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Awakened Mind
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Original and Specialty Programs
Awaken & Evolve Your Mind, Creativity, Insight & Healing,
Navigating Brainwaves of Your Consciousness
with A Mind Mirror!
What is the Awakened Mind?

Awakened Mind is a way to Mastery! Mastery means
Being able to enter at will at the state of consciousness
that is most beneficial and desirable for any given circumstances.
The Awakened Mind is the brainwave pattern of the world's top performers and producers. It is most often seen in advanced meditators, artists, CEOs, researchers, hands-on-healers, intuitives, and other self-actualized people with a high degree of creativity, self-awareness and personal mastery.

These calm, inwardly focused people tap their sub - conscious intelligence for solutions to challenges, to stimulate flow, and to self-evolve.

With practice—and a Mind Mirror®—any normal person can develop this ideal state of consciousness.

* Your mind is clearer, sharper,
quicker and more flexible

* Your emotions are more available, understandable, and easier to transform

* Information flows easily between your conscious, subconscious and unconscious, increasing intuition, insight, and self-healing abilities.

What Are Awakened Mind Training Benefits?
Anyone interested in improving health, self-awareness, intuition and creativity will benefit!
This training is popular among high-performers, spiritual seekers, traditional and alternative health specialists (psychotherapists, psyche readers, healers, yoga teachers, nurses, etc.), people of creative professions (artists, musicians, etc.)
* Stress management
* Creativity
* High Performance Mind for Business
* Personal Healing
* Intuition & Psyche Skills Development
* Spiritual Awakening

How Does It Work? The Mind Mirror?
How latest medical technology can be utilized for spiritual seeking, hard-won technologies applied to the development of mastery? A unique biofeedback device, called The Mind Mirror,
represents this marriage of science and spirituality.
Max Cade, biophysicist, and Zen meditator, came up with an idea to investigate the states of consciousness of zen masters and find a way how replicate and develop this awakening within himself and others.

In 1974 together with an electronics engineer Geoffrey Blundell, he invented an EEG, he called the Mind Mirror, that could measure the brainwaves of the higher states of consciousness able to read different patterns of consciousness in a real time, as opposed to medical EEG's, designed to provide complex clinical reports aiming to find pathology.

PHOTO: Students during an exercise in one of Max's classes in the 1970s, hooked up to the Mind Mirror during meditation.
VIDEO: Anna Wise's lecture at the Neurotechnology Forum, held in Seattle, 1992.
Cade's student, Anna Wise, who was a Humanistic psychologist, expanded the research beyond spirituality and healing, measuring the brainwaves of artists, composers, dancers, inventors, mathematicians, and scientists, as well as CEO's and president of corporations.

As a result, she found that these talented and successful people revealed the same high performance brain wave pattern of creativity and peak performance as yogi's and swami's lived in. Later, her research allowed her to develop a map of consciousness and EEG-monitored Meditation Training to teach people how to navigate this consciousness map in order to access their optimal brainwaves patterns of awakened or high–performance mind.

The Mind Mirror is a scientific fast-track to meditation, personal mastery, and spiritual growth: "a new gateway to an ancient path" (of meditation) as Anna Wise described it in the 1980s.

Judith Pennington, successor to mind research pioneers Max Cade and Anna Wise, founded the Awakened Mind Institute (Pennsylvania, USA) and co-designed a new, state-of-the-art model of the Mind Mirror 6 EEG.

New Mind Mirror allows to watch and analyze brainwave patterns (and related to them states of consciousness) in real time as well as provides the recording! It also allows to measure higher Gamma frequencies, associated with higher states and complements neurofeedback with other biofeedback tools (GSR, BVP, temperature, etc.) for a better reading.

Today, the Mind Mirror is the world-wide choice of professional awakened mind trainers, self-trainers, neuro-feedback therapists, psychologists, consciousness explorers, and university-based researchers.

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VIDEO: What people say about Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind Training during online webinars, held by the Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM)
What Happens During Group Training?
Group brainwave trainings offer inner expansion in the synergistic company of like-minded people. This is the quickest and most affordable way for new and seasoned meditators to learn the art and science of meditation, deepen into profound states, awaken untapped potential, and expand into new ways of being in the world.

