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We are delighted with our webinars! Beginning in 2016, we have hosted a superb series of programs on the Mind Mirror, gamma brainwaves, Max Cade and Anna Wise, meditation, healing, music, creativity, neurofeedback, spirituality, and much more. Whether you have joined us online or not, we invite you to watch our best moments cuts from 2016 and 2019!
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Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1.Unlimited Mind-5:
NDE And Beyond with Dr Laurin Bellg

What are the differences between NDEs and OOB travel? Are people changed by these experiences, and if so, in what ways? Can NDErs and OBErs see into the future? What does this say about reality? Is time an illusion, and are we more than we know?
Compelling and inspiring glimpses into dimensions beyond our own are provided by people who die and are resuscitated and by people who travel out of their bodies. Almost invariably, they report that we are not alone and that we are loved beyond comprehension by beings who caringly cheer us on throughout our lives.
Laurin Bellg's super-ordinary accounts of patients' NDEs and OOB travels will amaze and hearten you. If you do not believe in other dimensions of life, this webinar will expand and uplift your perspectives.
Tune in to learn what your unlimited mind can access and how. Bring your mystical and scientific questions. You will enjoy Laurin's warm heart, sharp intelligence, and honest, sincere answers.

Program duration: 2 hrs

2.Mastering Attention:
The Cornerstone of Personal Growth And Quality of Life

Choose any of the popular topics of today—from attention deficit to mindfulness, psychic phenomena, energy work, healing, self-transformation, manifestation—and it all comes down to managing your attention. What is attention? Why do we say attention is energy? Why does the quality of your attention define your quality of life? What can you do to improve both? Practitioner trainer, transpersonal psychologist, and program host Oxana Bondarchuk will approach this all-important subject through psychology, Awakened Mind Training, language, energy perspective and exercises to show that attention is not an abstract concept at all: it can be seen, measured, and felt so that you can self-regulate it and, in doing so, expand your consciousness and horizons, learn more about energy reading.

Program duration: 2 hrs

3. Open Forum: Ask Anything You'd Like To Know About The Mind Mirror
This Q&A program was designed to help Mind Mirror owners "up their game." The questions discussed:
Alpha development word picture meditation
Equipment repairs
Gamma training
How do you become an awakened mind trainer
Training with eyes open and maintaining Alpha
Theta brainwaves and Evolved Mind landmarks
Where to find Instructional How-To Videos
Mind Mirror Portal F
inding a Mind Mirror Practitioner
Undulation in brainwaves

Program duration: 1 hr 48 min

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1. The Power of Intention for Body-Mind Healing

The power of focused healing intention and a unique system for healing the body-mind are the topics of this webinar featuring guest author Bethany Gonyea. A Mind Mirror practitioner and the founder of Resonant Peaceful Cities, a research initiative using intentional coherence meditation to reduce local crime, Bethany developed her approach to healing while working for nearly 30 years as a biofeedback specialist. In her book, Become a Consciousness Athlete: A Step-by-Step Program to Heighten Consciousness for Daily Happiness, she presents with great warmth and wisdom the techniques and practices she developed for self-healing and in turn has effectively taught to hundreds of clients. Click to watch a promo video. Tune in to learn from this master meditation teacher how to occupy your body, regulate your nervous system, heal your heart, access your inner guidance, release attachments, and live peacefully to walk in freedom and joy. During this interview by Judith Pennington, Bethany will present illustrative exercises and lead a heart-healing guided meditation in her beautifully relaxing and melodic voice.

Program duration: 1 hr 37 min

2. The Quantum Healing Power of The Heart:
In Times Between Worlds

With his keen interest in health and a doctoral degree in economics, Arne Heissel made waves in the health care field while working for 16 years with globally leading biotechnology and medical device corporations. Today, this German Awakened Mind Practitioner and newly certified Practitioner Trainer is occupied with waves of a different kind: healing the biofields of hurting people. Whether on Zoom or in person, he enters a state of pure, non-judgmental love and conducts those frequencies into the room. Entraining to his resonant energy field, his clients become aware of hidden trauma and from there can transcend, transform, and heal in lasting ways. Tune in to this webinar to learn about a fascinating phenomenon Arne encountered during his independent study work, hear about his kundalini-stimulated journey to subtle energy healing, and discuss the quantum healing power of the heart. A scientist and a mystic, Arne has a full-spectrum grasp of health and healing. Expect to hear inspiring, startling, and amusing stories and, if you like, share some of your own.

Program duration: 1 hr 54 min

3. Brainwaves Wisdom for Everyday Life:
Insights Into Mastery

During this program Transpersonal Psychologist and Awakened Mind Practitioner Oxana Bondarchuk will share practical knowledge on the application of brainwave states to waking life. This is a practical (not theoretical program) offering nonobvious solutions to everyday challenges in the language of brainwaves: the 'why so' and 'how to' make your life more enjoyable, your behavior and relationship more pleasant, your achievements less costly.
10 messages about the brainwaves of:
- Time and consciousness phenomena
- Problem-solving
- Relationships, communication, conflict resolution, influence
- Stress & addiction
- Genius ESP & madness
- Reading body wisdom
- Psychic and healing energy source
- Mindfulness & spirituality
- Kundalini awakening
We will look at common life situations related to feeling bored or under pressure, stuck, lost/insecure, crazy, unstable, ultra-sensitive, addictive, impulsive, and conflicted then review the ways out to a more balanced life approach. Be assure you will get examples, take-aways, and sometimes we will do short exercises together.

Program duration: 1 hr 37 min

4. Three Journeys for Inner Resources, Power and Balance

This program invites you to train your brain to stay connected with your power and achieve the three most desired outcomes of brainwave training:
- mindfulness, which slows down the brain to attend to the present moment with equanimity; - mastery, adjusting brainwave frequencies, patterns, states, and behaviors to respond appropriately to different situations;
- and health, derived from sustaining the balance between life's demands and our resources.

Practitioner trainer, transpersonal psychologist, and program host Oxana Bondarchuk will guide you through several inner journeys, beginning with a shamanic exercise exploring the animal kingdom to find the qualities and characteristics most helpful to you in life. The second exercise will help you perceive your body as a living map and inner power source that will help you maintain stability in times of need. This exercise works well to heal polarities and trauma.The third exercise, a transformational ritual, will deepen you into a trance state to balance your strengths and weaknesses as a means of staying connected with your resources. As preparation, bring to this program 10 to 15 small objects such pebbles, crystals, nuts, or any small objects found at hand.

Program duration: 1 hr 53 min

5. Tibetan Singing Bowls:
A Consciousness Pitch Tuner

If you want to understand the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" – Nikola Tesla. Einstein and Tesla arrived at the same conclusion: everything (including our bodies) is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When touched by sound, cells and brainwaves reorganize in a logical and harmonious manner.

In this webinar by French Mind Mirror Practitioner Thipphavanh Deovan, a certified Peter Hess Singing Bowl Sound Massage Practitioner, you will experience sound meditations and see in a Power Point presentation how her singing bowls affected the brainwave patterns of several of her clients. Thipphavahn works with highly stressed and traumatized clients and will share how this adjunct to her Mind Mirror practice, along with EFT and qi gong, help restore people to balanced health. Currently living on the island of Mauritius, Tippy is training with Judith as a Practitioner Trainer. She is a diver and dive instructor. Join us for a deep dive into sound and much more.

Program duration: 1 hr 18 min

6. Unlimited Mind-1: Remote Viewer Richard Iardella

Richard proved to be a gifted remote viewer at his first Discovery program at The Monroe Institute in late 2017. He produced a startlingly consistent Awakened Mind, the brainwave pattern of the psychic, while correctly identifying seven of the eight targets during the meditation exercises. But in a 2019 Discovery program, during which a ghost flew to his bedside in the middle of the night and said "Hi," his brainwave patterns had begun to shift toward the Evolved Mind pattern of multi-dimensional awareness and unity. Over the next few years, this TM meditator attended other Monroe programs, listened to Monroe Sound Science recordings, and practiced remote viewing in courses and with online communities. By the February 2023 Discovery program, he had developed a stable 100-hertz Gamma Synchrony pattern, the high-frequency Superconscious Mind, both in meditation and waking life. Nearly 50 years of Mind Mirror research shows that the self-evolving Awakened Mind progressively expands into the Evolved Mind and Gamma Synchrony patterns. Ricci is living proof that intention and commitment can expand awareness quickly and definitively. He did it through meditation, lucid dreaming, Monroe Sound Science, and by honing his remote viewing abilities while working with a leading psychic detective on unsolved homicides and missing persons cases. Tune in to meet this friendly, engaging remote viewer, hear his fascinating stories, and see his remarkable brainwave changes on the Mind Mirror. His accomplishments prove that the consistent exploration and expansion of consciousness develops the wide-open unlimited mind.

BIO: Richard Iardella, a retired detective, worked for 24 years in law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels. He specialized in complex conspiracy cases targeting criminal groups and organizations. This included long-term undercover operations, firearms trafficking, narcotics trafficking, robberies, and homicide investigations. His law enforcement skills, enhanced by his sharp intuition, earned him numerous awards and commendations throughout his career, including his department's Medal of Honor in 1985 and 1986, the Director's Award from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in 2000, and two awards for the Top Cop for Delaware in 2000 and 2001. Following his retirement from law enforcement, he took up the practice of meditation and discovered his gift for remote viewing distant people, places, and situations within his mind's eye. Recently, he has assisted in psychic detective work with a high degree of success.

Program duration: 1 hr 38 min

7. Unlimited Mind 2:
Mystic and Spiritual Teacher Candice Sanderson

Are angels real? Do aliens exist? What happens when we die? How do we live more fully? Why are we here? Who or what is here with us? The answers to those questions and many more are the purview of psychic channel Candice Sanderson, a retired psychologist whose open, loving heart has given her the courage to uplift, inspire, and enlighten the minds of the more than ten thousand people who have bought her books.

