Silent Meditation
by Judith Pennington

There are two basic ways to self-train with the Mind Mirror 6:

1. Listen to a guided meditation by Max Cade, Anna Wise, Judith Pennington, or a reverie of your own to relax into the peace and stillness of alpha-theta meditation. This could be a simple relaxation or a self-discovery, healing, or transformation meditation that evokes and conditions the Meditation, Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, or Gamma Synchrony brainwave pattern.

2. Sit in silence and allow the brain to adjust itself to the pattern you are training.
Your User Manual and Awakened Mind Self-Training Guide provide the principles and practices of silent meditation. You sit down and close your eyes, relax the back of your tongue and slow your breathing (reduce beta), use all of your senses to explore a pleasing environment (generate alpha), and drift deeper and deeper down into yourself (increase theta) while resting in the open, spacious awareness of your spirit (delta).

Finding internal landmarks (a word, image, concept, or body sensation) for the feeling of your state of awareness while the music or gong sound plays rewards for pattern attainment is a fast-track to brainwave development. In the next session, you simply bring to mind the landmark, your brain remembers what it felt like, and you're back in the sought-after brainwave state! Landmarks also help us generalize eyes-closed patterns to waking states.
Rituals for Silent Meditation
If you had a silent meditation practice before self-training with the Mind Mirror, you already know the important role that rituals play in preparing the body, mind, and spirit to enter the silent depths of meditation. And you probably went deeper because you regarded meditation as the sacred practice that it is.

Here are a few relaxation rituals—and spiritual practices—that you might wish to incorporate in your Mind Mirror self-training sessions – or use in an adjunctive silent meditation practice.

Silent meditation for 15 minutes to an hour, even if only once a week, will condition your body and brain so that your self-training EEG sessions are deeper, more profound, and produce better statistical scores in the Mind Mirror Summary.
Adding a spiritual dimension to your meditation practice will shift your brainwaves toward the Evolved Mind state of unity consciousness. No matter which of these practices you experiment with, you will find them immensely useful in calming your nervous system, reducing beta, pleasing sensory alpha, and getting you in immediate touch with your essential being in theta and spirit in delta.

Some of these step-by-step practices come from Edgar Cayce, the late, great medical intuitive and father of holistic healing in America. Cayce taught that meditation is the key to happiness, health, and conscious evolution. We agree!
Note: The Circulation of Breath up and down the chakra system (see Connect with Universal Awareness below) comes from ancient Buddhist writings published in The Secret of the Golden Flower. Buddhists practiced the circulation of breath to create a "diamond body" of light and superconscious awareness which travels into higher dimensions and, when perfected, need not reincarnate. Its harmonizing of subtle and physical energies was also believed to vastly improve physical health and increase longevity. (It does.)

The Secret of the Golden Flower
  • Shower or wash your hands and drink water to increase the flow of electricity throughout your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Light candles and/or incense to illuminate your meditation area.
Relax your body
  • Loosen up with gentle stretching. Standing up, stretch like a cat or do gentle head and neck rolls to relax the muscles attached to your spine.

Find a position
  • Sit with your back straight and feet flat on the floor.
  • Loosen any binding clothing. Position your hands comfortably and rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth or the back of your teeth to close the electrical circuit.

Connect with your spirit
  • Chant OM or read a passage that inspires you.
Withdraw into yourself
  • Do nostril breathing to balance your brain and harmonize your two nervous systems.**
  • Set aside your earthly self: grasp it and set it firmly outside your body.
Clear your mind with light
  • Sense the presence of light above your head and draw it down into your brain to immerse any remaining thoughts in your mind.
  • Usher these thoughts down into your heart and let them flow in light.
Connect with Universal Awareness
  • Breathe light up your chakra system through your head to the third-eye area.
  • Rest for a moment then exhale back down your spine, pausing to gather light from your crown and breathe it all the way down to the base of your spine.
  • Do this 7 times. Say "Arise my soul and enter the Oneness" to elevate your body-mind.
Expand outward
  • Holding your attention on your third-eye chakra in the forehead, expand into Universal Awareness.
  • Feel yourself moving out into the universe toward your Source.
  • Rest in pure awareness.

Meditate in the silence
  • If thoughts arise, draw your attention back to your third eye.
  • Stay connected and receive the light streaming into you.

Close by transmitting healing light to others
  • Send out light to heal all sentient beings, including the Earth.
Close your meditation
  • Find a "landmark" representing how you feel.
  • Give thanks in creative prayer or Chant OM to ground yourself.
  • Distribute the energy throughout your body.
  • Arouse with a sharp, full exhalation and a full-body stretch.
The benefit of silent and/or spiritual meditation is the intentioned connection with your spirit! Max Cade said that any experience of a higher state informs and stabilizes lower states (from the Evolved Mind of absolute understanding and illumination to the Awakened Mind of creative flow and peak performance). Edgar Cayce said that it "spiritualizes" the body, mind, and emotions.
"I've practiced the above step-by-step entry into silent meditation for more than 30 years. It works for me, and perhaps you will enjoy it, too."
Judith Pennington
IAM Founder

** Nostril breathing. This is slightly different from yogic breathing. Use your thumb and forefinger to successively close off both nostrils. First close the left nostril and deeply breathe into the right nostril, silently saying "Strength"; at the end of the inhalation, close the right nostril and breathe out your mouth.Do this three times. Next, close off the right nostril and breathe in deeply, silently saying "Spirit of life"; for the exhalation, close off the left nostril and breathe out the right nostril. Do this three times. This practice balances the brain and calms the nervous system.
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