3 August 2024 @ 3pm EST
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From Oxana Bondarchuk

All Conscious Explorers (not just the Mind Mirror owners) are invited to master attention, learn and practice “energy reading” (this time for others not just oneself) with the knowledge and techniques from Systemic Family Constellations. ESP Workshop participation is desirable but not required.

Let's use the power of our group attention to shine the light on such a pivotal topic of RECEIVING SPIRIT/SOUL MESSAGES to know what exactly you are supposed to be doing in this particular time of your life?

Alternatively, if you have more burning health or other issue to shine the light on, feel free to bring that to our group attention. See more options of what we can do together below.

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What We Are Practicing
Revised Summary from ESP Workshop
  • Laws of Energy Dynamics
    To be able to go beyond what you already know (Consious Mind), you need to open up to the Unknown, to Something Greater. To receive: 1. you need to admit and take the youngest position in the hierarchy. 2. You need to give space, your attention and respect for "missing" bits. 3.To resolve the conflict: you need an ability to balance the opposition.
  • Mastering Attention
    Like never before we monitor and discern subtle changes of our state in response to standing up into representation which is a great way to practice attention focus and awareness.
  • Field-Reading Techniques
    We use representation and subjective first-hand phenomenological experience or "what it feels like in the moment"(rather than our mental projections and speculation) to “read the field”. We know that we "hit" the truth through resonance.
  • Practicing Tuning & Meta-Perspective
    To tune into others, we have to stretch beyond our-habitual-selves which may be a great relief from Beta monkey-mind. It is a process-work which is not possible without entering into trance and practicing he highest meta or energy perspective, i.e. where all elements are interrelated.

How Will It Look Like
Up to 6 cases (max time 3,5 hours)
  • 1
    Case Presentation
    The client (the person who have chosen to be in the centre of attention and receive messages) presents its issue or main question. It is absolutely to the client to decide what and how much one wants to disclose. Blind readings are also possible.
  • 2
    Everyone receives a 3-minute time container to become a representative for the client (or his/her higher self/spirit or take suggested representation) and receives the messages. Alternatively, representatives and figurines will be appointed and moved on the field.
  • 3
    Whoever received a message is sharing whatever was received.
    Representatives will be interviewed. This is a kind and non-judgemental sharing. Only the client can decide what resonates.
  • 4
    The client gives feedback on what made sense.
  • 5
    Special Clients' BONUS
    All registered as clients will receive a brief report about the past and present life purpose based on Numerological Psychoanalysis and PsychoAstrology.

What Else We May Work On
Issues to choose or think of your own
  • Spirit Guides
    “I want to connect with my spirit guides and get messages from them about my current life problems”
  • Past Lives
    “I want to connect with Akashic records and/or myself in past lives for download of resources I need in this lifetime”.
  • Ancestry
    “I want to connect with my ancestors and receive their blessings and/or resources that could improve my life.”
  • Health
    “I want to see the routes and aspects of my health problems – which come from physical level, systemic family level (ancestors), how they look from cultural, archetypal and source levels.”
  • Blocks
    “I want to better understand the blocks withholding me and connect with the resources I need to breakthrough”
  • Repetitive Dreams
    “I have a repetitive dream and I really would like to know what my subconscious is trying to communicate, how it relates to my conscious everyday life.”
  • Money
    “What stands behind my money which is preventing me from earning more”
  • Inner Conflicts
    “What are my main inner energy flow disruptions, i.e. inner conflicts as shown in my natal chart. Are they coming from parental/ancestral conflicts? Who/what stands behind and how can I resolve it?” (For this, I will need your place, date and time of birth details).

up to 6 cases
Address your life calling or
bring another burning issue
(see the list of options
or think of your own)
LIVE Zoom meeting
+ recording
participation options
Brave? Bring your case. Be the client.*
Shy? Come to represent or observe but anyway test your ESP

* Being the client automatically allows you to represent or observe too

About the Trainer

Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner and Trainer
Institute for the Awakened Mind Online Events Moderator

Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator
Numerological Psychoanalyst

Gr. Diploma in Psychology, Teacher of Psychology
Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology

BA in Finance and International Marketing
Ex Corporate Marketing Executive and Business Trainer

Registration Open

Brave to take a hot chair and receive a reading?
Register as a client $50 Only 6 seats are available! Hurry up!
Clients ticket gives you the chance to read/observe for others too.

Want to try field-reading and representation for others or just watch?
Register as representative and/or observer $25

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