Visiting The Rhine Research Center
by Judith Pennington
Two healers turned on the juice, the biophoton count zoomed, and so did their gamma output. Eureka! See what we saw on the Mind Mirror.
To say that it was exciting to take the Mind Mirror into the Bioenergy Lab at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, would be the understatement of the century.

Immediately after a week of Mind Mirror monitoring at The Monroe Institute's August Discovery program in Virginia (see article in this issue), I drove three hours to the hallowed halls of the Rhine Research Center, the oldest parapsychology lab in the U.S., to meet with Executive Director John Kruth and measure the brainwaves of the famed energy healer Edd Edwards. Then living in Georgia, Edd was at Rhine for a week of study in the lab. I also had the pleasure of hooking up his lady friend Lihi Introp, a psychiatric social worker/therapist who flew in from Long Island, New York for the event. Two towers of power!

We spent Friday afternoon getting acquainted and touring the Bioenergy Lab, an isolated inland room with black walls, a table, two chairs, and a state-of-the-art photomultiplier tube that measures photons of ultraviolet light emitted by the human brain and/or biofield. Adjoining the pitch-dark room is a small lab with a computer and its biophoton software, temperature and humidity gauges, and other gadgets John uses for experiments with healers, meditators, mediums, spoon-benders, and others who can arouse bioenergies.

Most people cannot. John explained that the typical person emits five to 12 biophotons per second. Some 10 percent of the 150 people who have been tested there—mostly meditators and energy healers—produced considerably more during moments of intense focus: 80, 200, and sometimes up to 1200 biophotons per second.

John Kruth, standing behind Lihi and Edd in the Bioenergy Lab

In contrast, Edd Edwards, who has been studied at Rhine since 2009, has produced 2,000, 300,000, and sometimes over 1 million photons per second. John's real-time verbal feedback has caused Edd to lower his energetic output and instead sustain high levels of energy for eight to 12 seconds at a time. This has reportedly improved his healing abilities.

Edd's abilities are palpable, as we experienced firsthand.
Resonant Energy Transfers on a Quantum Level
As shown on The History Channel's October "Alien Brain" program, part of which was filmed at Rhine, Edd has psychokinesis abilities that he demonstrates at will, much like a master magician—only his skills are real. On the program, he infused two steel rods with electromagnetic energy that moved a horizontal lever on a Charged Density Pulse (CDP) device from left to right and back again on cue. On the episode, he set down the steel rods and moved the lever, again on cue, with electrical current transmitted from his fingertips.

"I manipulate energies in my brain," he said in his trademark Southern drawl. "I generate intense electrical fields." Watch him ramp them up in the video below.
We distinctly felt Edd's electrical output in the Rhine library on Friday afternoon, as he manipulated our energy fields. The video below shows two of us swaying like wobbly drunks in response to the waving of his hands. He asked first me and then my daughter Rachel, who had been monitoring at TMI wwith Mind Mirror Practitioner Trainee Andrew Tang and me, to turn our backs so we could not see what he was doing. He beckoned our energy fields to the right, and we leaned to the right; he shuffled our fields to the left and we leaned left then back and forward as he piloted us in those directions – all as he stood about six feet behind us.
These were amazing (blind) demonstrations of a human-generated electrical field entraining and phase-coupling other human biofields. This is undoubtedly the method by which Edd heals people—with the intentioned power of his mind and brainwaves cascading through his body and biofield into the environment to affect others.

That he is a walking, talking enigma—a psychokinetic powerhouse—has not escaped researchers. The late biophysicist and crop circle researcher W. C. Levengood studied Edd for 14 years at the Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake, Michigan, sometimes in conjunction with biophysicists John Gedye and Charles Pyler. These experiments led to Levengood's development of the CDP device shown on the History Channel documentary and irrefutable proof that Edd can pulse detectable vibrational frequencies over thousands of miles.

One of Levengood's published studies, accessed on Edd's website, concludes that the healer has trained his autonomic nervous system to interact with resonant energies ubiquitous in all living organisms. He shifts the frequencies of recipients' energy fields (and their brains, as we discovered, through field coupling) which "influences metabolic processes in a positive way, at the quantum level." In most cases, this creates tingling, heat and an awareness of energy flowing through the recipient's body.

