Listening to Your Soul
by Judith Pennington

The back cover of Max Cade's seminal book, The Awakened Mind: Biofeedback and the Development of Higher States of Awareness, describes meditation as the "ancient art of listening to the soul."
Max realized, as did Anna Wise, that what develops the Awakened Mind more than anything else is the act of listening to the soul—or "essential being," as Anna preferred to call it. This deeper, core self in theta provides us with creative insights and ideas that enable us to unblock repressed issues and release suppressed creativity.

Simply put, communicating with and using our subconscious intelligence conditions the Awakened Mind and rapidly evolves consciousness.

It is the belief of this writer that we consist of many aspects, beginning in the higher frequencies and continuing on down to the lower frequencies of material form.

Conversations with Your Aspects
The Soul—and the Spiritual Heart which calibrates higher wisdom to lower frequencies—provides universal laws and transcendent perspectives that shed light on the difficulties of the heart, mind, and body. When I feel a block in my psyche—such as sadness (heart), confusion (mind), or pain (body), I sit in my meditation room and enter silent meditation with pen and paper nearby.

When I feel quiet and centered, flowing with clarity and gratitude, I pick up my journal and write Heart, Mind, or Body and allow their voices to speak. I am often surprised, even shocked, by what comes up, and more often than not, it is a conflict between the needs of my mind and heart. My body pays for these conflicts.
Sometimes the earthly aspects of myself, in listening to each other, shake hands and compromise so that each gets what it needs. At other times no apparent resolution appears, so I appeal to my Soul and its unfailing wisdom.

Many people think that they cannot remain in meditation while writing with a pen: that externalized beta will step back in control. Instead, inspired writing is a form of meditation. Quiet beta allows the alpha bridge to remain open at high amplitudes while information flows upward from delta and theta, into the pen, and after the meditation, into the conscious mind.

Listening to the soul develops not only the Awakened Mind pattern, but also the Evolved Mind pattern of bliss, absolute understanding, and unity consciousness.
What could be more blissful than turning our stumbling blocks into stepping stones?
The wellspring of wisdom in theta's subconscious mind is fed by the light-filled ocean of Universal Consciousness within and beyond delta. The psyche fills the empty cup. It waits and wants us to do the work of personal transformation in order to be happier, healthier, and more creative people.
Listening Deeply
The key to success with inspired writing is simply to listen and write down what you hear. Your conscious mind may at first try to intrude by commenting on or thinking about what you are writing and checking to see if it makes sense.

Just keep listening, write what you hear, and don't think about the words and sentences. The guidance will come in your language, but it will be more than you knew before and of a goodness much greater than your own.

That is the uplifting nature of your soul. Max Cade knew it. If you try this, you will know it, too. You will find this inner voice to be the kindest friend and wisest, most loving parent you have ever known.

Listen to 13 relaxations, short lectures, and guided meditations recorded by Max Cade on the Scottish isle of Iona
during a holiday there with his wife Isabel and the well-known Scottish healer Bruce MacManaway.
Peter Staples provided these recordings to IAM.
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