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Wishes you Merry Holidays and Happy New Year!
We are working on exciting 2017 Program! See you in January 2017!
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The Idea
These events are sponsored by the Institute for the Awakened Mind to connect fellow Mind Mirror Users, Self-Trainers and Practitioners, from all over the world at your desk.

Our monthly webinars network beginners and longtime Mind Mirror users in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, New Ze
aland, and our numbers are growing!
People are eager to learn and explore this exciting realm of consciousness with all modern technologies have to give!

Check our Best moments of 10-min-mix and full 2016 retrospective in the 1st Year Anniversary Program below!
Best Moments
Our warmest, funniest, and most enlightening "aha" moments!
We are delighted with our webinars! In 2016, IAM has aired mind-expanding programs on the Mind Mirror, Max Cade, Anna Wise, qi, HRV, music, creativity, brainwave entrainment, and much more. Whether you have joined us online or not, we invite you to watch this 10-minute mix of some of our warmest, funniest, and most enlightening "aha" moments.
10-minute mix
Join this fun and informative program devoted to celebration of the one-year anniversary of our webinar program: 2016 retrospective covering our best webinars, Mind Mirror advances, and strides made by the Institute for the Awakened Mind. We will also introduce to you our newly certified Awakened Mind practitioners, tell you about terrific experience during TransTech 200 conference and our new research projects.

1st Year Anniversary - Part 1, Part 2
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