In this free-flowing webinar, which invites you to bring questions of your own, Judith interviews Candice about the manifestation of her psychic abilities then shows her highly advanced and sometimes startling Mind Mirror patterns, as recorded during a February 2023 Discovery program at The Monroe Institute. During that program, Candice correctly identified the two remote viewing targets and produced the classic out-of-body brainwave pattern, thus confirming her belief that she has been traveling out of her body into other realities all along.

Tune in to open your mind as we explore the mystical realms lying beyond the world of the senses. The wisdom of the messengers convinced Candice that hope abounds. Perhaps you will be convinced, too.

Candice Sanderson was working as a school psychologist in August 2013 when her life changed. During a ten-minute drive to work, a channel opened in her mind and messages from the world of spirit flowed in. The message was about humanity's progression toward harmony and the multi-dimensional energies available to assist her and everyone else on our journeys through life. Shocked and shy about her sudden ability to psychically channel universal wisdom, Candice was initially reluctant to share her revelations with others, but synchronicities drew her to the path of mystic and teacher. As she followed it, a startling new view of the world emerged, changed her perspectives, and redefined her life. Gradually, she mustered her courage and wrote about what she had learned in two international best-selling books, The Reluctant Messenger: Tales from Beyond Belief (2nd edition, 2022) and The Reluctant Messenger Returns: An Unexpected Adventure into the Angelic Realm (2020), winning acclaim and prestigious awards for her chronicles of the vast expanse of consciousness. Her new series, From the Reluctant Messenger, highlights some of her more unusual explorations into other-dimensional spaces, from conversations with angels and ascended masters to communications with star beings. Visit CandiceSanderson.com to learn about her popular podcasts, YouTube channels, and other social media platforms.

Program duration: 2 hrs

8. Unlimited Mind 3:
Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Healer Dee Merz

How does an ordinary person develop an unlimited mind? And what can that unlimited mind perceive about reality? Can physical reality be changed—and if so, how? Is there life after death, and what does that look like? These are a few of many subjects we will discuss with the superordinary Dee Merz, a California medical intuitive whose unlimited psychic abilities enable her to see illness and its causes and then work with the person's spirit to reintegrate and resolve the issue. Some of her clients want to hear from departed spirits; others are shattered by life circumstances. Dee's powerful psychic insights and gentle, loving nature bring them peace and transformation, often through recorded guided meditations she creates for them. Her empowering meditations help people rewire their beliefs, brains, and bodies while connecting with their own unlimited minds. Judith will share Dee's extraordinary Mind Mirror brainwave patterns from a recent "Discovery" program at The Monroe Institute. We will also discuss Dee's fascinating work as a clairvoyant seer on staff at IONS during a 2021 scientific study on healers.

Dee Merz works as a medical intuitive, spiritual healer and wisdom teacher in her private practice in California. Dating back to childhood, her abilities come from spontaneous awakenings of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and inner knowing. At age 22, she experienced an out-of-body journey in which she encountered pure, radiant love. Told that she was not meant to stay there (just yet) and was free to do whatever she wanted in life, she followed passions inspired by her two grandmothers and became a caterer and later a wedding planner. Both careers refined her sense of precognitively knowing exactly what people wanted. From 1979 to 1989, she belonged to a 13-woman guided meditation group and found that she was able to detect and diagram a prayed-for person's source of illness with no more than their name. She identified the spirits waiting on the other side for dying people, thus enabling them to pass away in peace and joy, and she watched their energy release from the body and float away. She still does this work today. In 2007, Dee's curiosity about how the body, mind, and spirit fit together led her to attend a personal growth retreat, during which three spirit guides gave her certain gifts. In return, she dedicated her life to emanating love toward the peace and reconstruction of humankind.

Dee subsequently enrolled in the Academy of Intuition Medicine (AIM) in Mill Valley, California, a two-year course and remained there as a teacher for the next 15 years. In 2016 she opened her private practice in Sausalito and online in her Sonoma Mountain home as a medical intuitive, spiritual healer, soul retriever, and teacher of Energy Medicine. Using tailored guided imagery meditation, she ushers clients where they need to go for healing. In 2019, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) tested Dee's abilities and invited her to participate in a landmark study on the energetics of healing. Over five months, she honed her ability to be "as still and quiet as an eyeball" inside a Faraday Cage while observing, diagramming, and scribing changes taking place as healers worked on recipients. Today, her clients range from people with undiagnosed illnesses to billionaires needing precognitive help with business timelines and investment decisions. She identifies her work as "spirit to spirit" and loves helping others understand their own energy and how to maintain it.

Program duration: 2 hrs 23 min

9. Unlimited Mind 4:
Bio-Intrinsic Resonant Energy Activator Edd Edwards

Explore the mysteries of healing energy with Edd Edwards, a remarkable healer from the Appalachian Mountains. Uncover the secrets behind his extraordinary abilities, supported by scientific studies and documented brainwave patterns on the Mind Mirror.

Delve into Edd's unique brainwave symmetries, revealing advanced healing capabilities and a deep connection to the non-local field. Scientific investigations showcase Edd's impactful energy generation across various frequencies, offering insights into potential breakthroughs for nervous system disorders.

Discover the power of Edd's Source Energy activation, often referred to as the "Holy Spirit," and witness his gravity waves in action. Despite the challenge of measuring subtle energies, Edd's electrical and magnetic outputs have been studied in labs, resulting in fascinating stories and a must-watch 8-minute video showcasing his unbelievable abilities.
Join us for this rare program that explores the intersection of science and healing, shedding light on the innate abilities within us all. To learn more about Edd Edwards, dive into the comprehensive studies featured in the Eureka Times Newsletter by the Institute for the Awakened Mind: http://iamevents.tilda.ws/mm-research-on-healers

Program duration: 1 hrs 18 min

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1. Out with the Old, In with the New

Join us for an online meditation that will help you release what you do not want in your life and bring in the expansion and positive change that you do. Judith will lead a meditation from her Star of Pure Love album titled "Pure Consciousness." Deepen into your essential being and bring your mind and heart into closer alignment with your greater self. You will feel the change and want to landmark it for new beginnings in 2022.

Program duration: 1 hr 33 min

2. Basic Neurophysiology:
Origin And Function Of Brainwaves

This program was inspired by Awakened Mind Practitioner Trainer Oxana Bondarchuk's experience of a BCIA-Australia Didactic Certification Course for Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice. This long-awaited program will introduce basic neurophysiology of self-regulation mechanisms in neurofeedback. You will learn about brain evolution, basic building blocks of the nervous system/brain and their role in self-regulation, 5 patterns of dysregulation addressed by neurofeedback, core mechanisms behind Peak Performance and Alpha-Theta neurofeedback (closest clinical analogies to the Mind Mirror Awakened Mind training), what modern research and science say about origin, normal/abnormal distribution and function of different brainwave categories (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta, Delta).
All Mind Mirror users and brainwaves surfers are welcome to dive into science and fill in the knowledge gaps and better understand why the Mind Mirror theory says what it says.

Part 1 - Basic Anatomy and Neurophysiology
Part 2 - Alpha Brainwaves
Part 3 - Beta and Theta Brainwaves
Part 4 - Delta and Gamma Brainwaves

Program duration: around 2 hours each

Part 1 - Basic Anatomy and Neurophysiology (CNS)
Presentation Part 1
Part 2 - Alpha Brainwaves
Presentation Part 2
Part 3 - Beta and Theta
Presentation Part 3
Part 4 - Delta and Gamma
Presentation Part 4
3. Stress: Energy Perspective, Brainwaves, Meditation

Learn how the Mind Mirror Meditation Club session may look like from YouTube Premier of online class from Oxana's "Favourite Meditations" course held last year.
Oxana will be talking about Stress from the energy perspective. We will also touch the neurophysiology of stress and the brainwaves of stress, which easily can be looked at as a micromodel for life. There will be also 3 meditations introduced to help you reduce stress and prevent negative responses to potential stressors. You might have come across these meditations before but definitely you might be curious to learn what can be seen and measured by the Mind Mirror.

Program duration: 1 hr 45 min

4. How to Analyze the Mind Mirror Session

The Mind Mirror allows us to 'slice and dice' the data collected from the electrodes into various forms of reports and charts. In this program Oxana will take you through the presentation showing the logical order of questions to ask and reports to run that she is using in her work. She will also remind where to find the reports both in Vilistus and the Mind Mirror portal and how to interprete them. Each report is accompanied with good representative real session(s) examples.

Whether you are just starting to work with the Mind Mirror as a Self-Trainer or Practitioner or already have some experience, this is a great refresher of technical essentials and a chance to fill in your blind spots and gain confidence in interprentation of the Mind Mirror readings.

See the Presentation
Program duration: 2 hr 9 min

5. Energy Reading And The Mind Mirror:
It's All About Perspective - 2

Our previous program on Energy Reading and the Mind Mirror (click to watch if you have not seen it) was stimulated by the COVID-19 virus. Did we get the lesson? A year later, transpersonal psychologist Oxana Bondarchuk revisits this topic with new insights and understanding of energy as well as helpful keys and anchors on how to sustain our mental health and further awaken our awareness in these even more turbulent times.

Besides (mental) health itself, we will review these subjects from an energetic perspective: life as well as truth, healing, stress, crisis, depression, disease, trauma, perception, attention, fear, uncertainty, creativity, and spirituality.
We'll refresh metaphors behind Mind Mirror brainwave patterns and look into the universal laws of energy flow (as described by Berth Hellinger known for his Family and Systemic Constellations work as well as Movements of the Spirit-Mind) to see how they correspond to Mind Mirror brainwave categories interaction.

