Mind Mirror Featured in French Film
at TMI
by Judith Pennington
First it was newspapers and magazines, then journals… and now, a documentary headed for global distribution. Also read about the August Discovery program results.
It's a good story. Mind Mirror owner and Belgian psychiatrist Laurence Lucas-Skalli attended the February 2019 Discovery program at The Monroe Institute (TMI) and produced beautiful Mind Mirror patterns while listening to the morning exercises and successfully remote viewing and traveling out of body.

Back home in Europe, Laurence told her friend, French filmmaker Sonia Barkallah, about our research project with TMI. Sonia contacted me via Skype, and her interest in the Mind Mirror took flight. She traveled with her cameraman to the August Discovery program, filmed the group of 13 participants being hooked up to the Mind Mirror and meditating during the opening baseline, and interviewed program organizers all week long. Then she did something totally unexpected: one morning, she put on headphones, reclined in a zero-gravity chair, and listened to two SAM meditations.

Sonia proved to be an excellent research subject. A seasoned out-of-body traveler, she generated a storm of high-amplitude gamma followed by Evolved Mind patterns like the one below at left, then collapsed her brainwaves, traveled OOB, and correctly identified the target (an object or photograph hidden in a box on a rafter). She awakened from both exercises with Target Score 1 descriptions—which means spot-on accuracy: a bull's-eye.

But that's not all. During the second exercise, while floating up to the ceiling, Sonia spotted a pair of pruning shears that were inadvertently left in the target box by Research Director Ross Dunseath. After the target judging was completed by a panel of experts, Ross laughed that this oversight made for a triple-blind study, since the presence of the shears was unknown even to him. Both the intended target and the pruning shears were described not only by Sonia, but also by two other program participants.

Sonia plans to release the film internationally. The Mind Mirror starred in a leading role. We'll let you know when the documentary hits the silver screen.
An Excellent Program All-Around
Most of the 13 participants in the August Discovery program were longtime TMI adherents, except for one man: a non-meditator visiting there for the first time who, to his own surprise, traveled OOB twice and was one of the top two target-hitters. Most of the other 12 people regularly listened to HemiSync and/or SAM (gamma-infused Spatial Angle Modulation sound technology) tracks once a day to once a month.

As usual, the majority of the group produced excellent brainwave patterns during the Opening Baseline, with eight of the 13 people showing high-value eyes-open Awakened Mind patterns ranging from 50% all the way to an extraordinary 85% at Training Level 5. (The 85% value is among the highest in the Mind Mirror annals.) Eight participants scored within the advanced-meditator range of 75 to 91% for the Awakened Mind with eyes closed during the Opening Baseline.

Consequently, more than half the group was primed for target and OBE success, and succeed they did. There were 18 direct target "hits" out of 60 possibilities. This was just short of statistical significance, although one could argue that psi perception of a hidden target by even one person is significant.

Most interesting to the five Mind Mirror monitors—Felice DuBois, Nikate Khaitan, Andrew Tang, Rachel Keblitis and myself—was that several of the people who traveled out of body relatively flattened the overall amplitudes of their patterns, just as Sonia did (above, right). This dramatic change signifies an almost complete withdrawal from the senses into non- local awareness: basically, nobody's "at home."

Nine people traveled out of body or bilocated a total of 20 times. Eleven people had profound mystical experiences, and eight participants reported having had at least one life-changing or life-enhancing insight. Everyone received insights.

Experiences to Live By
My Executive Report for this fifth research program with TMI will be uploaded to the IAM website after TMI uploads it to their blog. For now, I can divulge that all of the participants reported substantial expansions in consciousness. The data showed that everyone increased the amplitudes of their low (35-44Hz), mid (45-64Hz) and/or upper (65-100Hz) gamma during all the SAM exercises. And all 12 of the participants present for the Closing Baseline increased in at least one or more of the three patterns measured on the Mind Mirror, including those participants with high-value patterns to begin with.

If you get a chance to attend Discovery (in 2020, we will monitor programs set for March 28-April 3 and Oct. 31-Nov. 6), you can be assured of a stellar experience. Gathering EEG data for research during gamma-infused SAM exercises is the purpose of this program. But the greatest benefits to participants are the insights and brainwave mastery they gain.

For example, one man who learned to dive down into his subconscious theta and unconscious delta decreased his stress-gamma and enjoyed total pain relief from old sports injuries during several exercises. The young non-meditator visiting TMI for the first time learned about his mission and purpose in life while he was out of body; this powerful mystical experience was profoundly valuable to him.

A woman experiencing her second OBE floated up to the ceiling, looked down on the group, flew out to the earth and stars, and met several beings who helped her feel the connectedness of all things. She wrote in her Closing Self-Assessment, "I am changed forever. My perception is so different because of my many experiences. I see the world in a whole new way."

When Sonia releases her documentary on the Mind Mirror and TMI's research program, thousands if not millions of people will see the world in a whole new way.

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