Systemic Ritual
Powerful Systemic & Shamanic Rituals
To Reconnect with the Ancestors, Heal, Resource

1st Sat & Sun Each Month
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About Systemic Ritual
Systemic Ritual is a unique approach that blends elements of shamanic ritual with family constellations, developed by Daan van Kampenhout. Inspired by his early specialization in shamanism and later exposure to Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations, van Kampenhout sought to combine the healing power of both practices.

In systemic ritual one can recognize the influence of family constellations in the use of the representation method and the use of healing sentences. In Systemic Ritual, a connection is made with 'resources' – who or what can give support/strength to the client to enable a desired movement. In Systemic Ritual, people or little objects may be asked to represent strength-giving ancestors, spirits, archetypes, any other figures possessing the missing powers.

The shamanic roots of the method reveal themselves in the sound of the drum, the ongoing prayers and the use of shamanic-wheel or other ground maps that guide the movements of some rituals.

Anyone can participate in the ritual to reconnect with the ancestors, heal, manifest!
"I have tried all kinds of therapies but I could never imagine that after what I saw as just playing with the rocks late at night, I would wake up clearly seeing the results of empowerment and transformation the very next morning, as if I have received a download overnight!"

Oxana Bondarchuk
Teacher of Psychology (Institute of Psychoanalysis, Moscow, 2005)
Transpersonal Psychologist (Moscow Academy of Technology, Moscow, 2005)
Personal Development Coach with EEG (Institute for the Awakened Mind, USA, 2017)
Numerologist (Alexandrov School of Digital Psychoanalysis, 2024)
Family Constellations Facilitator (International Certification in Systemic, Family Constellations Intensive 2022-2023)

What You Need To Get Ready
Little Objects
40 pebbles, crystals, coins,
or any small objects
Circle 40 cm in diameter (can be a square, folded from any piece of fabric or cut from cardboard/paper)
Get a candle (and your favourite incenses - optional) ready to mark the beginning and end of the ritual
For better sound experience
Time & Space
2 hours free time and a quite undisturbed space.
Choose either
May 4 | Saturday 8pm AEST
May 5 | Sunday 10am AEST
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