We'll play with short exercises and meditations to test and challenge your perspectives (including navigating the brainwaves on demand) to help you go beyond the ordinary, mundane, and material. Lastly, you will experience the Personal Transformation meditation from the Mind Mirror Portal's Meditation Center to help you develop energy vision and better manage your energy resources, thus improving your ability with withstand stress.

See the Presentation
See the Personal Transformation Meditation (hometask)
Program duration: 2 hr 7 min

6. Energy Perspective of Trauma

Transpersonal psychologist/neurofeedback student Oxana Bondarchuk presents a timely program in taking a wider and deeper look at personal and collective trauma. She found that she could not fully embrace her role in a helping profession without first healing her own trauma, even though she was not aware of any particularly shocking precipitating event. She felt that her life experiences were perfectly normal, yet she was an extremely sensitive person, which energetic sensitivity is often an outcome of trauma. In this program, she shares what she found in herself as it relates to every consciousness explorer. Oxana will talk about the deep energetic essence of trauma and whether there is a precipitating factor to it or the trauma relates to being an imperfect human in our limiting and traumatizing world.
Because alpha-theta trauma healing is foundational to Awakened Mind development, she will suggest ways to approach this work in yourself and others, covering the types of trauma; subjective and objective Mind Mirror indicators of trauma; how to deal with trauma as a therapist or someone in a helping profession; and whether trauma can be healed energetically and in the mind and body.

Read the Article
Program duration: 2 hr 1 min

7. Open Doors Meditation Club
This was the plast program for 2023 and we decided to open the doors and invite everyone to our Mind Mirror Meditation Club session to try "Illuminated door" meditation by Judith Pennington. Enter the Akashic Library to read your fascinating Book of Life and revisit your hopes, desires and dreams for 2023! Don't forget your headphones to enjoy the sound! As usually, we will share our meditation experiences, meditate together and look at the brainwaves for this meditation!

Program duration: 1 hr 55 min

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1. Brainwaves of Australian Mediums

This is the logical continuation of November 2020 webinar "Brainwaves of Australian Mediums". If you enjoyed the previous program that presented the basics or the general overview of my insights into the mediums brainwaves, you are very welcome to this one too. This time we will have a closer look at some interesting cases: mainly, see how mediums brainwaves responded to certain meditations and behaved during most exciting experiments, including a successful channelling (we will watch as well as listen to thanks to the Mind Mirror voice recording function), reading and healing experiments.

Program duration: 1 hr 25 min

2. Neurophysiology of Love

Scientific research by the Institute of HeartMath has proved that stimulating feelings of love, caring, and appreciation creates heart-brain coherence which in turn increases heart rate variability and extends life. Other research shows that from neurochemistry to biofield coherence, nothing heals the body and advances consciousness more than the power of love. It's an age-old concept. Yet few people use this "technology" to improve their lives. Why not?
In this open forum, we discuss answers to that question, look at the brainwave patterns of love, and experience a guided Meditation on Love that provides landmarks for your return to this higher state of consciousness. Tune in to tune up your mind, body, and spirit.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

3. The Anna Wise Protocol:
ABC of the Awakened Mind Training

For the past 45 years, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have awakened their awareness by experiencing the Anna Wise Protocol. The protocol involves guided meditations that help meditators find landmarks for each of the four primary brainwave categories and then orchestrate them into the ideal Awakened Mind pattern of clarity, creativity, insight, intuition, and spiritual connection. While the neurofeedback cues in the Mind Mirror's self-training program have proven to be highly successful in stimulating this pattern of creative flow and peak performance, attaining and conditioning the Awakened Mind is much faster and more reliable with the simultaneous use of the protocol's meditations. In this webinar, we explain the Anna Wise Protocol, how practitioners use it to train their clients, and how self-trainers can benefit from it through the "Seminar 1: Awakening" album now available in the Mind Mirror Portal. Tune in for "aha's" and a guided self-discovery meditation that brings the protocol to life in vivid technicolor. This program offers self-trainers exciting new horizons in the world of Awakened Mind training. See the meditation guide to Anna Wise Protocol

Program duration: 1 hr 53 min

4. Clinical Neurofeedback:
Perspectives and Practices

Learn from a Mind Mirror consciousness explorer about the clinical applications of neurofeedback and biofeedback. Paula Pugliese, a registered nurse, certified HeartMath trainer, and board-certified neurofeedback/biofeedback specialist, will explain how neurofeedback works and its relationship to Mind Mirror brainwave training. She will explain her use of Quantitative EEG (QEEG) brain mapping to guide Z-score protocols for people seeking to self-regulate their brain function, alleviate the symptoms of dysregulation, and withdraw from prescription and non-prescription drugs. Paula will also elaborate on her use of Awakened Mind meditations at a residential treatment facility for men seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. If you have an interest in neurofeedback and the brain, this program offers a rich opportunity to learn and ask questions about this discipline.

Program duration: 2 hr 32 min

5. Fortune Cookies: Recipes for a Master in Training
This whimsical webinar offers the wit and wisdom of Garth Fisher, a social worker and Mind Mirror explorer with worlds of experience in biofeedback, healing, intuitive reading, and esoteric study. Garth's book, Fortune Cookies: Recipes for a Master in Training, is filled with gems of insight that elevate the spirit and will provide us with lots of food for thought and discussion. Pick a page number. Or ask Garth to connect with you intuitively and sense the reading that's meant for you. Here's a sample: "Say what your heart is longing for, but say it in positive and finished words." Tune in for "ah-ha" revelations—and share with the group your own wisdom and insight. Expect lively discussions and outbursts of laughter.

Program duration: 1 hr 02 min

6. Kundalini:
Who's Got It and Who Wants It?

Kundalini has been called "the most mysterious force in the universe." We know through experiencers and lab studies that kundalini is the bioelectrical energy of the physical body united with the energy of the cosmos. It awakens slowly and gently through meditation but can also be a spontaneous explosion of bliss and self-realization. The "coiled serpent" at the base of the spine is probably wired into our DNA, and when it's activated, the life force amplifies in the limbic brain and throughout the body, mind, heart, and spirit. We shift from a personal identity to a timeless, boundless awareness of the universal self. Sometimes referred to as "inner sunlight," kundalini activates new potentials in the brain and bestows extraordinary intellectual, supersensory, and artistic gifts. What do the brainwaves of kundalini look like? Why are so many people afraid of the kundalini arousal? What are the negative symptoms, who experiences them, and how can they be minimized? Tune in to this fascinating webinar's Power Point show by Judith Pennington and enjoy a few experiential exercises. Learn how kundalini is the doorway to transcendence and a quantum leap in human consciousness. You are warmly invited to share your own experiences.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

7. Energy Reading and The Mind Mirror:
It's All About Perspective

When you embark on the Mind Mirror journey, whether you train as an Awakened Mind practitioner or train yourself, it will inevitably expand your consciousness and shift your perspective, taking you to a grander, wiser self. The Mind Mirror reflects this shift in perspective in brainwave patterns we relate to different states of consciousness. Brainwave theory as we see it with the Mind Mirror is also a great metaphor for understanding the energetic blueprint of creation.

This webinar is for anyone who is interested in shifting perspective and developing your own energy reading approach (which I use as a synonym for psychic reading). I will touch on how I 'see the energy' behind the words like miracle, spirituality, evil, creativity, life, sin, love, joy, fear, life, creativity, mood, manifestation, crises, depression.

I hope to stretch and move the angles of your perception by inviting you to look at life from the energy point of view. Being energy-literate is absolutely essential these days, since we need to differentiate truth and see a bigger perspective now more than ever. Energy being the common denominator, you will no longer need complex theories to know where the problem is. You may not hear anything dramatically new. But if I manage to open up the curtains of my intuitive kitchen as well as shift or broaden the edges and angels of your perspective, my mission will be fulfilled.

Program duration: 1 hr 44 min
See the presentation
8. The Stroboscopic Flicker of Consciousness:
Body Relaxed, Mind Awake, Deep Healing

Max Cade and Geoff Blundell conducted thousands of meditation sessions with the accompaniment of the strobe, a light therapy that entrains brainwaves to various states of consciousness depending on the flicker rate.

Peter Staples and Neil Hancock, students and cohorts of Max and Geoff, will share their recollections of these classes and the sometimes extraordinary effects the strobe had on people in the classes.
Mind Mirror software engineer Stephen Clark will tell us about a light therapy device developed by Vilistus for EMDR training by a psychiatric nurse working with veterans experiencing PTSD.

British neurophysiologist and EEG sleep expert Paul Gerry will share his plans for a therapeutic strobe as well as scientific research on 40Hz light therapy training showing improvements in people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease. Tune in for this open discussion on light therapy!

Program duration: 1 hr 37 min
Article by Geoffrey Blundell on the strobe
9. 12 Amazing Facts on EEG,
Neurotherapy and the Human Brain

This program was inspired by Awakened Mind Practitioner Trainer Oxana Bondarchuk's experience of a BCIA-Australia Didactic Certification Course for Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice. Coming from academic and transpersonal psychology, Oxana discovered a lot of exciting facts from psychophysiology and neuroscience that she will share to complement what we know from the Mind Mirror work. This information will definitely tickle your cognitive receptors as well as enhance your understanding of the Mind Mirror work and the great advancements of EEG, neurotherapy, and the magnificent nature of the human brain.

