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2016 Program
This is a preliminary list of topics.
1. Case Studies
Successful and unusual cases
Research: Neurophysiology of Russian Shamans
Expert advice: How to "protect" or "clear" the energies received from the client

2. The Frequencies of Music, Meditation and the Mind Mirror
I The cosmic and biophysical web of frequency
How music affects the brain and why
The Schumann Resonance, alpha-theta crossover, and healing
How to tap into the "music of the spheres"

Interviews with special guests: Marv Jolly and Joel Mitchell,
3. Alternative Modalities To Enhance Mind Mirror Experience
Quick Access Keys to High Performance Mind (this will be of interest to all corporate people, students, teachers, all kinds of trainers, etc)
4. The Mind Mirror and Neurofeedback
Why the brain goes "out of tune"
How neurofeedback rebalances the brain and body
Local versus whole-brain neurofeedback training

Interview with special guest:
Robin Bernhard
Neurofeedback therapist on brainwave training,
the Mind Mirror, and horses and autistic children

5. Neurofeedback on the Mind Mirror
The Clinical Q assessment tool
Self-training with Vilistus Neurofeedback Protocols

Interview with special guest:
Steve Clark,
Neurofeedback-biofeedback expert
and Vilistus Mind Mirror software engineer
6. Creativity
How creativity works from brainwaves perspective
Rigid imagination, tools and techniques to open up creativity
7. Psychological Trauma As Seen on Mind Mirror (Hidden Content)
Essentials on working with traumatic experience or specific in dealing with sensitive clients (typical challenges and how to overcome them)
Healing the Inner Child
Other meditations and successful cases
8. Hypervigilance or ESP?
How to see the difference
How to deal with hypervigilance (or convert it into psychic reading skills)
9. Brainwave Patterns, Age and Relationships
What happens with brainwave patterns with age
How parents patterns affect children or how partners patterns correlate
Patterns of true connection and successful communication
10. Landmarks
Review of known "keys/landmarks" to boost Alpha, Theta, Delta
Individual observations (from Practitioners) of what are the most common keys/triggers for each group
Common spiritual landmarks
"Individual Mantra"
11. Biofeedback and ADHD
Interview with an expert
Guidance for other Practitioners
(will be interesting for all mental health practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists interested in biofeedback technologies)
12. Meditation Vs Sleep, Astral Projection
How to see the difference
Interesting cases
13. Biofeedback Therapy Benefits Vs Traditional Talk Therapy
Possibilities, Benefits and Future of the Mind Mirror:
Mind Mirror capabilities (what we can test, research, address with a Mind Mirror in the present and in the future) as a service or product to different target groups
14. Neurofeedback Serving Autistic Children
Interview with an expert
(will be interesting for all mental health practitioners, psychologies, psychotherapists interested in biofeedback technologies)
15. 'House of Doors' Meditation
First dive into Theta/ subconscious challenges
Patterns and Individual Experiences (similarities and differences, collection of patterns, symbols, great unique stories…)
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