The Brilliant Brain
In this half-hour Q&A follow-up to iAwake's Spirit Tech 2.0 Summit, Don Estes takes center stage to talk about consciousness, the spiritually receptive brain/body, the Portacle, and more.

Watch in wonder.
  • Don Estes
    Illustrious neuroscientist who created The Portacle and other super-tech innovations
    He currently serves as CEO and Director of InnerSense Inc., and Psiometric Science, Inc. He is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director and neuroscientist. He has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine, appearing on CNN, NBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Science Frontiers, the Discovery Channel and Next Step, which won an Emmy award in 1994. (More about Don Estes below.)

    Estes is the inventor of VibraSound® Sensory Resonance™ technologies, used by both professionals and nonprofessionals for music, sound therapy, relaxation, entertainment, and expanded states of mind. His theories include proprietary knowledge and patents in the fields of light, color, sound, music, and algorithmic automata. Visit www.theportacle.com to learn more.

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  • Spiritual Technologies 2.0 Summit
    A Free Online Summit – April 27 – 29, 2017.
    Discover the technologies that power spiritual growth and awakening.
    Spiritual Technologies 2.0 is a series of conversations with the pioneers and innovators who are leading the way – mindful virtual reality, vibroacoustic chairs, video gaming, LSD microdosing, biofeedback, heartrate variability, consumer EEGs, GSRs, brainwave entrainment, flotation tanks, audiovisual entrainment, subtle energy devices and mobile apps – designed to hack our biology for awakening to transcendent and transformative states of consciousness, for ourselves and for our planet.
This year's Spirit Tech Summit features an extraordinary slate of leaders in the field of consciousness and technology, including IAM and the Mind Mirror. It's all free!

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