Program duration: 2 hr 21 min
Presentation Slides

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1. Mind Mirror Portal

In this webinar—appropriately timed to the beginning of the new year—software developer and Mind Mirror Practitioner explains and shows the ground-breaking concepts and capabilities of The Mind Mirror Portal. The subscription-based Portal is an open door to a Mind Mirror community website providing automated data analysis, innovative new ways of viewing your sessions, and trend charts for all instruments. The Portal will provide access to an array of previously unpublished Awakened Mind guided meditations embedded in a program that matches the text to the brainwave patterns you produce, thus providing you with internal landmarks for higher states of awareness. This Awakened Mind guided-meditation program (including tracks by Max Cade, Anna Wise, and Judith Pennington) will be available, for the first time, for the personal evolution and spiritual growth of self-trainers and the clientele of Awakened Mind practitioners! Above, see how beautifully data synchs up in a dual-hemisphere Composite Display with a movable bar that scrolls to your Mind Mirror patterns and soon your heart rate readings! You can even create markers that display your brainwave patterns without listening to a guided meditation. Be sure to tune in and learn about the Portal's remarkable capabilities and how it can serve you and others. This is your high-tech gateway to enhanced data views, quick analysis, and easy record-keeping. See how The Mind Mirror Portal can earn income for you while networking and building our global community. Watch short video announcement of this program.

Program duration: 1 hr 21 min

2. Global Peaceful Cities Project:
Experiments in the Power of Meditative Coherence

This webinar is hosted by newly certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer Bethany Gonyea, founding director of the non-profit organization Numinous, sponsor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project. GPCP is dedicated to focusing peaceful intention within a series of communities each year in order to measurably reduce violence at the city level. In 2018, a week-long Peaceful Cities project in Schenectady, New York, reduced crime by an astonishing 25 percent. Be sure to learn more about this important effort toward local and global peace and to participate in the upcoming Albany Peace Week. Learn more at PeacefulCities.org. Also watch: "MEMORY LANE: ANQUAN MCLEAN"

Program duration: 50 min

3. Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Human Evolution

This is an interview about "Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Human Evolution" with transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy teacher, trainer, author, publisher and film maker, scientist, Vladimir Maykov Ph.D., conducted in April 2020. In this interview we are looking for the answers to the central questions of all spiritual seekers: spirituality, meditation, trauma, healing, transpersonal psychology, human evolution. We are exploring these questions with Vladimir and with the quite famous characters of his documentary "The Dance of Infinity", the fragments of which you will find incorporated in this video. Please activate English subtitles to better understand the main speaker.

Program duration: 1 hr 1 min

Learn more about this program
Read the interview with Vladimir Maykov

4. Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Human Evolution-2

This is a follow-up Zoom meeting about "Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Evolution-2" with transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy teacher, trainer, author, publisher and film maker, scientist, Vladimir Maykov Ph.D.,conducted in April 2020. In this video Vladimir is telling us more about heroes journeys, his favourite meditation techniques, 12 ancient practices of psychotherapy and tools for evolution.

Read the interview with Vladimir Maykov

Program duration: 1 hr 22 min

5. Zen of Heard Times:
Healing in Community

The global stay-at-home order has been a joy for some people and a curse for others. Now that it's almost time to open our doors and rejoin the human race, let's talk about it. How have you been coping? What's been the hardest aspect of the lock-down? Has it been a growth opportunity in any way? Have you been meditating more?

In the second part of this program (start to watch from experiment), as suggested by Mind Mirror owner Tony Bolan, we do an experiment and test how praise , gratitude and foriveness affect the brainwaves. Watch the brainwaves live! At the end of this webinar, we will all send healing energy to the world. Join us to open it now, as one mind, one community, sitting in healing meditation together.

See experiment analysis and original sessions

Program duration: 1 hr 38 min

6. Intentional Coherence Meditation:
Brainwave Livestreaming via MindMirrorPortal.com

The Mind Mirror Portal opened in June 2020 . At noon on June 20 (EST), participants from across the U.S. and different countries hooked themselves up to the Mind Mirror EEG to measure their brainwave patterns during a 20-minute meditation written by Bethany Gonyea, the founder of Global Peaceful Cities Project, sponsored by the non-profit organization NUMINOUS, who trains communities on the use of proven intentional meditative techniques to reduce violence and increase peace. The meditation contained brainwave coherence-inducing audio support composed by Robert Holbrook, innovations director for The Monroe Institute. Eight people located in the U.S., France, and India were hooked up to their Mind Mirrors. They connected with the Portal's new Group Monitoring application, which allowed viewers to watch their anonymous brainwave patterns in real time. This remarkably innovative and unprecedented application was created by software genius and Mind Mirror Portal developer who networked the participants' brainwaves and then averaged them into a single group pattern. After the meditation, Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) founder Judith Pennington commented on the brainwave changes observed. Watch how it was in this webinar recording.

Program duration: 59 min

Read more about this event

7. Grand Opening of the Mind Mirror Portal

Tune in to this exciting webinar to explore the Mind Mirror Portal, a global consciousness network created by software visionary. The Portal's innovative features will delight you. Automatic upload of your Mind Mirror recordings, past and present, with automated data analysis of everything from signal quality and coherence reports to whole-session and segmented Mind Mirror Summaries. Categorized session storage and trend charts for all brainwave patterns and training levels. And the game-changing Meditation Viewer: the dynamic Composite Display with its moving Mind Mirror; and below them, your brainwave patterns displayed next to time-annotated scripts of guided meditations from the mind-expanding Meditation Center. We created everything you asked for—and more. Join us for the big reveal of the fastest and most reliable way to deepen your meditations and develop your brainwaves. Join the Network and take yourself, your income, and the Mind Mirror to the next level.
Mind Mirror Portal How-to Videos page

Program duration: 1 hr 40 min

8. The Mind Mirror Portal Meditation Centre and Meditation Viewer

The Portal's Meditation Center and Meditation Viewer cordially invite you to an extraordinary adventure in consciousness and the quickest, most effective meditation and brainwave training system in existence. Seventeen newly recorded albums and five classic albums invite you to relax, create, discover, dissolve the barriers between you and who you really are, transcend time and space, and unite with unlimited aspects of yourself.

Free download to "Magic Potion" Meditation
Mind Mirror Portal How-to Videos page

Program duration: 1 hr 37 min

9. In, Out and Through

iAwake's publication of "In, Out & Through, a two-volume album, is a momentous occasion. The series includes three of Anna Wise's most powerful higher-state meditations, which are receiving spectacular, rave reviews from beta testers and thousands of buyers. During the program, we will talk with iAwake founder John Dupuy and musician/audio technologist Leigh Spusta about brainwave entrainment, how binaural beats affect the brain and consciousness, the story behind the music created for the meditations, and much more

Program duration: 1 hr 36 min

10. Brainwaves of Australian Mediums

In this webinar, Awakened Mind Practitioner Oxana Bondarchuk shares her insights and observations from the Brainwaves Training for Mediums that she conducted for Wallacia Development Centre in Sydney. By mediums here, we imply not only the ones who talk to the spirits of the dead but anyone with a hypersensitive ability to read, heal, channel, psychically move objects with what they claim to be help from the other side. It will be of interest to everyone who is interested in developing intuition and pushing the limits of the human norm.

See presentation used during this webinar

Program duration: 2 hr 10 min

11. The Magical Hookup and Other Holiday Bits and Bobs

We presented a slide show that you might want to take a look at, just to see what IAM accomplished in 2020 and what exciting things lie ahead for this coming year. Click here to scroll through the slide show:
See presentation used during this webinar

Program duration: 1 hr 40 min

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1. Winning Mindset

What keeps people from setting goals and achieving them? According to David Fairweather., author of Winning Mindset: Psychological Strategies That Drive You to Succeed, thought patterns play a role and so does focus. What happens in the subconscious mind makes all the difference. We have blind spots, and until we can see through them, we are defined by the past and the self-programming wired into the brain and body.

This interview with David, a Mind Mirror practitioner, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, masterful writer, and very funny person, will address topics ranging from the all-important Reticular Activating System to how people get stuck and, most importantly, how to tap into your excellence. Bring questions and plan to ask them during this open interview. You will be informed and entertained by this excellent speaker.

Program duration: 1 hr 12 min

2. Manifest Your Desires

It's no secret, Awakened Mind Training leads to the development of psychic abilities. Our community members and dear guests have an open-flow discussion sharing their wisdom about the nature of desire and manifestation. We talk about where the desire comes from, how to manifest dreams, how to turn dreams into goals, what destiny and luck is, setting a good direction for the year of 2019.

Program duration: 1 hr 45 min

3. Fresh from the Field: Superconscious!

Over the past few months, Judith has seen some extraordinary brainwave patterns which have significantly expanded the Mind Mirror knowledge base, especially with regard to 100Hz readings. In this program she shares with you people's stories of superconscious awareness and their gamma-infused brainwave patterns. She will also illustrate the use and importance of the Coherence Reports available in the optional Mind Mirror Features Pack. Tune in to see how "high" people are traveling and how they get there.

Program duration: 2 hr 51 min

Link to 'The Timeline'Meditation by Judith Pennington
Link to 'The Wise One' Meditation by Judith Pennington
Link to SAM Meditations From The Monroe Institute
Link to Mystical Scale coming soon...
4. Archeology 301: Digging into Mind Mirror Data (Superconscious II)

Two new data analysis tools—Composite Displays and Coherence Reports—provide ways to dive into recordings and come up with jewels of insight and information. The Composite Display allows you to see brainwave changes over the course of the session. Coherence Reports, based on interhemispheric amplitude symmetry, shows increases in mental efficiency and brainwave mastery. During this program, Judith shows how to use these tools while analyzing the brainwave patterns of two advanced meditators who are superconscious! While exploring more about superconscious states, learn the technicalities of how to obtain clean data that provides you with irrefutable conclusions and publishable research. This is leading edge work for Mind Mirror self-trainers and practitioners.

