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The Idea
These events are sponsored by the Institute for the Awakened Mind to connect fellow Mind Mirror Users, Self-Trainers and Practitioners, from all over the world at your desk.

Our monthly webinars network beginners and longtime Mind Mirror users in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and our numbers are growing!

People are eager to learn and explore this exciting realm of consciousness with all modern technologies have to give!

Fund the Best People in the World!

We are delighted with our webinars! In 2016, IAM has aired mind-expanding programs on the Mind Mirror, Max Cade, Anna Wise, qi, HRV, music, creativity, brainwave entrainment, and much more. Whether you have joined us online or not, we invite you to watch this 10-minute mix of some of our warmest, funniest, and most enlightening "aha" moments.
IAM Online Events 2016
10-minute mix
If you like what you see, please consider joining our VIP Membership Program—and our growing network of The Best People in the World. (Someone said that and we agree!) Join us to learn from and network with other Mind Mirror owners: medical doctors, neurofeedback therapists, psychologists, a sleep scientist, professional musicians, creativity trainers, hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, EFT teachers, coaches, and many other consciousness explorers who so generously share with us their wit, wisdom, and well-traveled pathways to higher awareness.

In return for your $150 contribution to the VIP Membership Program, we offer:

  • A full year of free-and-easy access to two live webinars per month. Suggest a topic! Participate to share your expertise, ask questions, and get quick answers!
  • Free access to any recorded webinar. Watch at your leisure. Scroll around to study ideas and software features. See what your Mind Mirror can do!
  • The continuation of our programs on the Mind Mirror, the brain, meditation and consciousness. There are no limits to what we can learn and share—together.

I'm convinced. Take me to the VIP Membership Program.

Meet the people who make it possible
Judith Pennington
Bath, PA, USA
Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, co-designer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, assistant to Anna Wise, experienced MM Practitioner & Trainer (over 11 years), journalist and author

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
Conference Moderator, Student for Practitioner Certification, Dipl. Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology, former Marketing Executive & Business Trainer

Make sure everyone's needs are met
New Users
If you have just bought your Mind Mirror or only now are starting to use it for self-training, this group is for you. We have made special short FREE videos that illustrate the User Manual and present the basics of Mind Mirror technology and theory aimed to help New Users.

You are invited
to watch our FREE Instructional Videos
Advanced Self-Trainers
If you already know how to connect your equipment, operate the software, and monitor your self-training progress, this group is for you. We discuss the special features of the Mind Mirror software and share techniques that may serve you in enhancing your Mind Mirror experience.

You are invited to join
our next Self-Trainers Webinar
or watch our previous webinars for Self-Trainers
If you intend to complete or have already completed certification as a Practitioner and conduct training sessions for others, this is the group for you. We will learn about Mind Mirror innovations as well as news and research from the world of neurofeedback, initiate our own research groups, talk about practitioners' challenges, and look at interesting and unusual case studies.

