Find Yourself in the Finders Course!
Jeffery A. Martin—the Harvard PhD and trans tech guru who masterminded TransTech 200, Sofia University, and co-founded the Consciousness Hacking movement—invites you to take part in the world's largest experiment in consciousness!
Three Mind Mirror owners participated in the previous 17-week Finders Course and reported significant advances in consciousness. We are now invited to join the next course, which involves a time commitment of 1 to 2 hours per day and weekly Mind Mirror monitoring.

The registration deadline is June 10; the course starts on June 24. This investment of time pays off in persistent non-symbolic advances in consciousness—that is, enlightenment, nonduality, mystical and unitive consciousness, and extraordinary wellbeing. No other biometric data will be gathered in this course, so the only cost per participant (we are hoping for six people!) is $1000. The course normally costs $2,500, but Jeffery is offering it to Mind Mirror people for $1,000.

Please visit this page http://finderscourse.com/register/ and see if you would like to participate in this awesome journey into Ongoing, Non-Symbolic Consciousness (ONE): meaning, higher states of awareness which are explained on the above webpage.

Meditate to see if Finders is looking for you!

To learn more about Jeffery A. Martin, please visit: http://drjefferymartin.com/
To read more about Finders Course, please visit: http://finderscourse.com/
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