Program duration: 2 hr 8 min

5. Open Forum-1

'Open Forum' is the first webinar of a series where we invite anyone to ask any questions about the Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind Training. During these program, you will get the answers to the following questions:
00:01:09 How to save and print the Mind Mirror reports?
00:05:02 How to save (export) sessions to the Jump Drive? Problems when saving to Dropbox or Cloud.
00:17:00 How to set the Mind Mirror for the self-training neurofeedback mode, e.g. audio feedback while self-training? What options do we have there?
00:31:10 How do you get from one training level to the next (esp. training level 5 to 4)? How do you interpret percentages for the training levels, what do they mean?
00:34:12 How to remove artifacts and get segmented Mind Mirror statistics?
00:35:01 Gamma meditation, how it works for people?
00:36:15 How to read Mind Mirror Summary windows after the session?
00:46:40 How to check/enforce your symmetry (incl. symmetry report from the features pack).
00:49:47 How to select a music to train a brainwave pattern?
00:50:12 Is there a visual feedback available for self-training?
00:53:50 Possible reasons for flickering stop lights problem (incl. electrodes connection spots)?
00:58:43 Can you re-use the electrodes?
1:00:20 How you can reorder new electrodes? Experiments with saline (salt water) solution silver electrodes. Anna's electrodes and headband.
1:05:36 What are subjective experiences associated with Awakened and Evolved Mind Patterns?

Program duration: 1 hr 24 min
6. Open Forum-2

'Open Forum-2' is the second webinar of a series where we invite anyone to ask any questions about the Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind Training. During these program, we raised the following questions:
00:00:56:24 More about alternative to paste - saline electrodes
00:08:17:21 Judith's ideas on a new headset; Anna's old headset demonstration
00:12:13:12 Mind Mirror benefits and investment justification compared to other devices
00:20:45:06 More about the temperature meter, ES meter
00:31:20:02 Mind Mirror VS other equipment (Muse)
00:36:02:24 Why these particular electrode connection spots were selected for the Mind Mirror?
00:39:58:03 Schumann resonance and Awakened Mind pattern
00:45:28:18 How electronic impulses from the brain are transformed into the pattern that we see on the screen?
01:06:02:10 Hints on finding the points for a Mind Mirror hook-up
01:09:01:00 How long does it take to train Awakened Mind? Can I do it myself?

Program duration: 1 hr 19 min
7. Gathering the Healing Energy
for Transmission to Others

Anna Wise was a brilliant meditation author and guide. Like Max Cade, she understood that nothing evolves brainwaves and consciousness like transmitting the energy of love, caring, and compassion to self and others. Today's neuroscientists and holistic physicians agree, as do all healers and the most ancient spiritual traditions. Judith discusses the scientific background and the brainwave changes involved, and then share an exciting new study she authored with best-selling author and EFT/EcoMeditation guru Dawson Church, which Mind Mirror research has just been published in the Energy Psychology Journal. The best convincer, of course, is direct personal experience, so tune in to this program, close your eyes, and feel the power of group energy healing while Judith guides you through Anna's 30-minute meditation.

Program duration: 1 hr 22 min

Link to EFT/EcoMeditation Study

8. Self-Trainers Speak!

During this program we invited IAM community members to get together and ask the questions as well as share their practices and experiences with or without the Mind Mirror. In this program we were answering questions asked by our self-trainers (see below) as well as talked about the brainwave patterns of creativity, insight... about healing and how meditation may help you heal or prepare to traditional surgery... tips on how to open and sustain open-eyes Alpha... Gamma sensitivity issue and training Gamma...
Has anyone recorded their brain waves during a creative activity (e.g. painting) and seen the effects? Has anyone created a process or practice for solving problems and divining intuitive answers?
If anyone had a problem that they wanted to be resolved and get feedback from the field (higher consciousness), is there a process to be used to help the answers arise?
Is there a specific pattern that you will go into with a Healing Circle meditation
How often do you train?
Having attended the August Discovery week at The Monroe Institute. There at least one subject had an out-of-body experience and apparently saw a hidden object that even the experimenters didn't know was there. How often does this happen?
How can you maximize the efficiency or get most our of your hook-up self-training session? Any strategies used?
Is it OK to train different patterns during one session? For example, Gamma Synchrony and Evolved Mind? Any contraindicative to each other patterns, or supportive?
Healer Judith worked with had dominant left brain Gamma, would you recommend training this left brain Gamma rather than Gamma Synchrony?
What would be an advice for someone interested in learning more about how to induce, train and integrate Gamma?
What protocol of self-training programs and meditations would you recommend for someone with anxiety?

Program duration: 1 hr 58 min

Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback in the 21st Century: A Handbook for Clinicians and Researchers (Expanded 2nd Ed.)
9. Truth, Wisdom & One-Pointed Goals

What set you on a journey within to meditation and greater self-awareness? What truth and wisdom have you discovered and what, if anything, do you feel is lacking in your life? What do you desire and how can it be attained? Do you have one-pointed goals, and if so, toward what accomplishment?

A meditation in this program will guide you to the voice of your heart to hear, feel, see, or sense one-pointed goals. These are the ones which matter the most and are possible for you to accomplish with ease. Manifesting them will inevitably enhance your inner peace and happiness. What could matter more? Tune in and be enlightened by yourself and the Mind Mirror community.

Enjoy the warm, intelligent, sensitive truth seekers of the Mind Mirror community sharing their very personal meditation experiences… great, inspiring, insightful, healing or challenging… and exploring the essence of true goals, truth, health, biofeedback, trauma, and awakened mind meditation.

Program duration: 2 hr 11 min
10. Reconnect to The Essential Self for Healing Chronic Illness, Depression and Trauma

This is the webinar hosting Dr Andrea Pennington, an integrative medicine physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher & sex educator. She is also a bestselling author, international TEDx speaker and Founder of the #RealSelfLove Movement. In this webinar, Andrea tells the story of her depression and a miraculous healing via out-of-body near-death-like experience that lead her to the place of unconditional self-acceptance and real self-love, and then, to research of neuroscience, the world's spiritual traditions, and energy psychology. A 5-step framework emerged, The Cornerstone Process, presented in The Real Self Love Handbook. This book includes the latest in-depth research from positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, compassion and life planning. Join us during this webinar to learn about the 5-step path to health and healing and experience Andrea's famous Attunement meditation.

Program duration: 1 hr 53 min
11. The Best of 2019, What's Up in 2020!

We had a great year in 2019, and in this program's video and slide show, we invite you to review the programs we did, revisit a series of best brightest, touching, inspiring, blissful, insightful, transformational moments with us. This is also a gratitude program. We say thank you to all speakers and active participants, (re)introducing community members to each other and welcoming new practitioners and practitioner trainees! We also present our exciting plans for 2020!

Also watch 30-minutes Best Moments video
(not covered by the program)

Program duration: 1 hr 57 min

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1. Psi and Psychic Awareness

Psychic awareness was of keen interest to Mind Mirror inventor Max Cade, an unbiased scientist who served as secretary of the British Society of Psychical Research. Remote viewing science refers to psychic awareness as "anomalous perception," but for Max it was just plain "listening to the soul."

This fascinating program features neurofeedback researcher, Dr. Don Wilde , and three Mind Mirror owners including social worker and Spiritualist reader Garth Fisher and two mediums, teacher Suzanne Tempel and counselor Jessica Blanding. They talk about their mystical awakening to unseen worlds and how they use their intuitive abilities to serve this one. Learn how the coherent brainwaves of meditation heighten intuitive awareness and attune us to the superordinary sixth sense of the psychic.

Program duration: 1 hr 40 min

2. The Mind Mirror Pattern Editor

Watch Vilistus software engineer Steve Clark demonstrating the new Mind Mirror Pattern Editor, the most exciting and versatile addition to the software since the statistical Training Summary. This easy-to-use neurofeedback approach to brainwave training puts your pattern in your own hands.
The Pattern Editor also features neurofeedback's auto thresholding, providing a two-minute assessment of brainwave production then gradually challenging the brain to meet the pattern goal. A second new software innovation, Vilistus FadeBack, integrates your own music, video, and games into the self-training program as rewards for eyes open and eyes closed meditation and peak performance practice. Gary Groesbeck and Judith Pennington, who brainstormed the Pattern Editor with Steve Clark, will discuss potential ways to use this remarkable instrument to fine-tune your patterns, boost your brainpower, and fast-track your expansion of consciousness.

Program duration: 1 hr 22 min

3. Case Studies - Folio 4: Healing Brain Injury

In this webinar Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner, Suzanne Tempel tells about how she uses the Mind Mirror to help people with brain injuries:
"All of my brain-damaged clients have reported improvements after working with the Mind Mirror, some of them quite remarkable improvements and sometimes without showing any pattern change in the Mind Mirror. The brain has this natural ability to adapt and find new neurological pathways if some of them are cut off. I have found that the Mind Mirror can play a role in the recovery of these clients. In this case study I will tell their stories"

Program duration: 1 hr 18 min

4. Explorations of Consciousness with The Monroe Institute

IAM's historic studies with The Monroe Institute provide us with pioneering data on changes of consciousness in large, simultaneously monitored groups of people within a controlled environment. Tune in to this program to see the remarkable effects of Hemi-Sync binaural beats and SAM (gamma) audio technology on brain balancing, refinement of the Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony patterns, and the extension of those patterns all the way up to 100Hz. Sound technology expert Robert Holbrook will explain his delivery of gamma beats through his innovative Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) technology; TMI's use of brainwave entrainment to conduct people into higher levels of awareness; and his own work with SAM and military veterans with PTSD. Judith Pennington will present Mind Mirror findings in a Power Point show on TMI's June 2017 "Journey to Happiness" program. See how we used the Mind Mirror's data analysis tools to reach our conclusions and how you can use them to track changes in your own states of consciousness.