In this unique and amazing mind training weekend, you will:
  • See a brain wave frequency map showing how to use your mind
  • Learn invaluable mind-calming techniques for stress reduction and improved health
  • Hook up to an EEG device and allow Judith to guide you into optimal meditation states
  • Clear blockages, free up suppressed creativity, and increase your brainpower
  • Learn how to switch into a creative state whenever you need breakthrough ideas
  • Self-heal or transform whatever blocks your growth and happiness
  • Experience the higher wisdom of your psychic soul to power-up your life
These group brainwave trainings are modeled on sessions
led by world authority Anna Wise at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA,
the oldest and most respected growth center in the world.

While assisting Wise and teaching in her place, and in trainings with her own equipment, Judith consistently sees people make remarkable advances in their awareness. These produce life-changing insights and positive, lasting results.
1. Explore Brainwaves and Consciousness
Weekend retreats open with a brainwave map showing the frequencies and patterns of four categories of consciousness (beta, alpha, theta and delta) and how to access deep-state meditation in order to awaken and evolve the mind.
2. Experience EEG Meditation
Building on this foundation, a series of four guided meditations sequentially animate four brainwave categories for profound experiences of deep relaxation, self-discovery, healing and transformation. Participants hook each other up, sit back, and tap into an inner wellspring of creativity, insight and healing.

Each person's goal is to access a deep, stable meditation state and the clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and (potentially) spiritual awareness of the awakened, high-performance mind.
3. Integrate Feedback
Brainwave drawings and computer recordings are shared individually after meditations. Experiences are shared in pairs and with the larger group, so that each person also learns from everyone else.
About The Trainer

Judith Pennington
Founder & Director of the Institute for the Awakened Mind
Judith Pennington is an internationally published journalist, author, and teacher of EEG-led meditation. Successor to mind research pioneers Max Cade and Anna Wise, she is the founder Awakened Mind Institute (Pennsylvania, USA) and co-designer of a new, state-of-the-art Mind Mirror EEG, the author of the compelling books about the science of spirituality, intuition and superconscious mind of enlightenment: "The Voice of Your Soul" and "Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense".

For more information, visit www.eaglelife.com - her umbrella organization, as an educational outreach for personal and planetary peace.

What People Say
"I wanted a reality check on where I stand in terms of my integration of lower and higher self and spiritual development. Working with brainwaves gave me a few very pleasant surprises! I also came away with some insights into current difficulties in everyday life. Great experience! I will be back for the next group training workshop with Judith."
Translator, New York City
"Your group training gave me confidence in practicing meditation, motivated me to practice meditation to solve problems with depression and my physical health, and will assist me in making my life much more meaningful so that I can achieve my full potential."
Bronx, New York
"Judith was a knowledgeable and compassionate instructor, giving close attention to each individual. I learned a lot of ways to deepen my regular (almost daily) meditations. The use of landmarks will help me to quickly enter states of deep meditation."
Phil Pawlak
New York City
"The brainwaves class was wonderful, fantastic, uplifting, enlightening, eye-opening. There are not enough words to describe my experience at the group training. The people who attended were exactly what I needed to help me grow! I know what I need to work on, and I look forward to seeing more expansion in my brainwaves."
Paula Hero
Bethlehem, PA
"This has been an amazing experience! I achieved a level of meditation that I've never achieved before. I know I will take what I learned into my daily life to forgive myself and others, and to be one with the infinite. Sounds contrived, but it is heart-filling and wholeness-creating. Thank you, Judith!"
MaryAnne Haarhaus
High School Teacher, New York City
"This was a wonderful confirmation of meditation techniques I've been doing for 15 years. It's leading me in the right direction…the inner vistas of being and knowledge will hopefully stay with me forever. This class is the leading edge of consciousness research, through direct experience."
Antiques Dealer, Long Island, New York
Weekend Training Schedule
June, 2-4, 2017
Byron Bay, NSW
Friday @ 2nd of June
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday @ 3rd of June
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday @ 4th of June
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
If you cannot attend
the training
check Private Awakened Mind Sessions
with Judith Pennington
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