IAM Online Events 2018
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Program 2018
This is a preliminary list of topics.
1. Case Studies Series
Successful and unusual cases:
How to apply brainwave theory?
How to use Mind Mirror software?
How to keep records?
How to deal with clients?
Special guest(s):
Mind Mirror Practitioners
Next: Suzanne Tempel in March 2018
2. Therapeutic Dreamwork

Wake up your dream life to enhance your creativity and insight.
Special guest(s):
Psychiatrist Richard Szuster and
Sleep Scientist Deborah Sewitch, PhD (tbd)
3. Working Group: Healing Trauma
The different faces of trauma (PTSD, panic states, addictions, phobias, sleep disorders and hypervigilance) and how IAM experts work with it.
Special guest(s):
Robin Bernhard, Helen Hess, others (tbd)
4. Crossing the Border
A Glimpse into the Lives of Mediums: What they see and why it matters.
Special guest(s):
Professional mediums Suzanne Tempel, Mary Torrey, Neurofeedback Researcher Don Wilde, PhD
and others (tbd)

5. Addiction, Focusing and the Mind Mirror
Retired ER physician John Farrin shares a lifetime of knowledge and techniques he is now using to help people with addictions.
Special guest(s):
John Farrin (tbd)
6. Meditation and Illness
Professional medium and healer Elizabeth St. John talks about the effect of meditation and brainwave responses on people with chronic and terminal illnesses.
Special guest(s):
Elizabeth St. John (tbd)
7. Kundalini and Spiritual Crisis:
Madness or Awakening?
What's going on, how it feels, and what it looks like
on the Mind Mirror.
Special guest(s):
Andrea Groh, Ashoka Houlahan, and others.

8. The Languages of the Subconscious
Symbolism and how to interpret messages from your Essential Being in meditation and dreams.

9. Neuroacoustics and Sound Healing
How it works and how it helps people.
Special guest:
Craig Walker (tbd)

10. The Clinical Q: Neurofeedback Basics for Absolute Beginners
How to use the Vilistus mini-QEEG to assess brain function.
Special guest:
Leonardo Mascaro (Neurophysiologist, Neurofeedback Therapist, Author and Mind Mirror Practitioner)

11. Working Group: Past Life Regression
Are past lives real, or does that even matter? Hypnotists share their experiences and how past life regression has helped their clients.
12. Readers Digest: Your Book Club
In this series, IAM members share important books and research articles on the brain, consciousness, meditation, psi, healing, and much more.
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