"I do the same thing every time," Edd told us at Rhine. "I turn on the power by generating intense electrical fields in my brain, that then runs out my nervous system to my hands." I then apply that energy to people in various ways. I am self taught and now have added Lihi's energy to this equation. This intelligent energy knows what to do-and does it for just about everyone," as he explained in the video above.
Biophotons and the Mind Mirror
I first heard John Kruth talk about the lab's biophoton experiments during a 2018 conference at TMI. Fritz-Albert Popp's biophoton theory has fascinated me since the late 1980s, and I've been teaching his widely confirmed theory for decades. To me, biophotons explain the core processes of life on earth and the amplification of brainwaves into higher frequencies and states of consciousness. Contained in food, air, sunlight, and water, we take in photons of light and absorb them into our DNA, where they serve as a "master tuning fork" for all cellular systems. It's an elegant but simple system. If we have a surfeit of biophotons, dysfunction and illness ensue. If we are luminous with light, we are healthy (and possibly enlightened).

So I was thrilled to be able, at Rhine, to compare Mind Mirror patterns with biophoton readings. What an opportunity!

I read about Edd Edwards on the Rhine website and asked John to let me know when he would next visit there. In the meanwhile, George Boone's family donated two Mind Mirror 3's and a MM6 Practitioner Kit to Rhine after George passed away. The plan was for me to show John how to use the Mind Mirror in August so he can put it to work in the lab.

TMI's Copper Wall Room
and Random Number Generator

The Copper Wall at TMI
My excitement soared at TMI in August when Dr. Ross Dunseath told me about three super-ordinary feats performed by Edd, who had just been there. Ross is research coordinator for The Monroe Institute and an EEG and fMRI researcher for the Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS), a department of the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Incredibly, he said that Edd had produced 70 volts in TMI's new Copper Wall Room and that his friend Lihi had produced 50 volts of bioelectrical energy—compared to less than 1 volt emitted by most people.
The Copper Wall is a marvel of engineering first developed centuries if not millennia ago by Tibetan monks who used it to chant themselves into "lucidity." It consists of an insulating floor (at TMI, made of tempered glass), a suspended bar magnet with north facing upward, a wall of copper which resonates with body-generated electric fields, and an electrometer which measures the voltage of the copper. TMI's Copper Wall Room also includes an electric-field-detection amplifier for measuring the electrical field around the participant. Consciousness researchers Elmer and Alyce Green found decades ago that healers produce the most powerful bioenergetic currents, as reported in their published study. Until now, no researchers have followed up on their work, since there was no theory to account for the physiologically generated large-voltage potentials.

Ross also said that both Edd and Lihi had significantly perturbed TMI's Random Number Generator (RNG). In addition, they healed a physical issue for Ross and, by phone, healed a physical issue for Ross's wife. (See article.)

Ross Dunseath hooking up Edd Edwards.

At DOPS, Ross hooked up Edd to a 32-channel EEG that showed "odd EEG changes in frequencies." Edd's peak frequencies were "shifting across the brain in different regions," Ross said, and the measurements showed a great deal of "asymmetry, with one side having peak frequencies in one hemisphere and a dip in frequencies on the other side…It was not a standard EEG," he added. "I've done a lot of EEGs and I've never seen anything that looked like that."
Monitoring with the Mind Mirror

Andrew Tang at the Mind Mirror controls.
I had watched the website video of the hookup at DOPS and heard Ross's comments on Edd's brainwaves but had not fully grasped what he was saying until I saw the same "stable variations" and frequency "cross-currents," as I called them, on the Mind Mirror 6.

We did three Mind Mirror recordings in the Rhine Bioenergy Lab: first a baseline measurement on Edd; then Edd and Lihi trading healing energy (a veritable battle of the titans); and then a recording of Edd healing me, with both of us hooked up.
I was the perfect subject for receiving healing on that Saturday afternoon, as I had several stress-and-fatigue-induced physical issues, the absence of which would be readily noticeable. In the library, I had proved susceptible to Edd's gravitational manipulations, which meant that we were already in synch to some degree. Plus, I had felt the energy he directed at me and was keen to feel what might happen when he amped up the power.
It was a good call. I distinctly felt Edd's energy ramp up and, by resisting the pull to "bliss out," stayed alert enough to verbally report inner imagery and sensations (via the black room's baby monitor) to Andrew in the adjacent lab. Andrew noted my reports on the brainwave drawings. And, no small matter to me, Edd healed the sizzling nerve pain in my lumbar spine, which had plagued me for more than 45 years.

