The Frontal Awakened Mind Pattern
Do an easy hookup on the forehead and record the session while gaining insights from a guided meditation. Join us! Everyone's patterns count.
Personal Transformation Meditation by Anna Wise is an Awakened Mind meditation asks you to work with a question, issue or challenge that needs transformation or change, so you may wish to consider beforehand what
you want to work on. The meditation involves a dialogue between your essential being and the "part" that needs change or transformation. Your beta waves will be active during this dialogue, thus forming the Awakened Mind brainwave pattern.
Instructions for
IAM's Frontal Awakened Mind Research Project
Download Meditation
If you don't already have Anna Wise's Personal Transformation meditation, please download it from this Dropbox link
Prepare and Hook-Up
  • Scrub your entire forehead with NuPrep gel
  • Insert the white pregelled, disposable electrodes
  • Place the electrodes where indicated in the picture above, as close to the hairline as possible in order to minimize artifact
  • Secure the electrodes with a hairband or headband.

Note: If your right-hemisphere sensor wires are blue-striped, please place these where the red/white and black/white stripes are shown above.
Run Test Recording
  • Sit comfortably and press Record
  • Close your eyes for 1 minute, remaining still
  • Then press Save and name the session "Test"
  • Watch the session to make sure the stoplights for Channels 2 and 6 are green
Record "Transformation" Meditation
Press Record and listen to Anna Wise's "Transformation" meditation, with or without earbuds, with your eyes closed.

Note: There is no need to engage the self-training program, as it might distract you.
Save, Export and Email
  • At the end of the meditation, save and name the file with your name
  • Export it as explained in the User Manual Version 3.0, Section 5.9
  • Email it to
Webinar on The Frontal Awakened Mind Pattern
This webinar is a wide-scale experiment to find out what the Awakened Mind pattern looks like on the frontal lobes. Prepare your Vilistus DSU, EEG sensor, gel to clean your forehead, and five pre-gelled electrodes and follow the guidance of Judith Pennington through the easy frontal hookup and an Awakened Mind meditation by Anna Wise. Refresh your knowledge of session analysis and enjoy learning with others.
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