Program duration: 2 hrs 30 min

5. Energy Healing in Higher States of Consciousness

Mind Mirror studies have shown since Max Cade's time that healing occurs within our well-known Awakened Mind and Evolved Mind brainwave patterns. But nowadays, we also see the involvement of gamma frequencies. How does healing occur, and what do gamma waves have to do with it? Judith Pennington addresses these questions in a preview of a Power Point show she prepared for the Energy Psychology Conference being held in Paris May 26-27. These narrated visuals explain her theories on how healing works and trace 15 years of her Mind Mirror research with hands-on healers and self-healers. She shares their stories, methods, and Mind Mirror patterns. This journey into the heart of healing includes not only the brainwave patterns of hands-on energy healers and recipients, but also people who have healed themselves via HemiSync and SAM audio technology at The Monroe Institute. You will also see the brainwave patterns of self-healers attending Dr. Dawson Church's "tapping" seminars in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) at the Omega Institute and the Open Center in New York. Tune in to be inspired and encouraged about your brain's ability to access higher levels of awareness to heal self and others.

Program duration: 1 hr 57 min

6. Dreams, Embodied Imagination,
and the Creative Mind

This webinar focuses on the relationships between dreams and creativity. In a Power Point show, Richard Szuster, M.D., a psychiatrist and Mind Mirror owner based in Hawaii, looks at historical examples of dream creativity and reflects on the neurophysiology of waking, dreaming and the creative process. Next he takes the viewer through an unprecedented case series study he conducted on the Mind Mirror 6 using Embodied Imagination (EI). Developed by the Jungian psychoanalyst Robert Bosnak, EI is a novel method of working with dreams in a hybrid state of waking awareness which involves direct engagement with dream images (not to be confused with lucid dreaming, which occurs in sleep). This fascinating program is the first empirical evaluation of the neurophysiology of EI along with its impact on the creative process. See how Dr. Szuster used the Mind Mirror and its statistical analytics to map EI's success in helping his subjects clear blocks to their creative endeavors—and, along the way, further awaken their awareness.

Program duration: 1 hr

The books (mentioned during the webinar):
- Bosnak, R. (2007). Embodiment: Creative imagination in medicine, art and travel. New York, NY: Routledge.
- Corbin, H., (1972). Mundus imaginalis, the imaginary and the imaginal. Spring, 1972 pp. 1-19
7. The Languages of the Subconscious:
Interpreting Meditation and Dream Imagery

The brilliantly creative subconscious and unconscious mind send imagery up to conscious beta in REM sleep, lucid dreams, waking life, and in the higher states of awareness known as Meditation and the Awakened Mind. Interpreting this imagery is easy to do and vitally important. Employing a few simple techniques to access and understand internal imagery strengthens neural pathways between the beta conscious mind and the theta-delta subconscious and unconscious and thus awakens awareness as nothing else can.

This lively working group discusses the subconscious mind's unique symbol system and how to recall and interpret images and dreams that awaken us to higher—and happier—states of awareness.

Program duration: 2 hr 8 min

8. Advanced Data Analysis on the Mind Mirror 6

In this webinar Judith Pennington demonstrates two free features and several exciting new analytical tools included in the Mind Mirror Features Pack: the long-awaited Voice Recording capability; the Pattern Editor which allows you to self-train brainwave patterns of your own design; Coherence Reports for ascertaining brainwave amplitude symmetry and synchrony; HRV Resonant Frequency Tuning with the BVP sensor for optimizing consciousness through the breath; and the Emotional State Meter which tracks awareness through the combined use of GSR and Temperature sensors.

Program duration: 1 hr 39 min

Read more about Mind Mirror features here
9. Imagine Yourself Well: Intuition for Self-Healing

How can you use your imagination to heal yourself and your life? That's the topic of this webinar led by Frank DeMarco, author of Imagine Yourself Well: A Practical Guide to Using Visualization to Improve Your Health and Your Life. Frank will discuss how to connect beyond time and space to your non-3D aspect to correct internal imbalances, improve your health, and change your circumstances in life. A superb communicator and prolific author with a warm-hearted sense of humor, he will share techniques that anyone can use to reprogram their "robots," tap into intuitive knowing, and shift from helpless victim to "consulting detective." Tune in to your 3D self and change your life to the way you want it to be and know that it can be.

Program duration: 1 hr 55 min

10. The Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Whether it starts spontaneously or during your Awakened Mind training, how do you know that you are spiritually awakening? What is it? What does it feel like, and what change or changes are occurring or have occurred in your life? How do you know what to look for? And what does it mean?

In this webinar, we share our stories, and learn about spiritual awakening from the viewpoint of brainwave theory and Awakened Mind practice. Consciousness transformation can be registered and is reflected in the change of your electrical brain activity. Decades of research of awakened people, yogi's, healers, etc., show what it looks like. Tune in – and lift up!

Program duration: 1 hrs 46 min

See the Power Point Presentation here:
The Signs of Spiritual Awakening presentation

11. The Dynamic Brain in Meditation

This highly relevant and thought-provoking webinar addresses the neurophysiology of meditation and the dynamics of the brain networks involved in meditation practice. Presenter Leonardo Mascaro, who holds a master's degree in neuroscience and is a psychologist with more than 25 years of experience, is an Awakened Mind Consciousness trainer certified by Anna Wise. In addition, he trained as a neurotherapist with another illustrious teacher, Dr. Margaret Ayers. Leonardo uses 19-channel neurofeedback to help clients heal issues ranging from autism and depression to dyslexia and panic disorder.

Program duration: 1 hrs 23 min

See presentation files here:
Presentation by Leonardo Mascaro: .ppt
Presentation by Leonardo Mascaro: .key

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos

1. Sleep Stages and the Mind Mirror:
What the Sleep State Tells Us About Consciousness

This is an excellent presentation by expert (with 40 years experience) sleep scientist, psychologist and coach, Deborah Sewitch Ph.D.. This program will enhance your understanding of consciousness and better understand Awakened Mind through the prism of new knowledge about sleep patterns.

Program duration: 1 hr 59 min

2. Favorite Landmarks and Practices -2
Interview with David Fairweather

This is another interview from the 'Landmarks' series, carried out by Oxana Bondarchuk with a well-known IAM member, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP-Master, experienced Mind Mirror Self-Trainer and now Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner, David Fairweather. There could never be a boring conversation with David, since he has a sharp creative mind, bright imagination, a great sense of humor and, of course, a deep knowledge of Psychology. In this interview we are talking about the most powerful landmarks for David in working with Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma brainwaves, hemispheric balance... as well as many other side topics, like psychological analysis of fairy tales, Ericksonian hypnosis and stories, NLP practices... and how all this relates to Awakened Mind training.

Program duration: 53 min

3. Hypnosis and the Mind Mirror

This is a program for consciousness explorers. In this working group together with two professional hypnotherapists, Helen Hess and David Fairweather, we talk about commonalities and differences of hypnosis/self-hypnosis and Awakened Mind meditation, share knowledge that will help Practitioners and Self-Trainers to enhance their understanding of different states consciousness and their Mind Mirror practice!

Program duration: 2 hrs 10 min

4. The Body and Soul of Stress

This is a superb webinar on "The Body and Soul of Stress," co-presented by stress experts Bob and Christine Wright, along with Mind Mirror practitioner, psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist David Fairweather. Listen to our dynamic discussion about stress as a cost of living, how to be proactive and not burn out, and the importance of self-awareness, self-regulation, and managing life energies. Our co-presenters and participants talk about the role of meditation for well-being, life expectancy, consciousness transformation, and enlightenment. Learn quick, easy ways to reduce stress, pain and anxiety in Christine's Ideokinesis exercise and Bob's Open Focus meditation.

Program duration: 2 hrs 38 min

Additional materials (mentioned during the webinar):
- Presentation on Nitric Oxide Spiking and Consciousness by Robert Wright
- Consciousness Society PPT Abstract
- Chart with Hyper/Hypo States Correlated with Brainwave Patterns
- Dissolving Chronic Pain with Open Focus
- Dissolving Anxiety with Open Focus
Five Elements Meditation

5. NLP and the Awakened Mind

During this "NLP and the Awakened Mind" webinar, presented by international NLP expert and Mind Mirror user Krish Srikanth, you will learn about NLP history, NLP principle discoveries as well as the leading edge NLP transformation techniques. You will also be suprised to find how much in common NLP has with Awakened Mind training! Join us in trying yourself or watching the brainwaves of our guest subject, Arieh, during Core Transformation Process, skillfully led by Krish.

Program duration: 1 hr 44 min

References for exercises and techniques mentioned during the webinar:
- Andrew Austin: Tales from a Rainbow Machine
- Core Transformation Process by Connirae Andreas
- Wholeness Process by Connirae Andreas
- Metaphors of Movement

6. The Healing Power of Sound and the Mind Mirror

This webinar is a continuation of the webinar series on music and the Mind Mirror. This time, already well-known Deborah Sewitch Ph.D. offers another highly intelligent, comprehensive, and fascinating program. We talk about Cymatics, vibrational notes and 7 chakras, healing sounds for the body organs from chinise medicine and see theramine, crystal and dolphin singling bowls plus vocal toning demonstrations.

Program duration: 1 hr 57 min

7. Practice of Silence
by The System of Health Management

This webinar was a logical continuation of our conversation on stress and meditation. We discussed the Practice of Silence as taught by The System of Health Management, developed by the Russian scientist and doctor, Dmitry Shamenkov. This is one of the key practices within this scientifically based system, teaching about the basic principles of life (laws of nature or God's laws) derived from physiology of living systems and complemented with modern studies of neuro-, bio- and socio- sciences as well as physics and information technologies. Knowing these principles will provide you with a set of keys not only for a successful meditative practice of silence but also to a healthy, productive and self-actualizing life for yourself, your close ones and your clients.

