Report on Mind Mirror Study at
The Monroe Institute
by Judith Pennington
Judith Pennington, Robin Bernhard, and Laura Eichman traveled to The Monroe Institute in June for a five-day Mind Mirror study on 14 people experiencing SAM (gamma) audio signaling. The data is crunched, the remarkable discoveries are mounting.
Past newsletters have featured IAM's study on the brainwaves of 14 participants in the"Journeys: A Voyage to Happiness" program at The Monroe Institute in June of 2017. TMI, founded by out-of-body explorer, best-selling author, and audio technology inventor Bob Monroe, conducts 250 programs around the world and 55 programs on the Virginia campus each year. The organization is internationally recognized for its programs and commitment to research on superordinary states of consciousness, which journeys are elicited and supported by artistically developed Hemi-Sync and Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) binaural beat audio technology.

If you've been to The Monroe Institute, you know this is a place where extraordinary things happen.

And so it was in June, when Robin Bernhard, Laura Eichman, and Judith Pennington—plus helpful volunteers within the group—wired participants to the Mind Mirror EEG for up to nine 40-minute SAM meditations.

It took us a while to crunch that much data, but we did it, and the Executive Summary on this page contains our results. We have deleted the names of all participants but one: Washington, D.C. psychologist Becky Carroll, a prodigious gamma producer. Her Completed Report is uploaded to the Mind Mirror Studies page of the IAM website, with her gracious permission.

Here is our Executive Summary, which TMI/University of Virginia researcher Dr. Ross Dunseath expects to publish in a journal, along with supporting FFT data exported from the Mind Mirror.

Higher Frequencies, Higher States
Essentially, what we found is that the SAM beats created for the "Happiness" program by sound technician and moderator Robert Holbrook evoked sustained surges of at least Low 35-45Hz Gamma that improved brain coherence and function in all 14 participants. Some people produced unprecedented scores for Gamma Synchrony. Others doubled or tripled their Awakened and Evolved Mind statistical scores, balanced their brains, and received extraordinary insights which for many were life-changing.

Two of the participants, who had no previous meditation experience, served as controls for the group.

Our conclusions were derived from summary windows for Low Gamma, Mid Gamma and Upper Gamma Amplitude, when people produced high-frequency gamma, and from Opening and Closing Baselines consisting of three segments: eyes open, eyes closed, and a guided alpha-theta Animal Sensualization. We attributed such remarkable progress in their brainwave patterns primarily to the SAM beat frequencies and secondarily to the cumulative effect of the five-day relaxation/meditation intensive.

Just as Max Cade wrote in The Awakened Mind, higher states (and, we now add, higher frequencies) of consciousness stabilize and advance lower patterns. At TMI, the 40, 80, and 120-hertz gamma frequencies embedded in the SAM meditations improved the Awakened and Evolved Mind patterns and often, although not always, ushered new and seasoned meditators into higher awareness of subtle dimensions.

The Executive Summary primarily details the above overview and captures some of the participants' reports on their experiences. These subjective reports range from one person's realization of himself as an instrument of unconditional love to another's superconscious experience of bliss as she helped angelic children assist dying children in finding their way from Earth to the light.

Remote Viewing, OOB and Lucid Dreaming

We hope you enjoy reading our results and will consider joining us at TMI from Dec. 2-8, 2017. We will monitor the brainwaves of 16 people experiencing out-of-body journeys, lucid dreaming, and remote viewing through supportive Hemi-Sync and SAM beat frequencies.

Some of the best-known experts in these disciplines will present talks during the training, including Joe McMoneagle on remote viewing, out-of-body journeys, and lucid dreaming; Bill Buhlman on out-of-body travel, and Skip Atwater on Quantum Mind Theory.

Ross Dunseath will discuss his laboratory research on psychokinesis (PK), and Judith Pennington will talk about the Mind Mirror EEG and IAM's pioneering investigation into gamma frequencies and how they modulate human consciousness.

To learn more read an in-depth description on the TMI website:

Here's a link to a TMI blog post on our research partnership!

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