Mind Mirror Study Published in Journal
by Judith Pennington
The Mind Mirror hits the journal pages again. Read this study done for EFT guru, best-selling author, and international teacher Dawson Church.

Dawson Church
We wrote in a previous issue of "Eureka Times" about Dawson Church and the Mind Mirror monitoring we've been doing for him. After an informal study at Omega Institute, Laura Eichman and I mapped the brainwaves of eight people during a weekend EFT seminar conducted by Dawson at New York City's Open Center in October 2017.

Here's the formal study, authored by Judith Pennington, and published in the September issue of the Energy Psychology Journal. It has been uploaded to IAM's website on the Research/Mind Mirror Studies page.

It's a lengthy study, so here's a recap:
  • The study shows startling advances in several brainwave patterns mapped on the Mind Mirror in eight people over the course of a weekend EFT training.
  • By the closing baseline measurements on Sunday, statistical significance was found for the eyes-open Awakened Mind pattern in eight participants by as much as 41 percentage points in the Training Summary statistics. (That's pretty amazing! Some people meditate a lifetime without externalizing their alpha and Awakened Mind patterns.
  • Six people increased eyes-open Gamma Synchrony by as much as 46 percentage points.
  • Five people increased their eyes-closed Awakened Mind and Gamma Synchrony scores, and three people their EC Evolved Mind statistics.
  • All eight of the subjects generated high-amplitude gamma and GS values, some at the top of the statistical scale, during Dawson Church's EcoMeditation. These gamma increases stabilized their alpha and increased their brainwave coherence in several categories.

Most of the people who increased their gamma amplitudes, Gamma Synchrony values, and eyes-open Awakened Mind scores did so as the direct result of consciousness expansion during Dawson's EcoMeditation.

EcoMeditation is a combination of introductory EFT tapping, conscious breathing, heart attunement, and sending love and compassion to self and others.

What a difference compassion makes!

Judith shared the results of this study during a 2019 IAM webinar titled "Gathering the Healing Energy for Transmission to Others." This meditation of Anna Wise's shares common elements EcoMeditation. Watch the webinar, if you haven't already, and enjoy Anna's meditation. See how it affects you – and whether you agree that love and compassion, more than anything else, evolve consciousness.

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