could hardly tear myself away and would return in a heartbeat.
The Houseboat Party
On Tuesday night, I joined Liz, Jean-Michel, and some of the presenters at a party held on a 60-foot, two-story houseboat docked on a river about an hour outside of Paris. The top deck was an organic garden tended by the several people who lived on the houseboat, one of whom, a former actress and gourmet cook with her own television program, prepared delicious appetizers for about 20 of us. A friend of hers, a professional jazz singer and pianist, entertained us, and before long, Donna Bach, Christine Church (Dawson's wife) and I began to sing along. We dubbed ourselves the Alley Cats, due to the bluesy nature of our improvisational crooning. (We did not screech or howl. We were pretty good!)
The Wine Tour in Bordeaux
Liz and Jean-Michel had organized a four-day wine tour for Joe Dispenza, who is himself a wine connoisseur, so on Wednesday morning we departed by train for Bordeaux. We visited a vineyard and winery with a chalet dating back to the 12th century, spent the night in a magnificent chateau (ooh la la, the bedrooms!), dined every day in haute cuisine restaurants, danced to D.J. music on a hotel rooftop, gathered for wine tastings, and walked the river banks of the beautiful city of Bordeaux.

Throughout the tour, Joe Dispenza proved to be a warm, sympathetic, and genuinely kind and caring person. On a few occasions, I talked with him about the Mind Mirror and what we too are seeing in terms of gamma development and consciousness. In turn he excitedly regaled me with stories of people who generate high-frequency gamma and as a consequence "upgrade" to supernatural.

Everyone on the tour was a pleasure to be with, and our enjoyment was the well-met goal of Dawson and his wife Christine, Liz and Jean-Michel, and Jean-Michel's brother Philip, who drove our van.

I enjoyed photographing people, places, and the beautiful things I saw. I hope you enjoy this slide slow.
Inner and Outer Journeys with the Mind Mirror
After the wine tour, Jean-Michel, Liz and I returned to Lyon to complete their Practitioner Seminar 1 in Liz's lovely home, then I took a fast train to Geneva to teach Seminar 1 to Dr. Marc Gil, an allergist/immunologist and energy healer, and his assistant Laurence. Our long weekend together in French Geneva was filled with lovely explorations of the city, countryside, and their most excellent brainwave patterns. A few days later, I returned to Lyon to teach Seminar 2 to Liz, Jean-Michel, Dr. Marc, and Felice DuBois, an Awakened Mind practitioner trainee who happened to be in France at the time.

Liz and her husband Pierre graciously loaned their spacious, airy music and yoga room for the training. After so much tourist-time in Paris and Bordeaux, it was a great pleasure to work with the four trainees, in no small part because of their highly advanced brainwave patterns, healthy vegetarian meals prepared by Liz, and the general camaraderie of the group. Toward the end of Seminar 2, Marc did an energy healing session on Liz while both were hooked up to the Mind Mirror. That study will soon be available on the IAM website's Research/Mind Mirror Studies page.

Felice and I traipsed into Lyon one day to visit two stunning cathedrals, from which we took rooftop photos of Lyon, so named for the Roman gladiatorial games that devolved into lyons versus Christians. Gary and Donna stayed at Liz's house for only one day and went on to train a group of people in Copenhagen, but not before Donna and I went with Pierre to Lyon's stunning, ultramodern museum.

Few people are as dedicated to promoting the Mind Mirror as Dawson, Liz, and Jean-Michel. Jean-Michel interviewed me for 90 minutes during a Zoom meeting attended by some 4,000 people. The sale of Anna Wise's meditations soared after the program and continues to do so as French audiences learn about our work and want to know more.

Viva la France! Gary and Donna and I will go back at some point in 2018 to train people who bought Mind Mirrors and want to make this work theirs: psychotherapists and medical doctors, EFT teachers, self-trainers, and clinicians interested in mind research.

We will certainly return to this country of warm-hearted people who know how to laissez les bon temps roulet (let the good times roll) while serving humankind.
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