Program duration: 2 hrs 13 min

More info:
1. Article: Theory of Functional Systems in the Scientific School of P.K. Anokhin
2. Article: The Theory of Functional Systems: General Postulates and Principles of Dynamic Organization
3. Video (Eng Subs): 5 Introductory Lessons into the System of Health Management
4. Link from Gary: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

8. Case Studies - Folio 2
with Robin Bernhard

This webinar is a continuation of the webinar series on Case Studies by Mind Mirror Practritioners. This time, A trauma psychotherapist, neurofeedback practitioner, and certified Awakened Mind trainer, Robin Bernhard discusses in this program how she uses the Mind Mirror EEG to train her trauma clients. She shares some of their inner experiences, brainwave patterns, and her methods of analyzing the data and maintaining in-depth records. In addition, Robin has had great success in training a group of four clients on a weekly basis. She discusses this innovative therapeutic approach to group brainwave trainings.

Program duration: 1 hr 54 min

Link to the forms presented by Robin
9. Peak Experiences
& Spontaneous Illuminations

Peak experiences of bliss, unity, and transcendence are widely reported these days, and there's a growing body of research on the brainwaves and brain networks of illuminated states of consciousness. We introduce peak experiences, spontaneous illuminations, enlightenment and neurotheology, which tries to bring light on how our brain actually interacts with the divine. We also show how these states of awareness look like in brain imaging studies and on the Mind Mirror. In the end we do "The Expansion and Contraction of Consciousness Meditation" by Anna Wise.

Program duration: 1 hr 08 min

Mentioned materials links:
1. Finding Our Enlightened State Dr. Andrew Newberg
2. Article: "The Path to Enlightenment: Milestones & Roadsigns" from "The Still Small Voice" Newsletter

10. EFT and the Mind Mirror

Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach, two of our most experienced and knowledgeable Awakened Mind practitioners, certified by Anna Wise in 2003,
talk about how EFT can help you with the Mind Mirror work. Whenever you feel desintegrated physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, tapping techniques can help you or other people to resolve the issue or at least provide the releif by reducing its intensity. This can be done directly or by surrogating and include little childaren, animals anjd even inanimate objects (like equipment, cars and computers). Watch the program to learn the simplest way to use this technique for Awakened Mind Training as well as general health issues.

Program duration: 1 hr 25 min

Recommended books and videos:
1. Alpha-Theta Training in the 21st Century: A Handbook for Clinicians and Researchers
2. Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation
3. Gary Craig books series
4. Video with Gary Graig
11. Memories of Max and Anna

Watch to meet John Wise (son of Anna Wise), Jim MacRitchie (former partner of Anna Wise and John's father), Neil Hancock (nephew of Mind Mirror co-inventor Geoff Blundell, creator of the Mind Mirror III and mindmirroreeg.com), Elizabeth St. John (healer who worked closely with Max Cade and Anna Wise, also Anna's friend and sister-in-law), Peter Staples (student of Max and Isabel Cade, became Isabel's life-partner after Max died). This program will take you back in time, to 70s, 80s, 90s last century, the atmosphere of London and mechanistical views on the body, the pioneer history of the biofeedback when Max and Anna started their work. What experiments Max did during his classes to develop awareness in any conscious or trans states; how Max and Jeff calibrated their early equipment on Tibetans; how Elizabeth and Anna did their classes afterwords, reseach done with dowsers, healers, etc.. Watch this program to reconnect with those big people and understand where they were coming from. Connecting to the roots of this work is truely inspiring - don't miss it!

Program duration: 1 hr 50 min

Visit www.GlobalQiProject.com to learn about Jim's Personal Energy Centre, download free books and audio, and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong meditation, which uses principles of the Awakened Mind.
12. Case Studies - Folio 3.1 How to Balance The Brain

In this highly practical program for Mind Mirror self-trainers and practitioners, transpersonal psychologist and certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer Oxana Bondarchuk presents new and highly useful brainwave-training tips, tools, and techniques for the benefit of practitioners and self-trainers. Oxana explains and shows during this interactive webinar how she helped a client balance her brainwaves and dramatically improve her life. She began each session by "warming up" the client's brain with relaxation and brain-balancing exercises including Brain Gym, body-consciousness, kinesiology, and NLP exercises, all gathered together in a fun and fascinating Power Point show to be shared in this program.

Program duration: 1 hr 39 min

Additional materials (mentioned during the webinar):
1. Hemispheric Balancing Exercises Presentation
2. Client's Records (Word file)
Client's Statistics (Excel file)
13. Case Studies - Folio 3.2: Landmarks and Statistical Measurements

This webinar, a continuation of Oxana's "Case Studies: Folio 3," presented earlier in July, presents a new approach to the use of landmarks, and deep-state Awakened Mind meditations, particularly The Inner Child, to help the client resolve psycho-spiritual issues that led to important and lasting changes in her mind and life. Oxana also shows how to keep excellent statistical reports in Excel and Word. Tracking landmarks and statistical measurements—the twin powerhouses of Awakened Mind training—is of great benefit to meditators and consciousness trainers seeking the best cognitive paths to personal growth and brainwave mastery.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

Additional materials (mentioned during the webinar):
1. Hemispheric Balancing Exercises Presentation
2. Client's Records (Word file)
3. Client's Statistics (Excel file)
Landmarks Report and Tailor-Made Meditation
14. Neil Hancock on the Mind Mirror

This program is highly recommended to those interested in technology, physiology, ancient traditions, consciousness, and the applications of the Mind Mirror, covering, among other things, where it started and how it was calibrated on Tibetans, the importance of seeing instant changes compared to clinical equipment, the physiology (why we have these electrode positions and measurements), and research with future possibilities of the Mind Mirror. The program is brilliantly presented by Neil Hancock, an electronics engineer, the nephew of Mind Mirror co-inventor Geoff Blundell, the creator of the first digital model of the Mind Mirror (III), who consulted with Vilistus software engineer Steve Clark on the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6. Being a truly technical person, he does his best to make the technicalities accessible for beginners, and he will share his memories of the early days of the Mind Mirror, Max Cade and Geoff Blundell.

Program duration: 2 hrs 38 min

15. The Frontal Awakened Mind Pattern

What does the Awakened Mind pattern look like on the frontal lobes? This webinar is a wide-scale experiment to find out. Prepare your Vilistus DSU, EEG sensor, gel to clean your forehead, and five pre-gelled electrodes and follow the guidance of Judith Pennington through the easy frontal hookup and an Awakened Mind meditation by Anna Wise.

Program duration: 2 hrs 05 min

Additional materials (mentioned during the webinar):
Instructions for frontal AM testing

16. Neurotransmitters, Food for the Brain

In this webinar, mind-body explorer Garth Fisher shares his knowledge and understanding of neurotransmitters: what they are, what they accomplish, and how that happens. This crash course in "brain food" comes just in time to help us think more carefully about what helps us think and feel better. Tune in to learn about neurotransmitters that optimize brain function and reduce cravings.

Program duration: 1 hr 12 min

Additional materials (mentioned during the webinar):
Materials from Garth Fisher
Braverman Quiz for Neurotransmitters
17. Manifestation Nation

An intimate and candid talk among three women—Deborah Flak, Oxana Bondarchuk, and Judith Pennington—about the manifestation magic in their lives. The discussion touches on their experiences with lucid dreaming, out-of-body travel, inspired writing, synchronicity, the bliss of flow, and how to amplify these higher states of awareness for best directions in 2018. A short guided meditation led by Judith Pennington, at 53:50 minutes into the program, invites you to tap into what enriches your life and what your essential being wants you to do with it.

Program duration: 1 hr 24 min

Self-Trainers & Practitioners Videos
1. Gamma Brainwave Patterns on the Mind Mirror

In this webinar Judith explains the power and relevance of gamma frequencies and shows how to read gamma-based patterns and analyze the data. See the superconscious brainwave patterns of Reiki healer Frans Stiene and learn where this leap in human consciousness is taking us.

Program duration: 2 hrs 08 min

2. Higher Consciousness Patterns

Watch to learn about Higher Consciousness patterns, "How to Clean Negative Energies After Healing" by Dr. Paula Michal-Johnson as well as listen to the interviews with Elizabeth St. John, James Ripley and Judith Pennington given at iAwake's Spiritual Technologies 2.0 Summit.

Program duration: 2 hrs 13 min

3. Peter Staples: Max Cade, Old Mind Mirrors, Biodots

This superb webinar "The Awakened Mind as a Dynamic Whole-Body State" was presented by Peter Staples. In addition to his stories of Max Cade's training programs, a show-and-tell on early Mind Mirror and physiology monitors, and an insightful demonstration of the interaction of EEG, GSR, BVP and Temperature, Peter discussed the interaction of the central and peripheral nervous systems, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and other substructures involved in Awakened Mind training. This webinar will convince you of the importance of monitoring peripheral temperature as an adjunct to EEG.

Program duration: 1 hr 55 min

Watch 25 min GSR, BVP and Temperature Demo with Data Analysis
4. Creative Mind

This is a webinar presented by George Pierson, a gifted visual artist and former art director for the Discovery Channel (and other major networks) who uses the Mind Mirror to teach clients and corporations to be more creative, productive and awake. You will love George's narrated visuals and his "Creative Star" meditation.