You are invited to join
our next Practitioners Webinar
or watch our previous webinars for Practitioners
Welcome 4 Dynamic Neurofeedback Specialists in July!
Cynde Margritz
Neurofeedback Specialist
Founder and CEO of Peak Neurofitness
Former NASA Scientist
A former NASA scientist, Cynde is the founder and CEO of Peak Neurofitness, a neurofeedback practice with two locations serving the Washington, D.C. area, as well as international clients through her Virtual Global Neurofeedback Program. For the past 10 years, Peak Neurofitness has researched and brought together the best of brain-based technologies with the goal of achieving consistent optimal performance for each client. These technologies and techniques, along with client feedback and collaboration, have culminated in her new High Octane Brain, Resilient Mind, and Zen Mind Programs.
Robin Bernhard
Neurofeedback Specialist
Clinical Social Worker
Master of Counseling
A Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Virginia, Robin received her Master of Social Work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1985 and her Master of Counseling degree from The College of William and Mary in 1991. She is board certified in neurofeedback. She uses neurofeedback, psychotherapy and therapeutic riding for trauma disorders, mood disorders, brain injury, learning disabilities, and peak performance training. She has been working toward her certification as an Awakened Mind meditation trainer. She partners with Horses as Healers to provide neurofeedback to children with emotional and behavioral challenges, many of whom are on the autism spectrum or fall in the category of neurodevelopmental disorders.
Andrea Groh
Neurofeeback Specialist
Heart-Math® Coach
Founder of Mindsurfer® Media
Singing Teacher, Photographer
A professional Awakened Mind Practitioner Trainer and group brainwave trainer based in Bamberg, Germany, Andrea is also a Heart-Math® Coach and neurofeedback specialist using the Mind Mirror's Clinical Q to provide mini-QEEG data for her clients and students. A singing teacher, choral conductor, and world-class photographer, she is the founder of mindsurfer® media, an online publishing house which will soon offer music and guided meditations including the previously unpublished works of Max Cade and Anna Wise. Her Awakened Mind specialties include working with heart-brain coherence, creativity, peak performance, intuition, flow, and spiritual awakening.
Steve Clark
Neurofeedback/Biofeedback Therapist
Software Developer
NLP practitioner, Cranio-sacral Therapist, Reiki Healer
Steve Clark is a highly knowledgeable and deeply compassionate neurofeedback and biofeedback therapist and teacher who has been an NLP practitioner, cranio-sacral therapist, Reiki healer, and software developer for the past 40 years. Co-owner of Vilistus and its factory, Durham Systems Management, this entrepreneur and innovator has generously worked with IAM for the past four years to customize the Mind Mirror 6 to our needs. Steve and his partner, Nigel Walker, provide EEG and biofeedback equipment to hospitals, universities, research centers, and neurofeedback therapists throughout the world.
Self-Trainers Webinar
"Neurofeedback and the Brilliance of the Brain"

Guest Speakers: Cynde Margritz, Robin Bernhard and Andrea Groh

In this Era of the Brain, brainwave biofeedback (neurofeedback) is emerging from its traditional treatment of pathology into the Mind Mirror realms of creativity, peak performance, and the measurement of ecstatic states. In this fascinating program, three dynamic neurofeedback specialists who are also Mind Mirror practitioners—Cynde Margritz, Robin Bernhard, and Andrea Groh—discuss how they use neurofeedback and related technologies to awaken the brain's amazing ability to transcend limitations and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Join our free-flowing conversation with these gifted and knowledgeable women. Cynde, a former NASA scientist, will describe her High Octane Brain, Resilient Mind, and Zen Mind Programs. Robin will discuss her work with developmental disorders including trauma, PTSD, and autism, and her therapeutic (horse) riding program. Andrea, who has integrated neurofeedback into her Awakened Mind practitioner trainings in Germany, will show us biofeedback charts on heart coherence and a 19-channel EEG of full Kundalini ecstasy captured by neuroscientist Joe Dispenza.

$15 or $150 (Annual Pass)
Practitioners Webinar
New Frontiers on the Mind Mirror 6:
"Neurofeedback, ES Meter & HRV Resonant Frequency Tuning"

Host Speaker: Steve Clark

Most practitioners and self-trainers realize that our Mind Mirror software runs on a state-of-the-art neurofeedback/biofeedback device. But did you know that your built-in Vilistus Pro software allows you to self-train with neurofeedback protocols which use a simpler electrode hookup?

This webinar, hosted by Vilistus co-owner and software engineer Steve Clark, is primarily for mind-body explorers who want to delve into traditional neurofeedback for experimental self-training purposes. Steve will demonstrate how to use the Mind Mirror's Audio-Visual Entrainment with Feedback and Quick (Neurofeedback) Protocols as well as where to apply the electrodes for neurofeedback self-training.

Steve is continually evolving the Mind Mirror software and in this program will also introduce our new GSR/Temperature Emotional Stress (ES) Instrument, a joint innovation with Peter Staples. BVP owners, hook up! Steve will show you how to use the newly advanced Pacer to determine the best HRV Resonant Frequency Tuning for your heart rate and breath.

Here's your chance to pull aside the curtain and see the Wizard of the Mind Mirror 6 at work!

$15 or $150 (Annual Pass)
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