The healing Edd gave me felt miraculous, but the Mind Mirror's objective measurements say no, it was real and quantifiable, at least in terms of brainwave frequencies and presumably biophoton emissions. Plus, Edd's powerhouse transmissions of energy have been repeatedly recorded by other researchers.

Judith Pennington with Edd Edwards, John Kruth standing.

Edd teaches in classes that anyone can do what he does. But it's also true that his level of directional control requires a lifetime of dedicated practice. He was aware of the energies in and around his body by age 2, and his grandmother, a hands-on healer, encouraged him. That's all it takes, he says: belief and practice.
What the Mind Mirror Recorded
The three Mind Mirror studies done at Rhine are preliminary, as they do not yet include the biophoton readings. John Kruth is still working on that complex, time-consuming data analysis. But here's what I can say, without reservation, about the Mind Mirror patterns.
Edd is operating in the symmetrical eyes-open Superconscious Gamma Synchrony pattern seen in the most proficient healers, psychics, mediums, and spiritual adepts. His 7.5Hz bar of subconscious theta (top blue bar, inclusive of the overriding 7.83Hz Schumann frequency of the earth) is more amplified than in most gamma producers. This theta amplification and upwardly curved delta (purple bars) indicate deep connection with his essential being and the non-local field. In everyday waking life, energy and information flow upward from his unconscious delta into higher frequencies, and downward from his superconscious gamma to inform his beta intellect and meet in the middle of the pattern at his sensory alpha bridge (green). This open flow of energy, measured for eyes open at an unprecedented Awakened Mind 90% and Gamma Synchrony 73% on the 100Hz scale, means that he enjoys in waking life a multi-dimensional consciousness inclusive of spiritual intelligence, intuition, and instinct. Moreover, Edd's dual-hemisphere Evolved Mind statistic of 57% on the 100Hz scale—known as the Universal Consciousness pattern—reflects complete union with the non-local field. This extremely rare pattern is the highest known level of awareness measured on the Mind Mirror 6.

Studies by other researchers show his energy "generator" at the base of his brain in delta. This upward flow from delta into higher frequencies is visible in most of his Mind Mirror patterns.
Edd's active generation of energy amplifies his left-hemisphere frequencies all the way up from 15Hz beta to 100Hz gamma and possibly in higher frequencies not measured by the Mind Mirror. This gamma was active when John Kruth announced biophoton spikes of 30, 300, and possibly more.
When Lihi (at left) and Edd (at right) transmitted energy to each other, they "lit each other up" in gamma, as Edd puts it. Both consistently sent and received super-high gamma amplitudes like these, with rest periods between the gamma surges. The mindwalking resonance with Lihi that Edd described is visible here.
While healing either hands-on or at a distance, Edd sometimes produces this asymmetrical pattern observed by Ross Dunseath in his high-density EEG test. Max Cade saw this rare pattern in one or two famous English healers: a collapse on one side of the brain and an outflung propulsion of energy on the other. Cade remarked in his book that during psi events and healing, the two hemispheres of the brain can operate independently of each other.
When Edd rests, he retracts his alpha and overall brainwave amplitudes, except for delta (seen here in purple), which continues to transmit and receive energy and information via the psi "radar" of the unconscious mind. Delta is produced by the autonomic nervous system's brain stem, the area in the back of the brain previously identified by researchers as Edd's "generator."
While healing Judith (left MM display), Edd often shifted his delta peak frequencies between the three purple bands but most often transmitted his energies via the middle 1.5Hz band, which is inclusive of 2Hz. According to energy researcher James L. Oschman, 2Hz is the frequency of the nervous system. Biophysicist Charles Pyler noted Edd amplifying 2.4Hz and 11Hz. On the Mind Mirror, Edd's alpha peak often shifted from 9 to 12.5Hz, the latter activated by high-frequency gamma amplifications.
Judith (left display) reported powerful stirrings of light in her third eye and crown energy centers after the healing began. Edd was sending upper gamma frequencies (65-100Hz) that transferred into her brainwaves, which typically show very little gamma.
In the healing session with Judith, there was a high degree of neural resonance (mindwalking). At left, note the shared right-hemisphere Evolved Mind pattern during the Eyes Closed portion of the opening baseline. Edd's Evolved Mind extends up to 100Hz; Judith's, to 44Hz.
Mindwalking can also involve intuitively shared information. At 23:14 minutes, Judith reported to Andrew the appearance in her mind's eye of a sharp, vivid image: a crystal sphere revolving in the center of a diamond topped by prismatic canopies of light. Edd was producing the bottom half of the diamond pattern of the higher self around that time (shown here at right), and shortly after, Judith produced the diamond pattern shown at left. She later understood the prismatic canopy over the diamond to symbolize a shift into a higher vibration. So it is in the Mind Mirror, and so it was in her consciousness as Edd powered up her theta with his 7.5Hz band of theta, anchored her in the healing energies of the earth, and elevated her to a "higher plane," a precognitive image that surfaced in her mind soon after the healing began.
Coherence: the Key to Health and Healing
This vibrational elevation, symbolized by the diamond image, appears to have occurred while Edd pulsed 65-100Hz gamma into my resonating brainwaves. We won't know the biophoton readings for this period until the Mind Mirror's numerical data are matched with the biophoton values. But the intense and prolonged stirrings of light in my crown and third eye chakras felt like an amplification of energy, and during that timeframe Andrew jotted down on his drawings biophoton increases called out by John. We don't yet know which came first: the gamma surges or the biophoton increases? But it may not matter. By the physical laws of resonance, and given Edd's high-amplitude gamma, my upward shift into a higher, healing vibration had to and undoubtedly did occur.