Program duration: 1 hr 34 min

Additional materials:
"Creative Star Meditation"
Creative Mindflow link

5. Music, Meditation & Mind Mirror -1

This webinar "The Frequencies of Music, Meditation and the Mind Mirror", presents a superb exploration of consciousness with our guest Marvin Jolly, a gifted musician and Mind Mirror self-trainer. Enjoy cosmic conversations with Marv, listen to one of his beautiful compositions, and hear the relaxing strains of Zen music played by Max Cade during his meditation classes, courtesy of Peter Staples.

Program duration: 1 hr 23 min

Hook yourself up and meditate to Marv's moving compositions:
Call to Stillness
Trek Splendacious
6. Favorite Landmarks and Practices -1
Interview with Peter Staples

This webinar, conducted by Oxana Bondarchuk, features Peter Staples in the first of several such interviews to come. Peter shares Max Cade's and his own techniques for training each brainwave category. This fun, upbeat and informative webinar closes with Oxana's excellent slideshow and comments on "The Practice of Silence."

Program duration: 1 hr 02 min

7. The Chi/Qi of Higher States of Awareness

This is a webinar named "The Chi/Qi of Higher States of Awareness" with a guest speaker Jim MacRitchie. Liverpool native and Taoist Jim MacRitchie, married for 13 years to Anna Wise, is a world class qi gong expert, acupuncturist and founder of the National Qi Association in America. He will share his recollections of Anna and their work together, the qi of higher awareness, and how to use qi gong to heal the body and soul. You will love this live program with the funny and warm-hearted oracle of Anna and the power of qi, whose personal mission in life is to relieve human suffering.

Jim's Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong meditation uses principles of the Awakened Mind. Visit the link below to learn about his Personal Energy Centre in Liverpool and to download free books and audio.

Program duration: 1 hr 26 min

Website: http://www.GlobalQiProject.com

8. iAwake and the Mind Mirror

"iAwake and the Mind Mirror" with a guest speaker from iAwake - John Dupuy. The founder of iAwake and Spiritual Technologies 2.0 joined us for a compelling discussion of brainwave entrainment and how iAwake's internationally acclaimed binaural-beat sound tracks shift and evolve consciousness.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

Visit iAwake websites:
9. Neurofeedback and the Brilliance of the Brain

This webinar hosts 3 dynamic neurofeedback specialists who are also Mind Mirror practitioners. Cynde, a former NASA scientist, will describe her High Octane Brain, Resilient Mind, and Zen Mind Programs. Robin will discuss her work with developmental disorders including trauma, PTSD, and autism, and her therapeutic (horse) riding program. Andrea, who has integrated neurofeedback into her Awakened Mind practitioner trainings in Germany, will show us biofeedback charts on heart coherence and a 19-channel EEG of full Kundalini ecstasy captured by neuroscientist Joe Dispenza.

Program duration: 2 hrs 33 min

- Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain by Sebern F. Fisher
- The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.
- "How Enlightenment Changes the Brain: The New Science of Transformation," by Dr. Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman

10. Mind Mirror Reporting

This webinar was the first get together working group devoted to the topic of Mind Mirror reporting, namely: "How to Present Mind Mirror Reporting to Clients & Others". We expressed our wishes, Robin Bernhard presented her wonderful professionally developed templates, Steve Clark revealed more of the Mind Mirror possibilities.

Program duration: 1 hr 19 min

Click the link to open the folder with related materials:
- Awakened Mind Brainwave Profile Handout (by Robin)
- Sample brainwave profile report (by Robin)
- Mind Mirror Session Profile Layout (by Nikate+Judith)

11. Music, Meditation & Mind Mirror -2

"Rising into Higher Frequencies on Waves of Sound" was the second webinar from the series about music, meditation and the Mind Mirror.

These was a great exploration of the voice and music as a healing modality! And it is not just a theory! With our special guests, Ariel Angel and Joel Mitchell, we do special toning exercises to feel and experience first hand what has been known and used by Humanity ages ago.

Click the link to open the folder with related materials:
- Follow-up letter with links from Ariel
- Stacking order table from Gary

This is a Promo Copy only! Full webinar recording will come up soon!
12. Cosmic Light: An Online Meditation

Settle comfortably in your chair (hooked-up or not) and delve with us into the enlightening and healing cosmic light and interesting discussions about Edgar Cayce, Max Cade and Anna Wise. Learn what our special guest, Cade's student and healer, Elizabeth St. John, has to say on Max's teachings, yoga nidra, Buddhist practices, the secrets of healing, and healers' brainwave patterns.

Program duration: 1 hr 13 min

13. Case Studies - Folio 1

With this webinar we start another Practitioner webinar series on case studies: "Case Studies - Folio 1". Join Judith Pennington and Andrea Groh in this exploration of the higher-state brainwave patterns of several of their clients. They share each client's very interesting experiences and recorded screenshots and sessions that will help you sharpen your data analysis skills. This webinar, equally appropriate for self-trainers, focuses on gamma waves and superconscious awareness.

Program duration: 1 hr 57 min

14. Year 2016 Overview: 1st Anniversary

Join this fun and informative program devoted to celebration of the one-year anniversary of our webinar program: 2016 retrospective covering our best webinars, Mind Mirror advances, and strides made by the Institute for the Awakened Mind. We will also introduce to you our newly certified Awakened Mind practitioners, tell you about terrific experience during the TransTech 200 conference and our new research projects.

Program duration: 2 hrs (Part 1 + Part 2)

New Users Videos
1. 1st Session with the Mind Mirror

Watch this video to learn about the Mind Mirror Menu, User Controls, Hook-Up, Session Recording and Basic Summary. Judith demonstrates the hookup with her grandson, Blake Davis, and conducts him through an alpha beingness meditation, "What Instrument Am I?" See the data analysis of his brainwave patterns: the Mind Mirror Summary, GSR and BVP summary windows.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

2. Brainwaves Theory

Watch this video to learn more about: brainwave categories, brainwave patterns and how to enhance them. Practice with us Hemispheric Balancing Exercise and Alpha Meditation. Try more meditations on our website & share with us your results (session recording and experiences).

Program duration: 1 hr 39 min

3. Mind Mirror GSR and BVP Meters

Watch this video to learn more about
Mind Mirror GSR and BVP meters

Program duration: 1 hr 40 min

4. The BVP Meter: Heart Rate, Heart-Rate Variability, Stress Index and more
This is an amazingly comprehensive and important webinar on "Biofeedback Keys to Stress Management", presented by Oxana Bondarchuk. Her Power Point show and interview with Mind Mirror owner and HRV expert John Coates, along with her clear and enlightening explanations of the HRV Summary window, make this a must-see program. Be sure to laugh along with everyone else at Judith's blithering performance of the Stroop Test. Then try it yourself with a link below. Read the colors, not the words.

Program duration: 1 hr 38 min

Additional materials:
Presentation on HRV
HRV Breathing Experiment Reports (incl. Judith's)
Stroop Test

5. Stressors and Heart-Coherence

This webinar, warmly hosted by Andrea Groh, Mind Mirror and Neurofeedback Practitioner suggests excellent ways to use our GSR and BVP instruments to identify stressors (real stressors!) and concludes with a relaxing and enjoyable heart-coherence meditation. Andrea's instructional materials and audio files offer self-trainers important personal insights and practitioners new approaches for use with their clients. These innovative and vitally important GSR/BVP tools and techniques are a generous gift to all Mind Mirror users. Enjoy!

Program duration: 59 min

Click the link to open the folder with related materials:
- Stress Test - Instructions.pdf
- BVP, HRV and Heart Coherence - Instructions.pdf
- Event Markers - Baseline.pdf
- Event Markers - Finding the Stressors.pdf
- Stress test - Baseline.mp3
- Finding the Stressors test.mp3 (coming soon)

6. Neurofeedback, ES Meter &
HRV Resonant Frequency Tuning

This webinar, hosted by Vilistus co-owner and software engineer Steve Clark, is primarily for mind-body explorers who want to delve into traditional neurofeedback for experimental self-training purposes. Steve talks about the Mind Mirror's Quick and Traditional (Neurofeedback) Protocols. He also introduces the latest version of GSR/Temperature Emotional Stress (ES) Instrument and shows how to use the newly advanced Pacer to determine the best HRV Resonant Frequency Tuning for your heart rate and breath.

Program duration: 2 hrs 09 min

7. Self-Trainers' Success Stories

"Self-Trainers' Success Stories" reveals how three self-trainers made terrific strides in their Awakened Mind scores and lives. They explain what they did to advance their brainwave patterns, and we see Mind Mirror patterns and statistical summaries which prove the change.

Program duration: 50 min

8. What is Meditation?

During this working group, we explore the teachings of Max Cade and Anna Wise on meditation and then share our experiences and understanding of what meditation means to each of us. Enjoy this open, free-flowing discussion and the deep insights offered by like-minded people. As one of the participants said, "Each of the speakers gave him a handle" on meditation.

Program duration: 1 hr 49 min

9. The Mind Mirror Pattern Editor

Watch Vilistus software engineer Steve Clark demonstrating the new Mind Mirror Pattern Editor, the most exciting and versatile addition to the software since the statistical Training Summary. This easy-to-use neurofeedback approach to brainwave training puts your pattern in your own hands.
The Pattern Editor also features neurofeedback's auto thresholding, providing a two-minute assessment of brainwave production then gradually challenging the brain to meet the pattern goal. A second new software innovation, Vilistus FadeBack, integrates your own music, video, and games into the self-training program as rewards for eyes open and eyes closed meditation and peak performance practice. Gary Groesbeck and Judith Pennington, who brainstormed the Pattern Editor with Steve Clark, will discuss potential ways to use this remarkable instrument to fine-tune your patterns, boost your brainpower, and fast-track your expansion of consciousness.

Program duration: 1 hr 22 min

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