Hacking the Mind Mirror
Tony Balbin of hacks us in a superb radio interview.
A few months ago, Judith was interviewed by Tony Balbin of, a web-based community of free thinkers spreading unconventional tools and ideas to ignite change. It was an excellent interview, thanks to Tony's clear mind and free thinking.

The website explores unconventional tools and ideas to upgrade the mind. Tony investigates the latest trends, tools, and discoveries in the world of psychedelics, transformative technology, and neuroscience. Some popular topics include ayahuasca, brain stimulation, float tanks, meditation and subtle energy.

Visit this webpage, titled "The Awakened Mind and Brainwaves of Enlightenment," to see for yourself what consciousness hackers are exploring these days. Tony has done an excellent job of presenting the work of Max Cade, Anna Wise, and the Institute for the Awakened Mind.

If you've got a free hour, listen to the radio interview with Judith Pennington.
To learn about other unconventional tools and ideas to upgrade the mind
please visit their website:

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