My Favorite Meditations-2:
Etheric Travel
When I have come across numerology, I was surprised to find that it is not about numbers, it is actually about energies of different qualities running through us. Numerology was well-known and used by Egyptian priests and was picked up and developed by ancient Greek philosopher, mystic and mathematician – Pythagoras. Each of us would represent a cocktail of those energies and our behavioural patterns will show how we are simply trying to adapt and balance (those in abundance with those in deficit) through our interaction with the world.

While performing numerological psychoanalysis of myself and my family, I found a lot of insights about my relationships with the world, especially it was interesting to see why/when I tend to get sick or have an argument and why/when I feel inspired. I leaned how I can use this knowledge to better manage my energy resources, compensate the faults, build constructive habits that would allow me to be healthy, energetic, achieve my goals, maintain good relationships.

My current presentation will be based on Alexandrov's school of numerology famous for combining known eastern and western traditions of numerology. Moreover, this approach was scientifically tested on over 10,000 people and further developed and adjusted for modern application.
Would you like to travel to etheric realm and feel these loving, lightening vibrations of the higher dimensions?

We will be meeting each Saturday (or Sunday) depending on your time zone, so the calculations and go through step-by-step interpretations of what we see. I am looking forward in seeing you in this journey of self-exploration and learning to see the invisible.

3 September, 2022 @4PM EST (New York)
10 September, 2022 @4PM EST (New York)
17 September, 2022 @4PM EST (New York)
24 September, 2022 @4PM EST (New York)
1 October, 2022 @4PM EST (New York)
8 October, 2022 @4PM EST (New York)
The answers to the questions you might have that will help you to better understand what you need and what to expect, and how it will all look like.
Is this online course LIVE or recorded?
Will I have a chance to ask my questions and share my experiences?
- This meditation intensive will consist of 6 LIVE online meetings and your home practice. If for any reason, you could not make it in time, the recording will be provided the next day for you to catch up. Everybody is invited to share both subjective and brainwave experiences during these meditations. There will be a separate time devoted to this in the beginning of each meeting.
Do I need to be the Mind Mirror owner?
- You do not need to have the Mind Mirror to practice. You simply need to be eager to meditate. This is the key. There will be no brainwaves analysis during this course. It will focus purely on your own practice and sutle energy tuning.
What to expect? How will the meetings be structrured?
- We will meet same time on Saturday (or Sunday, depending on your time zone). I will give you short introduction for the topic and meditation of the day, sharing my own experiences. Then, we will do the meditation together. You will be given a link to practice each meditation by yourself during the week as a hometask. If you do it once – this is good, if you do it twice it is even better, if you do it 3 or more times – excellent!
Is there anything I need to do before to prepare?
This is not necessary, you can come if you feel the calling. Though it might be benefitial to learn more about my style and what to expect. If you have not done it yet, I recommend to watch the webinars below and consider participating in 'My Favourite Meditations - 1' intensive. Please mind that this intensive will not have any brainwave analysis and focus strictly on the practice: i.e. developing your imagination, sensitivity and subtle energy tuning.

1) Webinar: What is Meditation?
An short version (22 min) of an open forum where we share experiences and understanding of meditation

2) Webinar: Energy Reading and The Mind Mirro
r: It's All About Perspective
Learn about how I see the world (1 hour 44 min)

3) Online Intensive: My Favourite Meditations-2021
Can I join just one meeting?
- You can watch our promotional webinar: a class from the previous meditation intensive available for FREE on YouTube. You have to buy the whole intensive but attend as many meetings as you wish. If you cannot attend, the recordings will be released 24-48 hours after the LIVE Zoom meeting for you to catch up in your own time. You own practice is the KEY!
Can I pay each week?
- If you have problems paying in full, please email to agree on payment options. Thank you.
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6-online group meditation sessions
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6-online group meditation sessions
with access to meditations and all materials
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