IAM Online Events 2020
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Program 2020
This is a preliminary list of topics.
1. New Mind Mirror Data Portal
Learn about the new portal that will facilitate your practice: easy, instant professional reports and analysis...plus an ability to earn income for self-trainers!
Special guest(s):
with MM Practitioner Trainee, Andrew Tang
2. Peace Project
Special guest(s):
MM Practitioner Trainee, Bethany Gonyea
3. Meditation Vs Prayer,
Different Paths to Healing and Spirituality?
An interview
Special guest(s):
Former Russian Orthodox Priest, Father, currently Soul's Carer, Psychotherapist, Evmeny Peristy
4. Meditation, Spirituality
and Tools for Human Evolution
An interview with the pioneer of the transpersonal movement in Russia, philosopher, teacher, filmmaker, author, Vladimir Maikov. Read more
Special guest:
Vladimir Maykov
5. Alice in Wonderland:
Journey to The Subconscious
And The Awakened Mind Training
The analysis through the prism of Awakened Mind work
of a beautiful story for kids by Lewis Carol
well-displaying the secrets of our subconscious.
IAM Practitioner Trainer, Oxana Bondarchuk

6. ABC of the Awakened Mind Training
The essence of Awakened Mind Training and specifics of Mind Mirror work. A must to know for all potential and new Mind Mirror owners.
IAM Founder, Judith Pennington
7. Top of The Mind Research on Meditation
Love science? Read a lot about meditation and related topics? Come and share your favourite, top-of-the-mind research that helped you shaped deeper understanding of your work.
IAM Practitioners

8. Energy Management, Energy Readings
We will also talk about energy management and spirituality, energy readings. Look at the various concepts and processes from the point of view of energy. Come and ask to do energy readings for what preoccupies you most these days.
IAM Practitioner Trainer, Oxana Bondarchuk

9. Biofeedback Therapy with the Mind Mirror: Uses and Benefits
The genius of the Mind Mirror allows us to use it not only for consciousness exploration but as a classical biofeedback device to work on improving a variety of health issues. We are revising what the Mind Mirror is capable of in terms of biofeedback. This program centers on when and how it can be applied to the clinical field.
Special guests:
Certified Biofeedback Practitioners

10. The Clinical Q: Neurofeedback Basics for Absolute Beginners
How to use the Vilistus mini-QEEG to assess brain function.
Special guest:
Leonardo Mascaro (Neurophysiologist, Neurofeedback Therapist, Author and Mind Mirror Practitioner)

11. Working Group: Past Life Regression
Are past lives real, or does that even matter? Hypnotists share their experiences and how past life regression has helped their clients.
12. Psychic/Healers Interviews:
Being - Becoming Psychic/Healer
A series of interviews with a few interesting people with clear ESP abilities (with a possible hook up during their process).
Key questions to be asked and answered: How did you found your unusual abilities? Why do people get sick and how can they heal themselves? How do you feel in your special process states and what tips can you share for others to follow?
IAM Practitioner Trainer, Oxana Bondarchuk

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