Inside TransTech
by Judith Pennington
October's TransTech conference provided one "aha" after another. Read what we learned and see the wellness contraptions we hooked up to!
It was with great delight that we learned a few months ago of IAM's selection as one of 200 recipients of the TransTech 200 award for 2017. This is a tremendous honor for the Mind Mirror 6 and the Institute for the Awakened Mind, as the award is given to outstanding international businesses and organizations for innovative technologies that improve the mental-emotional well-being of humankind.
... and a bevy of leaders in our field:
Judith attended this year's conference in Palo Alto not to be a speaker, like last year, but to enjoy the exhibits and listen to the keynote talks. She met up with Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach, who were asked by conference founder Jeffery Martin to present an impromptu break-out session on Saturday afternoon. Of course it was a huge success!

Meeting of Finders Course graduates
at Sofia University
The gamma-topped Mind Mirror patterns shown on Judith's laptop belong to author Jon Robinson and obstetrician Amy Landgren, front row
On Sunday, at Jeffery Martin's request, Judith illustrated Awakened Mind theory on a white board for some 60 people attending a meeting of Finders Course graduates at Sofia University, then mapped the brainwaves of four people who self-described themselves as in Locations 3 and 4—essentially, higher states of awareness evoked by the 21 meditation techniques practiced daily for 17 weeks by Finders students.

Harry Jabs and Beverly Rubik
Biophysicists measuring biophotons and subtle energies, their research is making waves
On Monday Judith toured the Institute for Frontier Sciences lab in Emeryville and hooked up Beverly Rubik and Harry Jabs to the Mind Mirror. Highly advanced brainwave patterns—one and all!

Dr. Jeffery A. Martin (left)
Jon Robinson (right)
Dr. Jeffery Martin, Founder of the Finders Course and TransTech 200
Jon Robinson, self-empowerment author and teacher

At some point in future, we will schedule a webinar with Jeffery Martin, best-selling author Jon Robinson, and Awakened Mind Coach Laura Eichman, both of whom are Finders graduates. Finders is of special interest to us, due to their data-based quantification of the shifts in consciousness which take place as people meditate intensively over several months' time.

Visit this webpage to learn more about the four "locations" defined by Jeffery Martin's data and estimate your location on the continuum.

What We Learned
• 80-90% of corporate cultures have a toxic environment
• The annual cost of stress in U.S. companies: $300 billion
• People experiencing stress:
* 2014 – 18%
* 2016 – 24%
* 2031 – 49% (estimated)
• The average person spends 47% of their time with their mind wandering
• For the first time in history, there are four generations of people in the workforce
• The majority of workers are now the Millennials (according to the U.S. Census Bureau, consisting of some 81 million children born between 1982 and 2002).
High-Tech Solutions
Devices like the Mind Mirror help people cope with stress so they can perform better – and not only cope, but be resilient enough to thrive by working and living smarter, healthier, and more creatively. Here are a few of the other devices, innovators, and fresh ideas that caught our attention.

Ski Hat MRI

MIT device physicist Mary Lou Jepson of Open Water, who at one point had a brain tumor, cleverly turned her attention to the creation of a small, wearable ski hat containing an MRI that scans the brain. She reported having already exceeded MRI resolution a billion times over, so much so that the device can image neurons and neurotransmitters in real time. The key to this invention, which has not yet emerged from the lab, is holography using frequency-specific microcurrents via flexible LCD lights which modulate the wavelengths of light. Imagine the uses for health and for meditation and consciousness development!

Mary Lou Jepson
Founder of Open Water and MIT device physicist

Mira Phone App
Tracks employees' blood pressure, pulse, and alpha production

Rewiring the Workplace

Want to rewire the body-minds of people in your workplace via neuroplasticity? Check out this Plasticity Labs website and see how it's done. Plasticity is the first survey and engagement platform to measure workplace culture, employee well-being, and performance. It all starts with questionnaires formulated by Plasticity, which analyze the whole being (work stressors, personal life, external factors). A phone app, called Mira, tracks employees' blood pressure, pulse, and alpha production. Everyone wants to de-stress and humanize corporate culture. By measuring and teaching empathy, emotional intelligence, and gratitude, these folks are doing so from within…um, the only way to do it.

Plasticity the Smile Epidemic

Plasticity, a Canadian company, got its start with The Smile Epidemic, a photographic self-report of what makes people smile. Watch a 3-minute YouTube video to learn more about this contagious project. Anyone can participate. A critical mass of gratitude would certainly spread good vibes across the planet!
The Smile Epidemic
A Consumer Happiness Improvement Project
$50 Meditation Huts in Tibet

A Tibetan Zen monk gave a talk on ways to practice meditation (the breath to move chi, the pulse to activate meridians, light and sound waves to stay focus during the practice of meditation). What we liked best about his talk was a slide showing a mountain village of tents in a Tibetan town. You can buy a ready-built hut for $50. It's yours, then, and you can meditate there for the next 100 years. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Wearable Light Energy

Dr. Lew Lim with Vielight and Reza Zomorrodi of the University of Toronto presented a talk on the Vielight technology, which consists of headgear which, through photobiomodulation (low-level light therapy), is said to transport 40Hz gamma to provide energy for cells which activates microglia in the brain, which in turn modulates the energy and sends it where it needs to go. Dr. Lim said that an Australian man used the Vielight to heal himself of Parkinson's Disease and that 40Hz gamma frequencies, which couple with theta, have proved efficacious for Alzheimer's. Wow! Check it out for yourself.

Judith Pennington
Getting a dose of Vielight photonicbiomodulation.
Makes crazy eyes.

Beverly Rubik
In the biophoton booth at the Institute for Frontier Science

Radionics and Subtle Energies

Biophysicist Beverly Rubik, Ph.D. stretched the imaginations of the Silicon Valley audience with a riveting talk on psychotronics—that is, the study and application of intention and subtle energy on humans and the physical world. "Where the mind goes, qi flows and flesh and blood heal," said Beverly, a founding member of the Fundamental Physics Club, the iconic group at Berkeley which brought in alternative physics. The incoming president of the U.S. Psychotronics Association, she explained that "The biofield is the active organizing field—the mind organizes it" and said that "We radiate extremely low-level light." Indeed, Beverly and her husband, biophysicist Harry Jabs, founders of the Institute for Frontier Science, are measuring biphotonic light in their extraordinary laboratory outside San Francisco.

Watch a superb iAwake/SpiritTech interview of Dr. Rubik on YouTube, and visit the Institute's website to learn about their important and fascinating work.

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