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The Idea
These events are sponsored by the Institute for the Awakened Mind to connect fellow Mind Mirror Users, Self-Trainers and Practitioners, from all over the world at your desk.

Our monthly webinars network beginners and longtime Mind Mirror users in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and our numbers are growing!
People are eager to learn and explore this exciting realm of consciousness with all modern technologies have to give!

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Meet the people who make it possible
Judith Pennington
Bath, PA, USA
Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, co-designer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, assistant to Anna Wise, experienced MM Practitioner & Trainer (over 12 years), journalist and author

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
Webinars Moderator, Student for Awakened Mind Practitioner Certification, Dipl. Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology, former Corporate Marketing Executive & Business Trainer

Make sure everyone's needs are met
New Users
If you have just bought your Mind Mirror or only now are starting to use it for self-training, this group is for you. We have made special short FREE videos that illustrate the User Manual and present the basics of Mind Mirror technology and theory aimed to help New Users.

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Advanced Self-Trainers
If you already know how to connect your equipment, operate the software, and monitor your self-training progress, this group is for you. We discuss the special features of the Mind Mirror software and share techniques that may serve you in enhancing your Mind Mirror experience.

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If you intend to complete or have already completed certification as a Practitioner and conduct training sessions for others, this is the group for you. We will learn about Mind Mirror innovations as well as news and research from the world of neurofeedback, initiate our own research groups, talk about practitioners' challenges, and look at interesting and unusual case studies.

You are invited to join
our upcoming webinars below
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Best Moments
Whether you have joined us online or not, we invite you to share with us
some of our warmest, funniest, and most enlightening "aha" moments from last month!
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Newly certified Awakened Mind Practitioner Oxana Bondarchuk presents life-changing tools and techniques she used to help a client. For self-trainers and practitioners. Tune in, learn, and enjoy.
Oxana Bondarchuk
Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner
Moderator of IAM Online Events and Designer of Eureka Times Newsletter
Gr. Dipl. In Psychology, Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology
Ex Business Trainer and Marketing Executive at international corporations.
Oxana was born in Moscow (USSR at that time) into a family of engineers. She studied English from the age of 7 and two other languages—Dutch and French—at the prestigious Russian Economic Academy. In 1998, she graduated with a Russian Diploma in Finance from the Russian Economic Academy and a Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing Management from the International Business School of Hanzehogeschool, Hoheschool van Groningen, the Netherlands.

Beginning in 1997, she worked for three international corporations in marketing, research, finance, public relations, and business training. In the midst of burnout and depression, she rose like a phoenix from the corporate world and turned her attention to what makes her soul sing: study of the brain and human consciousness. In 2004, she was graduated from Moscow's Institute of Psychoanalysis with a degree in Psychology and a second diploma in Transpersonal Psychology. Her final thesis on "Consciousness Transformation" and the work of Anna Wise ultimately led to her study and certification as an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer in June of 2017.

Oxana's interpersonal skills, coupled with her keen observation abilities and talent for data analysis, make her a rising star in this work. You have seen her aesthetically presented and highly organized (volunteer) work in creating this website, IAM's webinar program, and the "Eureka Times" newsletter. Join her now in these highly informative and insightful July programs, in which you will see her clever array of consciousness-raising tools and experience her compassionate and intuitive heart.

To learn more about Oxana:
Read the interview in the latest issue of Eureka times
Check webinars and interviews in IAM Video Gallery performed by Oxana
Self-Trainers & Practitioners Webinar
"Case Studies - Folio 3.1
How to Balance The Brain"

Featuring: Oxana Bondarchuk

In this highly practical program for Mind Mirror self-trainers and practitioners, transpersonal psychologist and certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer Oxana Bondarchuk presents new and highly useful brainwave-training tips, tools, and techniques for the benefit of practitioners and self-trainers.

Oxana explains and shows during this interactive webinar how she helped a client balance her brainwaves and dramatically improve her life. She began each session by "warming up" the client's brain with relaxation and brain-balancing exercises including Brain Gym, body-consciousness, kinesiology, and NLP exercises, all gathered together in a fun and fascinating Power Point show to be shared in this program.


Self-Trainers & Practitioners Webinar
"Case Studies - Folio 3.2
Landmarks and Statistical Measurements"

Featuring: Oxana Bondarchuk

This webinar, a continuation of Oxana's "Case Studies: Folio 3," presented earlier in July, presents a new approach to the use of landmarks, and deep-state Awakened Mind meditations, particularly The Inner Child, to help the client resolve psycho-spiritual issues that led to important and lasting changes in her mind and life.

Oxana also shows how to keep excellent statistical reports in Excel and Word. Tracking landmarks and statistical measurements—the twin powerhouses of Awakened Mind training—is of great benefit to meditators and consciousness trainers seeking the best cognitive paths to personal growth and brainwave mastery.

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Case Studies - Folio 2
with Robin Bernhard

This webinar is a continuation of the webinar series on Case Studies by Mind Mirror Practritioners. This time, A trauma psychotherapist, neurofeedback practitioner, and certified Awakened Mind trainer, Robin Bernhard discusses in this program how she uses the Mind Mirror EEG to train her trauma clients. She shares some of their inner experiences, brainwave patterns, and her methods of analyzing the data and maintaining in-depth records. In addition, Robin has had great success in training a group of four clients on a weekly basis. She discusses this innovative therapeutic approach to group brainwave trainings.

Link to the forms presented by Robin
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