Anna Wise's NDEs
Awakened Mind guru Anna Wise passed away seven years ago, in March of 2010. As a child and teenager, she had three near-death experiences that became a driving force in her life. Hear about these NDEs and what they meant to her, in her own words, as she described them to students of her 2005 Practitioner Training seminar in San Raphael, California.
I was seeking to understand altered and higher states of consciousness because of repeated near-death experiences.

The first occurred when I was age 5. I had one of the first open heart surgeries in the world. Mine worked, most did not. It was January of 1956, and there was no heart-lung machine to stop my heart and work on it.

My doctor took kids who were going to die and tried the new surgery with them. It was at the Mayo Clinic. I'm sure that I opened that portal then if not before. That portal is very familiar to me.

The next and truly spiritual experience in my search came at age 16. I had gone to a church in high school where the minister was and had the energy of a spiritual master. I was looking at the Bible one day and asked God to prove his existence. The sky opened up and a golden light came down. There were celestial choirs and I completely blissed out. I was in the evolved mind pattern.

It started at 2 a.m. I came back at 6 a.m., still holding the Bible. I heard a voice from far away say, 'Faarrrr out.' I felt my face, and there was gum stuck to it.

At that time I lived outside of Boulder, Colorado, in the mountains. A year later, at age 17, I had a drowning experience. I developed this work because I had a deep desire to get back to this state without having to die.

When I drowned, I went out. I had gone tubing in a river where there had been a flood and another drowning the week before. I had been a great swimmer, but I came across a fallen tree, flipped, lost the tube, and was under the tree with water streaming into my mouth.

I left my body and said goodbye to my personality, name and life. I flashed by the life-future that would not be. I saw my funeral and my parents in mourning, and I had a brief moment of remorse, where someone said it was a waste and I would have to come back and start over.

Then I found the light—that same channel of light, and this incredible music. There really are celestial choirs. I can't describe that sound. It's mind-boggling. I was floating toward that light when the guy I was with pulled my head out of the water and I snapped back—painfully—into my body and cursed in anger.

There was no pain in that state. The body is painful, hard, cumbersome. Part of me feels that I should be able to point over there to what I want—that I shouldn't be so gravity-bound and heavy.

I didn't tell anyone at the time what had happened. But five years later, in 1973, I told this experience to Max.

(Before I met Max) I tried other ways to get back there. I tried to meditate and would occasionally drop in, but very quickly came back. I couldn't find the root control of how to get there. I went to England for summer work and ended up staying for 11 years… Max got me there, to higher states, through guided imagery and Zen…He taught me to get into deep, peaceful, blissful states. His guidance took me back to a state of bliss."
Anna Wise
Anna's near-death experiences led her to Max Cade, Awakened Mind meditation, the Mind Mirror, and a selfless life devoted to helping other people rise into higher states of consciousness to find their true self and manifest it in the world.

We assume that in March of 2010 she travelled through that light-filled portal to sing with her celestial choir and dance with the angels. No doubt she knows that the Institute for the Awakened Mind is preserving her beautiful legacy on Earth, where she is loved by so many.
Subjective Descriptions
of the NDE and Spiritual Transformation
How do other people describe their near-death experiences, and how do those descriptions compare with the blissful awakenings which occur in meditation, other spiritual practices, and sometimes spontaneously?

Here's a chart that compares the two. It was developed by P.M.H. Atwater through decades of study which began in Boise, Idaho, in 1966, when she founded a metaphysical research and education organization, Inner Forum.

P.M.H. developed these descriptors out of her interviews with other people about their experiences and her own cosmic illuminations in churches and during her meditations, prayer states, visions, and three NDEs.

Beyond the Light
by P.M.H. Atwater
What Isn't Being Said about Near-Death Experience
This chart is excerpted, with Atwater's permission, from her book "Beyond the Light", pgs. 152-156.
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