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Psychoanalysis of Your Individual Matrix
Use this knowledge to better manage your resources,
build constructive habits, maintain healthy relationships,
and achieve your goals with ease.
Introduction by Oxana Bondarchuk
Numerology: one more tool to see the unseen and learn more about your nature
I was surprised to find out that numerology is not about numbers but about the energies we are composed of...

While performing numerological psychoanalysis of myself and my family, I found a lot of insights about my relationships with the world, especially it was interesting to see why/when I tend to get sick or have an argument and why/when I feel inspired. I leaned how I can use this knowledge to better manage my energy resources, compensate the faults, build constructive habits that would allow me to be healthy, energetic, achieve my goals, maintain good relationships.

I will be analyzing your matrix as well as we could at the same time look at your partners, children or clients.

Important note: This is Numerology and though the matrix is based on your date of birth it has nothing to do with Astrology or Natal Chart.
What you will learn
At all times
(especially in very stressful times of today),
it is good to know and consciously manage your resources

Individual energy capacity
– How big is my individual 'battery' capacity?
– Do my energy reserves match my ambitions and aspirations?

Energy stability, sustainability,
recharge mechanisms

- Is my energy stable?
– How do I usually recharge/replenish my energy?

Ability to direct
and sustain energy flow
– Am I good at goal setting and achieving my goals?

Ability to redirect your energy (flexibility)
– Can I easily take off or I stick to my habits/attachments?

Ability to acquire and hold on to knowledge, capital, relationships
– Do I have a strong memory? How hard is it to learn new skills?
– What is my relationship with money?
– How important is family to me?

Favourite interactive styles, preferences, and consequent talents
(what comes with ease)

– Am I an independent leader or a team-player?
– Need to predict, control, organise?
– Am I a working bee or a butterfly? Ability to perform monotonous, repetitive, hard work or seeking luck, new sensations and beauty?
– Am I rational, result-oriented, or emotional, process-oriented?
– Material vs spiritual balance: what do I put first in my life?
– Adequacy of self-presentation/self-esteem: Am I realistic about my resources/abilities or I over-/under- estimate them?

Family Dynamics and Ancestry Heritage

– How do you relate to your parents-spouses-children?
– What resources were inherited and what mission assigned for your current incarnation?
– Which family line your children came into? What should we know to help them realise their potential?

Life Cycles

– How life cycles affect our thinking and goals? What cycle I am in now?

Numerological Psychoanalysis for Business

– How to create a good business team? Who would be a good Team Leader? Deputy Manager? Executive Manager? Innovations Manager? Business Processes Optimization Manager? Business Risks Manager? Crises Manager? Working bee?
– Who attracts money? Who attracts luck? Who inspires others? Who is responsible?

Numerology: The Method

Numerology was well-known and used by Egyptian priests and was picked up and developed by ancient Greek philosopher, mystic and mathematician – Pythagoras.

Our individual birth matrix reveals a program code, default settings of our resources and patterns of relating with the world.

My consultations are based on contenporary teachings by Alexandrov's school of numerological psychoanalysis famous for combining known eastern and western traditions of numerology. Moreover, this approach was scientifically tested on over 10,000 people and further developed and adjusted for modern application.
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