Suzanne Tempel Certifies as AM Practitioner
IAM is pleased and proud to announce that Suzanne Tempel, a professional Coach and Trainer, teacher of mediums, and Awakened Mind Coach based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has certified as an Awakened Mind Practitioner.

Trained in Seminars 1 through 3 by Andrea Groh in Bamberg, Germany, Suzanne traveled to the United States in mid-September to complete Seminar 4 with Judith Pennington. She assisted Judith in teaching Seminars 1 and 2 to her student, Denver-based medium Mary Torrey, and to psychotherapist Jessica Blanding Coleman, who traveled from the New Jersey/Philadelphia area to join the training.

Suzanne will return to the U.S in 2018 to assist Judith with Seminar 3, after which she will have met the stringent criteria for certification as an Awakened Mind Coach Trainer. She will be the first Coach Trainer certified by IAM.

Since her 2016 certification by Andrea Groh as an Awakened Mind Coach, Suzanne has measured the brainwaves of a considerable number of mediums and helped many clients, including people with brain injury, regain their health and lives. In addition, she travels often to study and teach mediumship.

Suzanne is a superb communicator who has been an intuitive healer and reader since birth. The daughter of two parents who taught children in a school dedicated to learning disabilities, she grew up in northern Holland with a love for psychology and the arts. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communications, master's degree in Coaching, a master's degree in Customer Relationship Management and is a Licensed NLP Practitioner, and has worked for many international companies as an operations manager and project manager. In 2008, she became an independent Coach and interim change manager.

Her specialties as an Awakened Mind Coach include group training, private sessions for personal transformation, creativity, intuition and flow; business performance; spiritual awakening; and evolving consciousness for healers, mediums and long-term meditators. She is intensely interested in measuring higher states of consciousness and particularly the brainwaves of mediums. Visit this page of "Eureka Times" to read an interview with her on her work and working with her mediumship.

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar in which Suzanne presents "Case Studies - Folio 4: Healing Brain Injury with the Awakened Mind." To contact her, visit IAM's Practitioner Directory.

Congratulations, Suzanne! We appreciate your pure, loving heart, keen intellect, curious mind, and fascination with research. The IAM community looks forward to better knowing and growing with you!

Read terrific interview with Suzanne previously published by Eureka Times

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