Russian Movie Nights:
Organizer: Oxana Bondarchuk
Next movie: "Bolshoi" by Valery Todorovsky
When: April, 28 / Sunday / 16:00
About The Movie Nights
This is a non-commercial project by organized by a Russian, Oxana Bondarchuk, to introduce Russian culture and promote Russian language among Russian Community and those who are learning it.
All films are shown with English subtitles.

The show is preceded with Russian buffet (borsch/soups, pirozhki/pancakes, tea).
Come and enjoy warm Russian hospitality!
2019 Tentative Program
There are many wonderful Russian movies but we would like to introduce you the very best. Be it philosophical drama, comedy or melodrama, be sure each movie will help you to bring up the veil of a mysterious Russian soul!

The top 10 movies for 2019 are:

1. "The Bolshoi" by Valery Todorovsky
2. "Lady Into Lassie" by Alexei Sakharov
3. "About Love 2. Adults Only" by Anna Melikyan
4. "Yolki 2" by Timur Bekmambetov
5. "The Thaw. Episode 1" by Valery Todorovsky
6. "Legend № 17" by Nikolay Lebedev
7. "Bless The Woman" by Alexander Govorukhin
8. "Moms" by a group of directors (if Eng subs are available)
9. "Light Up!" by Kirill Pletnyov (if Eng subs are available)
10. "Stalingrad" by Feodor Bondarchuk

Feel free to read more about them below.
The Bolshoi
Year: 2017
Director: Valery Todorovsky
Cast: Alisa Freyndlikh, Valentina Telechkina, Alexander Domogarov, Nicolas Le Riche, Margarite Simonova
Running Time: 132 minutes

Renowned director Valery Todorovsky (The Lover, Hipsters, The Thaw) provides us with a glimpse inside the Bolshoi Theatre

Julia is an incredibly talented ballerina, but she's stuck performing on the streets of a mining town. That is, until former ballet dancer Pototsky spies her potential and takes her to the Moscow State Academy of Choreography to audition. She's accepted, but the journey comes with sacrifice: she must leave behind her family, her first love, friendship. Does she have what it takes to succeed?

This is a captivating coming-of-age-story about friendship, competition, professionalism and ballet, which features a stunning soundtrack by Tchaikovsky.

Get the taste by watching the trailer below.
Trailer: "The Bolshoi" by Todorovsky
  • A Girls Epic Struggle to be the Best

    A lovely, brilliant film; the end is simply one moment in a long struggle; a realist film, at once both sad and joyful. Very Russian.
    Original source: IMDB
  • What a beautiful, sad, and well-done film. All of the actors were great and the training and dancing and hardships were well portrayed. If you've ever been involved in hardcore dance, you'll appreciate this film.
    Original source: Amazon
  • A great story delivered with wonderful pace, editing, direction and of course acting

    From a story perspective, I am admitting my own prejudices here and felt a movie about ballerinas if not entertaining would at least be nice to look at, obviously an idiotic position to take and the reality is that this is one of the best sports movies I have ever seen, it communicates the dedication, effort and talent of these superb athletes and would make me want to actually go to a ballet having seen it.
    Original source: IMDB
  • A grounded approach to realism sewn onto the classic dance/performance make it to the top story gives "Bolshoi" an interesting flavour.

    Through in some beautiful raw cinematography, great performances and deep class struggle and this film really strikes a chord with its audience.

    While it never takes you quite to the same place as others in the genre might it provides unique insight into the world of ballet and as cheesy as it sounds really life itself and what it means to succeed.
    Original Source: Letterboxd
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Discussion & Cleaning Up (optional part)
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