The healing Edd gave me lasted for six weeks, powering me up for a physically arduous trip to China and a 9-day practitioner training immediately afterward. But then, a week later, an event occurred that made me extremely angry at two family members, so angry that I was absolutely furious for hours and days. The sizzling lumbar pain returned with a vengeance, worse than ever before. I was desolate, as the cause/effect was crystal clear: I had lowered my vibrations with negative emotions. I did it to myself. Thus chastened by my own "psycho"-biology, I hastened to my meditation chair, forgave the scalawags, let go of the issue as well as I could, and pretty much regained my inner peace.

But the back pain persisted. How could I get the healing back?
A few weeks later, I happened to listen to one of Bob Holbrook's gamma-infused SAM meditations from a TMI Discovery program. To my astonishment, I emerged from the meditation feeling extraordinarily coherent and the intense nerve pain was gone. It all came clear: a major factor in healing, if not the key to it, is the body-mind coherence created by gamma.

During this study at Rhine, Edd Edwards showed extremely high coherence across the 0.5 to 100Hz range of Mind Mirror frequencies, particularly in alpha and low, mid and upper gamma, and his healing work significantly increased my gamma coherence. Since brainwaves cascade into the body, this likely means that his high-frequency gamma (and the subtle energies carried by it) literally elevated the frequencies in my spine and made my electrical system more coherent. That was the source of the healing: a raising of my vibrations on a subatomic, physical level, just as the diamond imagery foretold.

What a relief for my lower back, which remains healed today. And what a discovery!—one that can easily be tested on the Mind Mirror in other healers and recipients.
Can gamma coherence alone heal people, or is it the perfectly smooth, clear
and clean vehicle for the broad-spectrum transfer of subtle energies?
There are many unanswered questions, but we now have a hypothesis that begs to be answered.

If this gamma/coherence thesis holds, it offers relief to people with nervous system/spinal disorders. This is easily tested but has not yet been the subject of a formal study, except through happenstance. (See the article on the August Discovery program, during which one participant experiencing high-amplitude surges in gamma reported total, although temporary, pain relief from debilitating sports injuries.)
Patterns of Extraordinary Substance
For the Mind Mirror community, the importance of our research with Rhine and TMI is twofold. First, these projects utilize our understanding of the development of consciousness, which above all helps people. Second, the data are repeatedly confirming the extraordinary substance of the ideal Awakened Mind pattern that Max Cade found in psychics, healers, and other highly developed and spiritual conscious people more than 40 years ago.

The Awakened Mind was Lihi's dominant pattern until she turned on the "juice," and it was mine to begin with, until Edd powered me up into Gamma Synchrony superconsciousness. The Awakened Mind was also Edd's pattern when he turned off his "generator" and relaxed into a state of quiet flow.

When we are filled with that flow of coherent light, we awaken to super-ordinary awareness. When we unite with supernal light, we amplify beyond the Awakened Mind into the bliss of non-dual self-transcendence and enlightenment.

And today we find, again and again, that when we evoke (or are entrained to) high-frequency gamma, we are transformed into superconscious beings accelerating a quantum leap in human evolution.

What could be more important than knowing this—and scientifically, spiritually, growing into it?

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